New Series: Ten

New Series: Ten

Join us this weekend as we kick off our newest series entitled, “Ten”! For the next ten weeks, we’ll be talking about the Ten Commandments. After this series, may each of us have a clearer understanding of God’s love for His people, as expressed through the Ten Commandments He gave us. May this new mindset lead us to a life of obedience and greater devotion to Him!

Here is the list of weekly topics:

  • Week one: God Above All
  • Week two: Idolatry
  • Week three: God’s Name
  • Week four: Sabbath
  • Week five: Parents
  • Week six: Murder
  • Week seven: Adultery
  • Week eight: Stealing
  • Week nine: Lying
  • Week ten: Coveting

Join us at a Victory location nearest you! Victory is one church in Metro Manila meeting in 24 locations across the metropolis. We also meet in multiple venues throughout the Philippines.

If you’re tweeting about the “Ten” series, please use our official hashtag #TheTenSeries.

Invite your family and friends! See you at our services!