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Stable & Sure

Stable & Sure

There are a lot of things in the world where we try to put our hope and trust in. Sadly, these things are temporary and tend to fail us. In this ever shifting world, there is only one person on whom we can build our lives—Jesus, the chief cornerstone. 

What is a cornerstone? It is the stone that is laid first when something is built, and to it all other stones are aligned. In the same way, when we put Christ front and center, that means we are also aligning every other aspect of our lives to Him. We may experience ups and downs, but we can stand firm and pursue God’s mission because Jesus is our stable and sure foundation! 

Join us in our two-part series as we learn more about these topics:

  • Week 1: The Prophesied Cornerstone (February 20)
  • Week 2: The Message of Salvation (February 27)
  • Week 3: The Household of God (July 3)
  • Week 4: The Chosen People of God (July 10)

May we continue to be reminded that we will be stable, immovable, and firm when we’re connected and aligned to our Cornerstone. 

You may join us in our weekend worship services by checking the schedules here or visiting your Victory location’s Facebook page. 



We know that our awesome God has been with us and He alone continually sustains us through our journey. Because of this, we face the new year with hope and look forward to seeing Him move powerfully in and through us every day.

Let us start the year abiding in God’s word and calling others to do the same. To abide means “to remain stable or fixed in a state; to continue in a place.” Through our series and our prayer, fasting, and consecration week, we will look at the different aspects of God’s word and allow His voice to transform us in His image, empowered to do what He has called us to do.

As we prioritize reading the Bible above all else, we will begin to discover the power and beauty of God’s word and continue to anchor ourselves upon His never failing and unshaken truth. 

Join us as we learn more about these topics in the next six weeks:

  • Week 1: The Word Became Flesh (January 9)
  • Week 2: The Word Gives Life (January 16)
  • Week 3: The Word Feeds Our Spirit (January 23)
  • Week 4: The Word Sets Us Free (January 30)
  • Week 5: The Word Bears Fruit (February 6)
  • Week 6: The Word Keeps Us From Evil (February 13) 

We hope you can join us in our time of prayer, fasting, and consecration from January 10 to 14. Visit to download our devotionals, join our prayer meetings, and share your story about how abiding in God’s word has helped you. 

As we abide in God’s word, may it bear fruit in our lives and inspire those around us to follow God and abide in His word, too.

You may join us in our weekend worship services by checking the schedules here or visiting your Victory location’s Facebook page.