New Series: The End

New Series: The End

Any discussion on the end times is always received with fear and anxiety. Yet as believers, we ought to have the right response to this truth which is to approach Christ’s return with much faith and expectancy.

Join us on our new series, “The End,” and discover how we can be prepared for Jesus’ return.

We hope that after this series, each of us would get a glimpse of eternity that will transform their daily lives. We look forward to receiving fresh insight on the holiness of God and the hope of eternal life.

Here’s the list of weekly topics:

Week one: The Incredible Hope
Week two: The Return of the King of Kings
Week three: Dark Night
Week four: Never-ending Story

Catch “The End” at a Victory location nearest you! We are in one church meeting in fifteen locations in Metro Manila. You can also join us at our Victory churches outside Metro Manila.

Invite your family and friends to join us. See you at our weekly services!