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Every Nation Books

As a church, we value Lordship, evangelism, discipleship, leadership, and family. You can learn more about these values through stories from our church leaders in these books.


A Bible and a Passport by Jun Escosar 

Every disciple needs a Bible and a passport—a Bible to know God, and a passport to obey the Great Commission. In this book, Pastor Jun Escosar talks about how a bunch of students decided to use a Bible and a passport to preach the gospel in every nation. He also tells stories about Every Nation missionaries from different corners of the world. Learn more about our heart and strategy for missions as you read this book.

Available on Amazon and Kindle


Run by Ferdie Cabiling 

Running this race called life is never easy. In this book, Running Pastor Ferdie Cabiling shares key insights that he gained through running races in life, both literally and figuratively. He also tells the stories from his run across the Philippines for almost 50 days. Run shows us that to finish strong, we need to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, as we run the race set before us.

Available on Amazon, Kindle, and major bookstores nationwide!



My First, Second & Third Attempts at Parenting by Steve Murrell 

How do we raise the next generation to love God and pursue His will? In this book, Pastor Steve Murrell shares stories and reflections that can help us discover God’s heart toward children, our hearts as parents, and how we can prepare our children’s hearts to know and love their heavenly Father.

Available on Amazon, Kindle, and in major bookstores nationwide!



WikiChurch by Steve Murrell 

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples. As a church, our primary focus is on helping people follow Jesus, not building buildings. This book will help us learn how to engage culture and community, establish biblical foundations, equip believers to minister, and empower disciples to make disciples.

Available on Amazon and Kindle!



The Multiplication Challenge by Steve Murrell 

“Where do I find more leaders?” Most leaders of a growing organization eventually ask this question. And though the need for leaders is great, few of us know how to create a culture of leadership development. This book recounts how Pastor Steve and Every Nation solved the leadership shortage of a growing church and global mission organization through the four leadership multipliers—identification, instruction, impartation, and internship.

Available on Amazon, Kindle, and in major bookstores nationwide!


100 Years from Now by Steve Murrell

What will our movement look like 100 years from now? Our prayer is that we will be able to carry out our mission, values, and culture beyond our lifetime. Sustaining a movement for generations is not easy, but it’s possible! This book looks at the values and principles we started with and hope to continue to hold onto even 100 years from now.

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Our history, mission, values, and culture have played a big part in where we are now as a movement. But ultimately, these foundations are nothing without God’s grace. It is His grace that has allowed us to honor Him and make disciples, from 35 years ago until today. Here’s to more years of honoring God and making disciples!

Steve Murrell, “Establish in the Faith”

Steve Murrell, “Establish in the Faith”

The following is a transcript of “Establish in the Faith,” a message delivered by Pastor Steve Murrell at Discipleship 2018.

In northern Italy in 1173, a group of some of the world’s most brilliant architects and engineers set out to build what would be the largest church bell tower in all of Europe. They designed one of the most beautiful buildings of its time.

It took about 199 years to build, so obviously, the original architects were no longer around. The problem was, as they were building for those almost 200 years, they noticed that the building began to tilt. By the time they had finished four stories of what would be eight floors, it was tilting, and they decided to correct the tilt, they would build the columns on the north side taller than the columns on the south side.

Every time they tried to fix the building, it never worked, because they worked on the outside. They worked on the decorative parts of the building; they worked on the external visible structure, and the building continued to tilt more. By the time they finished, they had indeed built the tallest bell tower in all of Europe.

But there was one problem: it could not function as a bell tower. They were unable to put the bells in the tower because they were too heavy, and they feared the whole thing would topple over. So here’s what happened: they built a beautiful building that was unable to function for the whole reason they built it.

For the next 500 years, after it was completed, it continued to lean a little bit more every year. A few centimeters this year, a few more the next year. By 1990, the Italian government closed the building to tourists. They would not allow anyone else to go up and try to reenact Newton’s apple drop.

I was traveling, about the year they closed it, in Singapore, and I noticed inside the airport, a picture of this building—the Leaning Tower of Pisa—and next to the picture was the phrase, “Good façade, bad foundation.”

I don’t really remember what the billboard was advertising, but I’ve never forgotten that idea. They tried to fix the outside of the building, but the outside was not the problem; the problem was the foundation. It reminds me of many Christians today: they look good on the outside, but here’s what happens. From the time their Christian life begins, they start leaning and tilting, ever closer to disaster, and they try to fix things on the outside. They try to fix things that are visible, and they try to make themselves look like good Christians, and even act like good Christians, but the problem is a weak foundation.

