All Together at the LifeBox Summer Class!

All Together at the LifeBox Summer Class!

LifeBox had the privilege to sponsor a one-day equipping event for the different youth ministries in the Body of Christ. Entitled the “LifeBox Summer Class,” over 250 campus ministers, youth pastors, and youth leaders from different churches took part in this event last April 18.  

Group discussions helped the participants get to know each other better

Joseph Bonifacio, LifeBox Executive Director, emphasized the importance of our standing with God. We often think that the gospel—the good news of our salvation—is merely the ABCs of our faith. However, it’s more than that. “The gospel is the A to Z of our faith,” he shares.

Patrick Mercado, one of the youth pastors of LifeBox Fort Bonifacio, shared a simple and straightforward message on discipleship. He encouraged young leaders that it is not about bringing in crowds of people to their services, but helping them to have a relationship with Jesus.

The importance of team leadership was what CJ Nunag, National Coordinator for LifeBox, shared with the participants of the summer class. Sharing important principles on character, competence, and team chemistry, CJ stressed the value of working together as a team. According to him, “Your calling in life is always intertwined with another person’s call. God wants you to (partner) with other people.”

Finally, Ryan Tan of LifeBox U-Belt taught about culture and shared some experiences of how LifeBox considers the culture factor in its respective campus ministries.

The Summer Class was an opportunity for everyone to share ideas and insights on discipleship and campus ministry

One of the highlights of the summer class was a testimony from Timothy Firwelo of Life Church. Tim enrolled in our School of Campus Ministry in 2011, and currently leads a thriving campus ministry in his home church. He shared this short message that later summarized the entire class:

“Whether you’re a leader or an aspiring leader, the only thing that will sustain you is deep, undivided, (and) devoted love for God. Next to (that), the people following him must do the same. The only way we can do that is to make disciples.”

Tim also shared that it was not Victory nor Every Nation that invented discipleship—and that it was found in the Bible, initiated by Jesus’s disciples. Truly, as Jesus made relationships happen and showed love and compassion to others, we can follow His example and bring others to Him!

LifeBox is honored not just in preparing students for LIFE, but also partnering with our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ! They are excited to equip the next generation, and to see more and more young people—and their families—experience the joy of having a relationship with Jesus.