New Church Plant: Kablaawan tayo ti Victory Metro Vigan!

New Church Plant: Kablaawan tayo ti Victory Metro Vigan!

It is just amazing how God works to fulfill His kingdom purposes! Ilocos may be far from where you are but it is close to God’s heart.

Same old boring strokes
Just a couple of years back on May 2007, Victory Laoag started to reach out to the people of Vigan by engaging the students from the University of Northern Philippines. One month after that, five students were discipled in that campus.

Through that small group of disciples, the number of students being reached out from the university increased… and is still increasing! This year, the group started doing ministry work in Ilocos Sur National High School to further propel God’s work in that city and even in the whole Ilocos Sur province.

Not only students are are coming to know Jesus. Other people from all walks of life have also been reached out as different teams from Metro Manila helped and stayed as opportunities came to share the gospel – to families and to single professionals.

They did not labor in vain
…because on Sunday, August 14, 2011 Ilocos Sur officially launches Victory Metro Vigan! It will happen at 9 AM at the Victory Metro Vigan worship center located right at entrance of the city center—2nd floor GDJ Building, Rizal St., Zone 4, Bantay, Ilocos Sur (commonly known as Kservico Building).

Let’s continue to pray for Victory Metro Vigan
…for their leadership team and for the people who have been reached out – that they may grow in faith even as this church prospers. May all the people whom they will yet engage – will welcome the gospel with joy as God’s love and goodness overflow in their lives and throughout the Ilocandia region.

Let’s welcome Victory Metro Vigan!
If you have family and loved ones in the area, don’t forget to let them know about our newest church plant in Metro Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Kapya ti Apo a Dyos iti kumuyog kadakayo amin dita Victory Metro Vigan ken agraman iti amin nga Ilocandia!