Today, everything about our gathering is about helping every one of you establish strong foundations in the people who attend your Victory group, and the people who don’t yet attend, but will. The new believers who will be baptized, but also old believers who have shaky, faulty, weak, and tilting foundations.

Now, our Scripture: Acts 2. We’re going to read just a few verses, beginning in 36. This is a Scripture that, when this church started in 1984, every single day for one month, I would meet with new believers, and this is the only scripture we would talk about. Every new wave of new believers, we would go right to Acts 2:36, here’s what it says, this is the first sermon ever preached and recorded in the New Testament church.

36 Let all the house of Israel know for certain that God has made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified.”

37 Now when they heard this they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?” 38 And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39 For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself.” 40 And with many other words he bore witness and continued to exhort them, saying, “Save yourselves from this crooked generation.” 41 So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls.

This is not the whole sermon; verse four, he says, “with many other words he exhorted them,” but I want to focus on this little piece of the very first sermon in the church age, once Jesus has ascended and now they’re gathered.

It starts off as every good church worship service must, as every good sermon has to do, it starts out focusing not on rules, not all religious rituals, not on a to-do and not-to-do list, it focuses on a person: Jesus Christ, and what he says is, you can know for certain who this Jesus is. And for us, the starting point of making disciples, the starting point of establishing biblical foundations, the starting point of everything good that happens spiritually in a disciple’s life is when we fully understand and know for certain exactly who Jesus is, according to Scripture.

Not according to my personal opinion, not according to my experience, not according to what my church says, not according to what my culture says, not according to what my philosophy professor says. “But know for certain who is Jesus, according to Scripture.” So as we establish foundations in the lives of new believers, the starting point is the person of Jesus Christ and what does he say? He says, “know for certain that God made him both Lord and Christ.”

Let’s talk about the word “Christ” for a moment. “Christ” was a religious phrase that all the Jewish people saw as their coming Savior. They prayed for this, they longed for this, and one day, this “Christ” would be the centerpoint of their religious life, and He would be the focal point of their worship, and He would be God coming to save them. But it’s not just Christ. Yes, He is the Savior, yes, He is the center of all real worship, yes, He is the center of our spiritual life, yes!

But he said, “know for certain that he is Lord and Christ.” “‘Lord” was not a religious word; “Lord” in that day, when people used the word “Lord” in the Roman Empire, it was very common to say “Caesar is Lord! Caesar is Lord!” What that meant was, Caesar has absolute authority, with no accountability, with no oversight, with no one to make adjustments, absolute authority.

The word “Lord” also meant a slave-and-master relationship. Slavery was very common in the Roman Empire; they were everywhere, and the master of the slave was “Lord.” And so, we have this idea of Savior, but also absolute authority. And that’s who Jesus is. Yes, He’s our Savior, but He’s also our Lord. That’s the starting point.

We get to verse 37: the sermon starts with, “Who is Jesus? He is Lord and He’s Savior; He is Lord and Christ.” Next, what happens in verse 37? It says, those who heard the message, “their hearts were cut.” And so, real foundations happen when the truth goes from our head to our hearts. There are a lot of people who know in their head, “Yeah, I know that Jesus, I’ve heard about Jesus all my life, I went to religious schools, I know that.” The question is not “Do you know it.” The question is, “Has it broken your heart? Has it caused a heart transformation?” And that’s what we’re looking for in discipleship.

Discipleship is not simply the transference of knowledge from one person to another; discipleship is not simply adopting religious patterns. Discipleship is when a heart is transformed by the reality of who Jesus Christ is. So what happens with real heart change? Here’s what they said: “What we do next?”

The way you know that there’s heart transformation in someone you’re discipling is, that they want to move forward with God. They want their relationship to move on; they want to respond to who Christ is, and what He says. They say, “What’s next?” Here’s how foundations happen.

Number one: Who is Jesus? Lord and Christ.

When that gets in our hearts, then we respond. The response was, “What do we do?” Here’s what he said: First thing. Repent. Let me explain what repentance is. You go in one direction and repent means, “I feel bad, and I turn around, and I go the other direction.” Repent means a change of mind and a change of direction, right? It’s different from penance.

Now, let’s say, this is God right here, and here’s what happens so often: in this foundation, repentance needs to go deep in our souls. I’m standing here with God, and I’ve gotten saved, but some of you may have had this in your own life, or maybe some of the people in your Victory group, and they kind of start wandering away from God, and they start going in the wrong direction, and then they start just wandering around, and then the thought comes, “I’m so far from God, I don’t think I can ever get back.”

