Pray for God’s Peace and Restoration in the Middle East

Pray for God’s Peace and Restoration in the Middle East

On January 28, Sunday, an aerial drone packed with explosives flew into Tower 22, a US military outpost in northeast Jordan, along the border of Syria and Iraq, exploded in the barracks, killed 3 US service members, and injured 34 others. Both the Islamic Resistance in Iraq and the Axis of Resistance, militant groups said to be backed by Iran, claimed responsibility for the attack. There have been nearly 200 attacks against US targets since the Israel-Hamas conflict. However, this is the first known instance of American casualties.

The strike has backed US President Biden into a corner. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Ja Austin III declared on the same day that “The president and I will not tolerate attacks on American forces, and will take all necessary actions to defend the United States, our troops, and our interests,…” However, due to the complexity of the Gaza war, the President’s response must carefully weigh military duty against political pressure while being mindful not to further escalate the current regional conflict.

While retaliation would seem like a natural response, it would heighten the volatile situation and fuel an all-out war. 

Iran, despite accusations, claimed these militant groups do not take orders and act independently. The country states that it does not intend to be pulled into a regional war. 

Less than a week later, the world found out the answer. On Friday, February 2, five days after the drone attack, the US launched major airstrikes on 85 military targets in 7 locations in Iraq and Syria. 

As we have learned throughout human history, there are no winners in war. War begets war. Leaders and nations are often handcuffed by larger political interests despite their desire to fully pursue paths of peace. When man runs short of answers, it becomes all the more clear that only the Gospel provides a lasting answer to our troubles. Let us pray for His Light to shine on the world during this time.

Prayer Points:

1. Pray for wisdom, diplomacy, and discernment to prevail over President Biden and Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to avoid war and bring the independent militias under control and even be dismantled. 

2. Continue to intercede for the end of the Israel and Hamas war and for normal life to resume as quickly as possible for both sides. Ask God for a supernatural answer that will be acceptable to both the Israelis and Palestinians in their 75-year war over the land of Palestine.

3. Intercede for a spirit of revival to wash over the world as the risk of an escalating regional war looms in the Middle East. May this desperation force people, leaders, and nations to fall on their knees and humble themselves before the Prince of Peace.

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Pray for God’s Peace and Stability in Taiwan

Pray for God’s Peace and Stability in Taiwan

Taiwan opened 2024 with a presidential election on January 13 which had major implications for Taiwan and China, with the rest of the world watching.  While there were other major domestic concerns, such as the economy and housing, no bigger election issue was at stake than the candidates’ position on Taiwan’s relationship with neighboring China. The ruling party (DPP) fielded Lai Ching-te who campaigned on a strong pro-independence platform. The biggest opposition (KMT) was represented by New Taipei Mayor Hou Yu-ih who ran on increased diplomacy and possible reunification with China. A third party (TPP) was led by former Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je who offered a middle ground – continued sovereignty while dialoguing with China. China obviously backed KMT candidate Hou and called this election a choice between “war and peace. All 23.5 million Taiwanese felt the weight of pressure leading to the elections.

DPP’s Lai won the elections with a majority of 40.05% of the votes. It was a very strong message to China. It also meant greater uncertainty, rising tensions, and a risk of war escalating moving forward. Two days after the elections, China lured Nauru to cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan through promises of economic assistance. Tuvalu is expected to follow soon. It is part of China’s efforts to isolate Taiwan. Twenty nations have switched diplomatic relations from Taiwan to China since 2001. China is also expected to step up its military exercises near and within Taiwan’s defense zone.

Whatever happens in the next few years has serious implications for the rest of the world, particularly in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. As God’s people, we do not fear. Instead, we lift everything up in prayer, knowing God is sovereign.

1. Pray that the message of Christ’s love will break pride, animosity, and hatred — bringing about lasting peace.

2. Intercede for peace-minded politicians and leaders on both sides to find a political solution that will satisfy both governments and people.

3. Pray for God’s wisdom for President Lai as he leads Taiwan during these difficult times.

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Metro Series

Metro Series

Cities are part of God’s plan to save and redeem man. In just a span of a century, we’ve seen a vast number of people flock and relocate to cities, or metros, which have turned into centers of activity all around the world. While this move may be a means for people to meet their physical needs, God, as revealed in Scripture, has planned this beforehand to carry out His plan of redemption for all mankind. In this series, we will look at God’s purpose for our cities and the role that we play in it.

Here are the topics for each week:

  • Week 1: Why the City?
  • Week 2: Our Eternal City

Together, let us make disciples in every nation by reaching more cities for Christ!

See you at our worship services across the Philippines!