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Victory Worship to release “Beautiful Love” on October 6

Victory Worship to release “Beautiful Love” on October 6

On October 6, Filipino worship team Victory Worship will release “Beautiful Love,” its third straight digital single for 2017, on iTunes and Spotify. “Beautiful Love,” featuring lead vocals from Joseph Ramos, is the follow-up ballad to its No.1 worship anthem, “Safe.”

Written by Victory Worship member Lee Simon Brown with Every Nation Music songwriters Franklin Asuncion, Moira dela Torre, James Murrell, and Kensho Yo, “Beautiful Love” combines the passion of Christ to take on a punishment He did not deserve, so that we may receive salvation that we did not earn. Taking inspiration from 1 John 4:10, which reads, “. . . true love is God’s love for us, not our love for God. He sent his Son as the way to take away our sins . . . ” (ERV), “Beautiful Love” makes the declaration that the kind of love that moved Jesus to take on this ultimate sacrifice, can only be described as beautiful.

Click here to download “Beautiful Love” on iTunes Philippines. “Beautiful Love” will go for radio adds starting October 9, 2017.

Victory Worship

They curse and laugh, You do not fight
A thousand men yell “Crucify!”
As crimson stains, I fill Your mind
You look upon me with delight

From throne to cross, You came to die
A crown for thorns to bring new life
With every nail I fill your mind
You look upon me with delight

Oh what love
How can it be
From that cross You looked at me
Oh what love
Poured out for me
What a beautiful love

Your death gives way to glorious light
And tears away the chains that bind
Now sons and daughters in Your eyes
You look upon us with delight

So glorious
Came down unashamed
You called me Yours
Caught up in Your grace
You’re all I need
There’s nothing more beautiful Your love