You know, every step you take away from God, there is someone there, patting you on the back, telling you, “That’s a good move.” Every step away from God, there’s always someone there confirming that what you’re doing is really okay. And then, finally, we get convicted. “I’m so far from God, I don’t know if I can ever get back.”

You know what repentance is? When you turn around and realize He’s right there. You can never go so far that you can’t turn around.

Penance is not in the Bible anywhere; penance means, “I’m going away from God, I feel guilty, so I do something religious and do something good and I keep going in the same direction, then I feel guilty and I pray, ‘Lord, forgive me of my sin and forgive me tomorrow, because I’ll probably do it again, and then I keep going.’”

Repentance, though, which is a biblical word, means to turn around, and go the other direction. Foundations that we help establish in new believers: “Who is Jesus?” Once that goes in their hearts, then we teach them what repentance is—turning away, turning toward. Then he says, you repent, and what’s next?

“You’re baptized!” The word “baptize” in the original language here means to “immerse” or another phrase is, “to marinade.” You know, if you’re making some chicken barbecue? If you just cook your chicken and throw the sauce on it later, you don’t marinate it, that can just be wiped off, it doesn’t really go straight to the core, it’s only on the surface. “Baptize” means “to immerse,” and to soak, and to marinade, where it’s not just on the external, it goes all the way through.

My oldest son, when he was starting out his PhD program in Islamic History, he had to take Arabic. He had to be able to read Koranic Arabic, and so, he had to go to an immersion program. It’s this word from “baptize.” In this immersion program, he had to go to Jordan and immerse himself in the Arabic language. And he had to agree that he would not speak English the whole duration of the immersion program.

So baptize or immersion means, you surround yourself and soak yourself and absorb yourself in something new: the kingdom of God! It also means, you don’t do other things. My son had to agree and promise not to speak English that whole time.  And you know, religious people are always trying to get around it, too, just like that. So “baptize,” yes, it’s a religious ritual, but it’s more than that. It’s an immersion in the name of Jesus.

So what does he say? They say, “What do we do next?” “Repent, get baptized,” then he says, “and you’ll receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” In discipleship and establishing foundations, we’re teaching people how to receive the Holy Spirit, not resist the Holy Spirit.

It is one to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, receive the Holy Spirit, but we’re also teaching in discipleship, for the rest of your life, continue receiving an infilling of the Holy Spirit, and learn how to stop resisting the Holy Spirit. It’s a lifelong walk. When we establish foundations over and over and over, it’s who is Jesus? When that goes from the head of the heart, it’s repent, get baptized, be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Now remember I told you about that tower in northern Italy and how, in 1990, they stopped the construction? What they did, they had to fix it because it was leaning so far by this time, 600 almost 700 years after construction finished, it kept tilting more and more. And finally they knew if one more person climbed to the top, it was going down. Now, it took them ten years to fix the foundation. They stopped working on the façade, and they started working on the foundation. It took ten years and USD 27 million, and they fixed it. But if you notice pictures on Instagram of the Tower of Pisa, it’s still crooked, because they only corrected it fifteen inches. And they anchored it. They built new foundations; they actually went down 150 feet deeper than the foundation that had been there. And they anchored it permanently. They didn’t straighten it because all the tourists would’ve stopped coming, and the town would’ve gone bankrupt. Nobody wants to get a picture taken at the Straight Tower of Pisa. But they fixed the foundation finally.

You know, we live in a day that is obsessed with façades. It’s obsessed with the external; it’s obsessed with the temporal; it’s obsessed with how things look. But that’s not what foundations are about. Foundations are never seen. Once a building is up, foundations are ugly, they’re dirty. Foundations happen when we dig dirt out and dig more dirt and more dirt and more dirt, and then fill it with something else. And your task as a disciple-maker, your task as a Victory group leader is to help dig out the dirt and establish the reality of who Christ is. Then lead people in water baptism, in repentance, in getting filled with the Holy Spirit. We’ve made some tools to help you in the disciple-making process in this area of establishing people in the faith: ONE 2 ONE and Victory Weekend. Our goal is to make discipleship as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible.

Establishing foundations. That’s what we’re all about today. The reason? Because it’s not just the façade; it’s not just the externally visible. It’s the foundation that ensures the Christian life is going to the end, and that God will be honored from beginning until the end.


How Not to Fast

How Not to Fast

Pastor Steve Murrell, president of Every Nation, shares practical and insightful tips on how not to go about a fast. Check out his blog post!

“My First, Second and Third Attempts at Parenting”, now Available at the 37th Manila International Book Fair!

“My First, Second and Third Attempts at Parenting”, now Available at the 37th Manila International Book Fair!

steve_murrell_profileWe are happy to announce that the newest book of Victory founding pastor Steve Murrell, “My First, Second and Third Attempts at Parenting”, will be launched nationally at the 37th Manila International Book Fair!

