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Get Ready for an Exciting Summer!

Get Ready for an Exciting Summer!

We place a premium on the next generation by teaching and training our children to be next-generation leaders. As young as they are, they can make an impact and be examples among their peers.

With that, our Victory locations have organized summer activities for our kids, catering to specific age group. Here’s the list of our activities for this summer:

Me and my dad Camp is an opportune time for kids aged six to nine years old to spend two days of roughing it with their dads.

Vacation Bible Camp teaches our four- to eight-year-olds important values from God’s Word. It will be an exciting three days of craft-making, story-telling, and games.

The Boot Camp trains and equips our preteens (10-13 year olds) to be leaders who would be a positive influence among their peers and communities.

Invite your kids, cousins, nephews, or nieces to take part in our Kids Ministry activities this summer! Please contact your local church to know more.