New Series: All-Weather

New Series: All-Weather

You may know by now that life is not always about good times—sometimes we are faced by challenges that seem to cripple and sidetrack us. At the same time, our lives aren’t just about suffering, because there are always reasons to celebrate and be thankful.

Join us this weekend, May 18 and 19, as we kick off our newest series, “All-Weather.” Together, we will learn and understand that through Christ, we can live lives that honor God, in spite of anything that comes our way. We can also trust that God is present in any and every situation we face.

Here are the weekly topics for “All-Weather:”

  • Stormy (Joy in Christ)
  • Sunny (Glory in Christ)
  • Windy (Hope in Christ)
  • Cloudy (Peace in Christ)
  • Rainy (Blessings in Christ)

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