Now published and distributed locally by Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM), “My First, Second & Third Attempts at Parenting” is a collection of stories and reflections designed to help parents and would-be parents discover the elusive, yet most important, part of parenting—the heart.

Pastor Steve’s book will be available at the CSM booth at the 37th Manila International Book Fair from September 14-18, 2016, for an exclusive fair-only price of PHP 100 per copy. The book fair will be held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Also available at the book fair are “The Values-Driven Heart” by Pastor Joey Bonifacio, Real LIFE Foundation’s executive director; and “Why Settle for Good Sex When You Can Have Great Sex” by Pastors Dennis and Thammie Sy, senior pastors of Victory Greenhills.

We are excited for more people to learn how we can honor God through parenting! Get your copy of “My First, Second and Third Attempts at Parenting” at the 37th Manila International Book Fair!

The Born Supremacy

The Born Supremacy

JesusPaul uses two words in his letter to the Colossians that I think aptly describe the Christ-centered church. He writes, “He is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything He might have the supremacy” (Colossians 1:18).

The first key word is “everything.” Jesus is supposed to be the center of everything — not just religious and eternal things. Everything certainly includes Sunday, but also Monday through Saturday. Jesus should be the center of every sermon and every song, every prayer meeting and every worship service, every individual and every family. Everything.

The second word is “supremacy.” Jesus is not to be the top priority on our long list of priorities, the first of many. Rather, He is to have supremacy, meaning He is the foundation and the cornerstone, the starting line and the finish line. He is the beginning, the middle, and the end. He is the ultimate. Nothing compares. Nothing competes. Supremacy in everything!


Born Supremacy is an excerpt from 100 Years from Now: Sustaining a Movement for Generations by Steve Murrell. Click here to purchase the book on Amazon.

Steve Murrell, “The Power to Preach the Gospel”

Steve Murrell, “The Power to Preach the Gospel”

Last March 5, thousands of current and upcoming Victory group leaders came together at the Mall of Asia Arena for our annual leaders’ convergence, Discipleship 2016. Now on its fourth year, the conference focused on the power given to us by the Holy Spirit to carry out the charge to honor God and make disciples.

In this podcast from Discipleship 2016, Every Nation founder and president, Pastor Steve Murrell, delivers a powerful message from Acts 1:8. He encourages all our Victory group leaders to be missional, not mystical. As the Holy Spirit gives us power, we are empowered to go on our mission to preach the gospel. Not only that, we also receive power to martyr ourselves and lay our lives down for the gospel. To accomplish this, lordship should be paramount in all aspects of our lives.

Declaring War on Low Expectations

Declaring War on Low Expectations

“Jesus is not interested in giving us temporary fruit. His fruitfulness progression goes from no fruit to fruit to
more fruit to much fruit to lasting fruit.” Pastor Steve Murrell, president and co-founder of Every Nation, talks about fruitfulness in his latest blog post, “Declaring War on Low Expectations”.

Great Leaders Don’t Lead Alone

Great Leaders Don’t Lead Alone

“Leadership is supposed to be plural.” Leadership is not a lone-ranger thing, but something we do as a team. Learn about the value of leading with others in this blog post by Victory founding pastor Steve Murrell.



“When John preached about repentance and generosity, (the Bible says) he preached good news to the people!”

The result of repentance is a changed life. Learn more about the message of generosity as a result of repentance in this blog post from Pastor Steve Murrell.

We are Designed to Connect

We are Designed to Connect

Insecurity and independence can ruin our relationships. In this Every Nation podcast,
Pastor Steve Murrell emphasizes the importance of letting God’s word and not our feelings or past experiences dictate how we engage with others in the church.



“The only way to deal with pride is to deal with the heart, not the external circumstances.” In this blog post, Victory founding pastor Steve Murrell shares one simple (but difficult) solution on how to deal with the pride in our hearts.

Faith is a Journey

Faith is a Journey

“It is not the pace of our faith that matters, it is the object of our faith.”

Pastor Steve Murrell gleans from the book of John and talks about different faith journeys in his blog post, “Faith is a Journey”.

When God Seems Far Away

When God Seems Far Away

“When we feel forsaken and when God seems far away, in reality, He is still holy and He is still enthroned. My feelings and my experiences do not change who He is.”

Victory founding pastor Steve Murrell writes an insightful blog entry about what prayers to pray when one feels forsaken by God. Read When God Seems Far Away.

