Victory Worship to release “In Your Name” for 2018 Prayer & Fasting

Victory Worship to release “In Your Name” for 2018 Prayer & Fasting

Happy New Year from all of us at Victory!

We invite you to join us at Victory from January 8 to 12, 2018, as we come together to thank God for His faithfulness, mercy, and grace through a five-day prayer and fasting activity. During this time, we set faith goals and consecrate ourselves, families, and ministries to God, praying for victories and breakthroughs in every area of our lives.

Our prayer and fasting devotional theme this year is “In Christ,” written to help us understand our identity and true worth in Christ. As we go through our devotional, it helps to have a song to connect us in worship. This is why for “In Christ,” Victory Worship is releasing its first single for 2018, titled “In Your Name.”

Written by Neil Batiancila, Sarah Bulahan, and Isa Fabregas, “In Your Name” focuses on the power that comes with calling on the name of Jesus, Nothing is impossible with our all-knowing and all-powerful God. As we prepare our hearts to know Christ more this 2018, we can use “In Your Name” to lead our hearts to worship. “In Your Name” will be available on Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook on January 5, and on iTunes and Apple Music shortly after that.

We are excited to stand with you and each other in prayer as we believe God for breakthroughs for our families, our church, and our nation!