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Pray for Restoration, Reconciliation, and Hope for Hong Kong

Pray for Restoration, Reconciliation, and Hope for Hong Kong

Lost amidst other major world events—such as the continuing war in Ukraine, an upsurge in covid and monkeypox cases, and the overturn of Roe vs Wade—was the quiet passing of the 25th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong as a British colony back to Communist China on July 1st. Despite the assurances of mainland China that the civil, political, and economic freedoms Hong Kong had enjoyed under the British for 150 years would remain intact until 2047, there was much trepidation among its citizens who fled by the droves to London and Vancouver.

This political experiment called “one country, two systems” was unprecedented, especially back in 1997. Hong Kong was a global financial hub in the ’90s standing toe-to-toe with New York, Tokyo, and London. Can a Communist Party properly manage and sustain a democracy and a free market economy? Will China turn into Hong Kong or the reverse? Most importantly, would they keep their word?

Now we have the answers. In 2020, China introduced the national security law and electoral reforms, which effectively limited government posts to Beijing loyalists. Monuments to the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre have been removed. Pro-democracy news agencies have been closed. Hong Kong does not even rank in the top ten cities in China economically. The history of the city is being rewritten in school textbooks denying it was a British colony. 

As Hong Kongers felt the vice grip gradually tighten, hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest. This became known as the Umbrella Movement in 2014, when locals used umbrellas to shield themselves from tear gas. The situation escalated during the second half of 2019, which saw the largest and most violent demonstrations in the city. The pandemic and police crackdown combined effectively silenced the protests. There are now more than 1,000 political prisoners in Hong Kong.

Twenty-five years later, Beijing had broken its promise and is fully in control.

Our pastor in Hong Kong attests to the fear that has spread. People are scared and frustrated in different ways. At the courts, there are trials almost every other day that are related to past protests. There are pictures taken in the airport departure hall every day, that friends and families are leaving their home and their city, seeking to live new lives afar. For those who are staying in the city, they are struggling to adapt to the new reality involving changes in politics and education. The city is quietly waiting for the pain to hurt less, also for the memory to fade out. 

Please pray that there will be restoration and reconciliation for Hong Kong. Pray that the LORD will turn the mourning to dancing. Apart from Jesus, “we can do nothing.” 

Nevertheless, churches continue to meet despite tightening restrictions. They are banding together in prayer for their beloved city, believing that as they make a stand for righteousness, justice will flow like the waters (Amos 5:24).

Prayer Points

  1. Let us stand with the people of Hong Kong as they hope for the liberties that were promised to them.
  2. Let us agree with the churches in Hong Kong as they activate believers in prayer. Pray that this would lead to a spirit of unity among the body of Christ in Hong Kong leading to righteousness, victory, justice, and freedom.
  3. Pray against the spirit of violence. Let us intercede against the forces that are trying to take advantage of the situation by unleashing a spirit of violence on both sides.
  4. Pray for peace, justice, freedom, and righteousness to prevail in Hong Kong.

Every Nation is a global family of churches and campus ministries, of which Victory is a founding member.

We are called to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). This is the reason we value world missions as a church and persistently pray for the nations every month.

To learn more about this situation, you can check the news and resources in the links below.

Macau and Hongkong Hold Discipleship Conference

Macau and Hongkong Hold Discipleship Conference

Last month, leaders from our churches in Every Nation Macau and Every Nation Hong Kong converged for their first Discipleship Conference. Following the theme, “Charge!”  the event aimed to empower our current and upcoming leaders to be missional in honoring God and making disciples in their respective territories.

Pastor Jun Escosar, Every Nation World Missions Asia director, kicked off the conference by encouraging our leaders and interns to be more missional in preaching the gospel, especially to the locals of Macau and Hong Kong. Our leaders, Macau and Hong Kong Discipleship Conference tent-makers and full-time ministers were also reminded to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit when they reach out to the people in these two cities. The participants also heard from Victory executive director Pastor Gilbert Foliente, who talked about the role of the Holy Spirit as we evangelize people and reach out to the lost.

The conference also emphasized the importance of going to the campuses and reaching the next generation because we believe that the youth of Macau and Hong Kong will lead their country to be missionary-sending nations in the future. The participants also listened to updates regarding the progress of missionary efforts in Macau and Hong Kong. The 4Es–Engage, Establish, Equip, and Empower–were also discussed in the context of the lifestyle and culture in the two cities.

The conference was also an opportune time for our leaders in our two congregations to fellowship and enjoy each other’s company during breaks and meal times by taking photos, sharing snacks and exchanging stories. At the end of the event, our leaders and interns were recharged and refreshed to preach the gospel as they go back to their respective communities.

Relationships Matter: Ten Days Hong Kong

Relationships Matter: Ten Days Hong Kong

A team of Ten Days missioners from Victory Zamboanga visited the nation of Hong Kong in October. Know more about their adventure in this blog post!


Off we go!
Our Ten Days mission trip in Hong Kong in October 2012 was an incredible ride marked by amazing ups and downs. For the most part, the journey was met by wonderful people who brought joy to our hearts. As we met students from different universities, we had the chance to befriend them, encourage them, and even pray for them.

Our Every Nation church in Hong Kong meets at three different locations each week, including a Hong Kong campus. Our three churches cater to different groups of people, and minister to their unique needs as well.

Discipleship is relationship
When we arrived in Hong Kong, our Every Nation church was holding a discipleship campaign called “Each One, Reach One.” They were rallying their local leaders to be serious in making disciples, and we consider it a privilege to support our church in discipleship.

One of the Ten Days missioners shares a laugh with the Cantonese students.

Four of us helped build relationships with the students in one of the universities we visited. We took the time to dine with the students, hold game nights with them, and even cook for them! Being in an international school, we were able to meet students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sweden, and the US. It was a humbling opportunity to interact with students of different nations and cultures—because we trust that when they go home to their home countries, they will carry with them the seeds of the gospel! Only God can orchestrate this kind of opportunity, and we are humbled and in awe of His works!

The mission team from Victory Zamboanga taught the students how to play Pinoy Henyo, a Filipino game.

Meanwhile, three of our teammates spent time with our Hong Kong church’s local leaders. We encouraged them to not stop sharing the gospel with their colleagues, no matter where they were. We also had the opportunity to join and hold Life groups with a few Filipinos working in Hong Kong!


Attitude of gratitude
All throughout the mission trip, we knew God was right with us. We may have faced some challenges along the way, but we held fast and were confident in what God was doing mightily, not just in our lives, but in the lives of the students, professionals, and families to whom we were ministering.

We are so grateful for everyone who has stood with us in prayer and supported us in our ministry. Most of all, we are thankful that God has never left nor forsaken us!