New Series: Place of Grace

New Series: Place of Grace

Rest is a promise available for everyone. Many try to find rest by going places, isolating, and reflecting. 

This Holy Week, may we find ourselves resting in Christ—where we are and will always be in a place of grace; a place where we will receive what God intends for our good, even if we don’t deserve it.

Discover the redemption story of our lives in the next three weeks:

Week 1: Three Denials, Thrice Asleep

Week 2: Third Appearance, Three-fold Restoration

Week 3: Third Person of the Trinity (Pentecost Sunday)

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Invite your family and friends to join us as we go through our Holy Week devotionals starting March 24 to 31. You may access these devotionals’ English and Filipino versions on YouVersion or through our Victory Groups App.

New Series: The King

New Series: The King

Our new series, “The King,” focuses on Jesus, and what it means for Him to be King. Together, we will discover the different events leading to Jesus’s death and resurrection.

Here is the list of weekly topics:

  • Week one: The Humble King
  • Week two: The Risen King
  • Week three: The Returning King

Join us at a Victory location nearest you! Victory is one church, meeting in fifteen different locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in various locations across the Philippines.

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New Series: Timeless

New Series: Timeless

Many of us are familiar with the word, ‘gospel.’ We may have heard about it in school or in church. But do we fully understand what it is — that it is more than just ‘good news?’ Learn the true meaning of ‘gospel’ in our new series, “Timeless!”

At the end of our series, may each of us understand that the gospel is not only the power of God to save us, but it is also the power to change and transform us.

Check out our list of weekly topics:

Week one: Gospel in the Past
Week two: Gospel in the Present
Week three: Gospel in the Future

We would love to have you come join us at a Victory center nearest you! We are one church in Metro Manila that meets in fifteen different locations. You may also visit us at our Victory churches across the Philippines.

Invite your loved ones and let’s know more about the gospel together! See you at our services.

New Series: XChange

New Series: XChange

We are kicking off our newest series this weekend! XChange, our brand new series, will help us understand the importance of what took place on the cross. After this preaching message, we hope that each of us would have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the sacrifice that Jesus did for us when He took our place on the cross so we can enjoy the life that He planned for us to live.

XChange is running for two weeks, with the following list of topics:

Week one: Died for me – The significance of Jesus’s death on the cross
Week two: Alive in Him – The importance of Jesus’s resurrection

Catch XChange at a Victory location nearest you! We are one church in Metro Manila and have planted over forty-five churches in the provinces. Invite your family and friends to join us!