South Korea: One Campus at a Time

South Korea: One Campus at a Time

A Ten Days team recently took part in a mission trip to South Korea. Why South Korea? More than being a nation of K-pop artists and Koreanovelas, 50% of its population also claims to not have its own religion or denomination. That in itself gives our missioners an exciting opportunity to share the gospel to our Korean brothers and sisters!

The members of our missions team, together with some pastors and leaders of Every Nation Church in Korea, visited some of its universities. Yonsei University was their first stop in the area, where the “e++” English program was being conducted weekly. Church volunteers would help Korean students enhance their English speaking skills. In turn, it gave the volunteers opportunities to engage with Korean students who did not have a personal relationship with Christ.

Ten Days South Korea Mission Trip
English classes are educational and life-changing at the same time

The team also visited Honggik University. Unlike Yonsei, Honggik does not have an English tutorial program yet. Many Korean students are required to learn speaking and writing in English, and “e++” is an effective way to meet that need. It not only helps the students in their communication, but it’s also an open door for the gospel.

Ten Days Mission Trip in South Korea
Sharing life


“The few days that we have spent in South Korea is more than what we imagined it would be,” shares Zi Ferraris, one of the missioners.  “Sharing the gospel (to the nations)  is a privilege, not a burden.” Indeed, being able to go and speak of the love of Christ to every nation and every campus is something that each of us can be part of!