Light in Laos

Light in Laos

In Laos, 92% of its locals have not been reached by the gospel. Since it is a creative access nation, our missionaries have exercised extra care for our activities to continue in spite of restrictions.

Our team in Laos began hosting the locals—mostly students from different universities—through holding small groups and worship services in the missionaries’ living room. As more and more Laotians were reached by the gospel, the missionaries grew concerned about their safety. They did not want to risk making their neighbors suspicious because of the number of students coming in and out of their house daily.

Our missions work in Laos started by holding services in living rooms like these.

Our missionaries had to find an alternative to meeting the students and sharing the Word with them without compromising their security. Then they thought of putting up their own restaurant and cafe.

With bold faith, the church started praying for provision—and in less than a week, God made a way. They rented a three-storey unit in a building, developed and registered it as a restaurant-cafe. While serving food and drinks to locals, it would also double as a hub for ministry activities for the local disciples.

We are in faith for open doors and more leaders to be trained!

Now, the restaurant also serves as a strategic platform for the ministry! It serves as a hangout place for students—as well as a venue for outreach activities, worship services, Victory Weekends, and discipleship trainings. We are in faith that this year, aside from more students to be reached by the gospel, more Laotians will rise up as leaders and reach their families, classmates, and friends!

Please pray that more leaders are raised to make disciples, and for more weekly worship services.

As each of us steps out in faith to pray, give, and go, more nations like Laos are reached by the gospel! Thank you for standing with us!