Taking Discipleship to the Next Level

Taking Discipleship to the Next Level

On February 9, 2013, over 6,700 Victory group leaders from across Metro Manila converged at the PhilSports Arena for Discipleship 2013. Students, young professionals, couples, kids, and even senior citizens came together for the half-day conference.

God has called people from all walks of life to make disciples.

Our Victory group leaders were the first to see a new perspective of their Discipleship Journey. Brand-new discipleship tools, including the ONE 2 ONE app on iTunes and discipleship.ph, Victory’s new leaders’ resource, were also revealed for the first time.

The Discipleship Journey

Current and upcoming Victory group leaders were encouraged with a series of videos that depicted real stories of how Victory group leaders engaged, established, equipped, and empowered the people around them. (Read these inspiring stories from discipleship2013.com.) Another unforgettable moment came when conference participants sent encouraging thank-you messages to individuals who helped them grow as leaders.

As if all of these were not yet exciting enough, the leaders were in for another surprise! Every Victory group leader at Discipleship 2013 received an exclusive, limited edition USB baller ID giveaway which contains materials that will help them as they lead others through the discipleship journey.

Happy and excited Victory group leaders ready to make more disciples!

Pastor Steve Murrell delivered a powerful message about passing the baton of the gospel. Through an illustration, he reminded the leaders that Victory groups are not to be like bowls nor colanders, but funnels that invite people in and lead them through the discipleship process. (Listen to Pastor Steve’s message on discipleship.ph.)

Pastor Steve Murrell reminds everyone to not forget to pass on the baton of the gospel.


If we fail to pass the baton of the gospel, we have missed the point, we have run in vain, we have wasted our time.” – Steve Murrell

The conference was capped with a time of prayer. Pastors and ministry leaders led the congregation to a big prayer meeting as prayers were spoken for the nation, church planting, compassion ministry, the campuses, and world missions.

Check out the gallery below for the Discipleship 2013 highlights:

Discipleship 2013, held on February 9 at the PhilSports Arena, is the biggest gathering of current and upcoming Victory…

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The conference ended with a celebration, as the arena was filled with shouts and songs of praises to God. The Victory group leaders left that afternoon with a renewed vision and drive to continue honoring God and making disciples.

If you were one of our Victory group leaders who attended the event, thank you for honoring God and making disciples with us!

Going Into all the World

Going Into all the World

Young as you are, you can make a difference! Sarah Bulahan started in church when she was six years old. Now, she boldly shares the gospel to her classmates and friends. Truly, age doesn’t matter when we make disciples. Read more on her testimony here.


I first received Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was six years old. I’ve been attending Victory KIDS for three years and one Sunday, we were singing the song “Heart of Worship.” I realized right then and there that my life was all about Jesus—nothing else. From then on, my life was forever changed.

Growing up in church, I’ve been discipled by different people. One of them, Janelle, taught me how to love God’s Word and pant for it like water. She showed me how important it was to have a relationship with Jesus.

I decided to share the gospel to my classmates and friends because of how God revealed Himself to me. There’s just no other way to respond. When He reveals how great He is, there’s just no containing Him. Once He fills your heart, there’s just nothing else to speak of.

Who says discipleship can’t be fun?

Some of my classmates and friends readily received the gospel; some didn’t. I even had to repeat chapter 1 of ONE 2 ONE five times before taking a break. God really reminded me that it’s not about me or the way I speak or how I live, but it’s really about Him and how He can just reveal Himself to His people.

One time, one of the girls I was doing ONE 2 ONE with disappeared. I couldn’t contact her at all. I had my time of crying to God, “Where did she go? Did I waste my time on her? What happens now?” It’s really moments like that that God humbles me and reminds me that my time isn’t my time but His. And that I am NOT the savior and I will never be the savior. God comforts me and tells me to trust and pray and to remember everything I was taught. She came back six months later and right now she can’t stop inviting her classmates and friends even if they live so far away. It’s crazy how God’s timing is perfect. I’ve learned to trust His control AND His character.

Discipleship is relationship! Sarah (center) and her Victory group having a picnic in UP Diliman

Don’t look for someone else to share the gospel to the people around you. If God wanted someone else, then He would have spoken to someone else.

God is not far away. He lives in YOU. I don’t know about you, but that just makes me feel so powerful and confident in Christ!



Sarah Bulahan is a college student at the University of the Philippines – Diliman taking up BS HRIM. She also volunteers at the Music Ministry of Victory Quezon City.

Making Disciples Training: the ABC’s of Discipleship

Making Disciples Training: the ABC’s of Discipleship

What does it mean to make disciples?

Making Disciples is a four-hour training class designed for men and women who want to know the basics of Victory Groups: the do’s and don’ts of starting them, sustaining them, and helping others do the same. Here, you’ll also learn how to effectively share your testimony to others. You will also be taught how to apply the lessons in practical settings through group dynamics.

Here are some insights that others have learned in Making Disciples class:

I learned . . .  about building relationship with the lost, engaging with them, and drawing them near to God.
Shei, Victory Alabang

It is not about what you have to say that matters, but it’s how you will listen and attend to (others’) concerns that will capture their hearts knowing that you care about their situation.
Sheridan, Victory Alabang

It helped me understand kung (paano) ko i-a-aaproach ang isang tao, ‘pag mag-e-engage ka ng first timer.
Ryan, Victory Pioneer

This (training) made me realize that I am responding to the Great Commission. I’m doing this not because of me, but it’s all because of Jesus . . . that as I lead someone back to God I am glorifying Him.
Glo, Victory Makati

Making Disciples class is ongoing in Victory locations across Metro Manila and the provinces. Contact your local church administrator to know the schedule of Making Disciples training in the Victory location you’re attending. See you there!

*Photos are by Clint Ortiz. Used with permission.