Three hard questions for preachers

Three hard questions for preachers

Pastor Steve Murrell recently met with some of Victory’s best Filipino preachers to discuss the concerns and pitfalls of preachers and preaching. In this blog entry, Pastor Steve poses three questions to any preacher of God’s Word.

How to create a healthy environment for growth

How to create a healthy environment for growth

“As leader(s), it is (our) responsibility to create and maintain a healthy environment for growth. Here’s the environment leaders must work for, pray for, and lead toward.”

Pastor Steve Murrell shares three three key components to a healthy church environment, motivated by a his recent conversation with a pastor whose church was leaking people. “How is your church or campus ministry doing in these three aspects of healthy environment,” he asks. “Where are you strong, and where do you need an upgrade?”

Read the full blog entry here.

Taking Discipleship to the Next Level

Taking Discipleship to the Next Level

On February 9, 2013, over 6,700 Victory group leaders from across Metro Manila converged at the PhilSports Arena for Discipleship 2013. Students, young professionals, couples, kids, and even senior citizens came together for the half-day conference.

God has called people from all walks of life to make disciples.

Our Victory group leaders were the first to see a new perspective of their Discipleship Journey. Brand-new discipleship tools, including the ONE 2 ONE app on iTunes and discipleship.ph, Victory’s new leaders’ resource, were also revealed for the first time.

The Discipleship Journey

Current and upcoming Victory group leaders were encouraged with a series of videos that depicted real stories of how Victory group leaders engaged, established, equipped, and empowered the people around them. (Read these inspiring stories from discipleship2013.com.) Another unforgettable moment came when conference participants sent encouraging thank-you messages to individuals who helped them grow as leaders.

As if all of these were not yet exciting enough, the leaders were in for another surprise! Every Victory group leader at Discipleship 2013 received an exclusive, limited edition USB baller ID giveaway which contains materials that will help them as they lead others through the discipleship journey.

Happy and excited Victory group leaders ready to make more disciples!

Pastor Steve Murrell delivered a powerful message about passing the baton of the gospel. Through an illustration, he reminded the leaders that Victory groups are not to be like bowls nor colanders, but funnels that invite people in and lead them through the discipleship process. (Listen to Pastor Steve’s message on discipleship.ph.)

Pastor Steve Murrell reminds everyone to not forget to pass on the baton of the gospel.


If we fail to pass the baton of the gospel, we have missed the point, we have run in vain, we have wasted our time.” – Steve Murrell

The conference was capped with a time of prayer. Pastors and ministry leaders led the congregation to a big prayer meeting as prayers were spoken for the nation, church planting, compassion ministry, the campuses, and world missions.

Check out the gallery below for the Discipleship 2013 highlights:

Discipleship 2013, held on February 9 at the PhilSports Arena, is the biggest gathering of current and upcoming Victory…

Posted by Victory on Friday, February 8, 2013

The conference ended with a celebration, as the arena was filled with shouts and songs of praises to God. The Victory group leaders left that afternoon with a renewed vision and drive to continue honoring God and making disciples.

If you were one of our Victory group leaders who attended the event, thank you for honoring God and making disciples with us!

WikiChurch: Making Discipleship Engaging, Empowering, and Viral

WikiChurch: Making Discipleship Engaging, Empowering, and Viral

WikiChurch, the international edition of Pastor Steve Murrell’s discipleship book “Accidental Missionary,” is now available in the Philippines!

Pastor Steve shares valuable lessons on making discipleship engaging, empowering, and viral. Borrowing from the concept of “Wikipedia,” the Internet’s most widely used source for quick and easy information, WikiChurch uses the concept of “empowering imperfect people to spread the most important message around the world.” If you want to know more about how to engage, establish, equip, and empower your culture and community, then this book is for you!

(Edit as of June 27, 5 PM) The book is available at resource centers and book tables in the following Victory Metro Manila locations:

You may get your own copy for a special price of PHP 350.00 until July 8. If you’re from outside Metro Manila, please keep posted on when the books will be available in your area.

Here’s what other people had to say about the book:

“(Steve Murrell’s story) challenges me to take risks, to focus on discipleship, and to give God his due glory.”

Ed Stetzer
Missiologist and President of LifeWay Research
Nashville, Tennessee

“If you need encouragement and a map along this path of making disciples, WikiChurch is a must-read.  If you are a seasoned disciple-maker and want to sharpen your tools, you will find this a valuable resource for yourself and for those you lead.”

Dr. Cristy

“The heartbeat of God is to see every soul won for His kingdom, every tribe redeemed, and every nation discipled. I recommend this book to be a handbook to all who desire to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.”

Shodankeh Johnson
Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone
Freetown, Sierra Leone

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