Never Too Young to Reach Out

Never Too Young to Reach Out

AG—a 12-year-old girl from Kids Church—made her own tool to share the gospel to her friends in a language that is easily understood by children.

AG first attended Kids Church when her mother was invited by a friend to attend a worship service at Victory Fort. At first, she did not know that she was attending a church. It was more like a school and a big playground for her. She enjoyed learning new things while gaining new friends. Aside from having fun with other children in church, she was also happy to spend some quality time with her mother and sister every weekend. Going to church became their weekly bonding moment.

Not long after, AG heard the gospel and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. People in church helped her grow in her faith, and AG knew she needed to tell her friends about the gospel, too. She did not know how at the time, but she never stopped praying. The desire to be used by God simply grew in her heart.

Though afraid that she would fail to say the right words, AG resolved to share the good news to the young girls in her group of friends. Inspired by a tool given out at Victory Fort to simply present the gospel to others, AG started creating her own version that she thought would help her friends.

AG’s ‘Best Map Ever’, an evangelism tool she made herself so she could share the gospel to her friends.

According to AG, the image of a map came to her mind one day while she was in Kids Church. She realized that every time we sin, we take a few steps away from God’s plan; we head toward the wrong direction—and the only way for us to get back on track is through repentance. AG believes that each time we repent, we allow ourselves to see the path that God has laid out for us.

Fueled by her passion and desire to share the good news, AG showed her tool to her younger sister and preached the gospel to her. She also boldly shared it to her mother, who was in awe of how God was using AG to make Jesus known. She had never thought it was possible for a girl as young as her daughter to make such an impact.

Today, AG continues to reach out to more kids in school and in church. She knows that being used by God this way is a privilege, and she wants to be a willing instrument of His mission.

Like AG, as followers of Christ, let’s tell others about who God is and what He has done for us. No matter how old or young we are, God can use us to fulfill His plan of salvation and redemption—His mission, His heartbeat.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. (Romans 1:16)

Accepting God’s Free Gift

Accepting God’s Free Gift

God reaches out to us in ways we often do not expect. Janevie, one of our Kids Church teachers in Victory Sta. Rosa, experienced this when a friend invited her to join a small group a few years back. Here is her story.  

It was a casual invitation. A good friend invited me to meet with her for dinner—her treat. As a high-school girl with limited food allowance, the idea of having free food for dinner sounded really appealing to me. I said yes and hurried off to our meeting place, not expecting anything.

The minute I arrived, though, I sensed that something was different. Aside from me, there were other high-school girls flocking to my friend’s table; they were all eagerly sharing stories about their faith in God. It was too late to back out when I realized that it was not a simple catch up dinner—it was a dinner with my friend’s small group (or what’s known as a Victory group).

Since then, I found myself joining them every week. At first, it was all about the free food and the idea of not having to head home right away. (It was a convenient excuse for me not to spend time with my family.) Though my heart and my head were never really there, I found it a good way to let the hours pass while half-listening to their testimonies.

But things changed quite unexpectedly. God gently nudged my heart.

As the months passed, I found myself suddenly becoming curious, eager to know more about God. I started attending regularly with a sincere interest to grow in my faith. I would spend hours meditating on the Bible every single day, meeting with people who were also hungry to hear about God’s promises. Not long after—that same year—I received Christ as my Lord and Savior and surrendered my life to Him.

Slowly, things began to change in my life. From a high-school girl clueless about Jesus, I turned into someone passionate about her Savior. From a daughter who was indifferent about her parents, I turned into someone who values her family and honors her elders. I was never the same again.

As I grew deeper in my relationship with God, He—at the same time—was also planting a new desire in my heart. One day, I boldly stood in front of our class and preached the gospel to my classmates. Never had I done something like that before. Suddenly, I became so eager to talk about Christ and became really passionate about reaching out to “old Janevies,” students who knew nothing about His goodness. The heaviness to spread His Word and reach out to young people just swelled in my heart—until I finally said yes to another “invitation.”

By January next year, I am making a commitment to reach the next generation by being a full-time campus missionary. I will heed His call and preach the gospel to more students who were once like me. It will be an honor and a privilege to do something I have grown passionate about—something that is exciting yet humbling at the same time.

It has been years, but I will always look back to the day I got invited for a free dinner. It was, after all, a free dinner that led me to God’s FREE gift of salvation—a gift far more valuable than anything else.