Metro Series

Metro Series

Cities are part of God’s plan to save and redeem man. In just a span of a century, we’ve seen a vast number of people flock and relocate to cities, or metros, which have turned into centers of activity all around the world. While this move may be a means for people to meet their physical needs, God, as revealed in Scripture, has planned this beforehand to carry out His plan of redemption for all mankind. In this series, we will look at God’s purpose for our cities and the role that we play in it.

Here are the topics for each week:

  • Week 1: Why the City?
  • Week 2: Our Eternal City

Together, let us make disciples in every nation by reaching more cities for Christ!

See you at our worship services across the Philippines!

Join Us at the 2016 Every Nation World Conference!

Join Us at the 2016 Every Nation World Conference!

“Every so often we need to sound a trumpet and gather together to rekindle the vision, renew relationships, and reaffirm the commitments we have made to one another.” ~ Pastor Steve Murrell, President of Every Nation

Every three years, the Every Nation global family celebrates where God has led us and what God has done through us as we reach every nation in our generation. At the 2010 conference, we broke a Guinness world record. In 2013, we celebrated our twentieth anniversary. This 2016, we’re boldly going where God tells us to go!

This year, we’re heading to South Africa for the 2016 Every Nation World Conference, to be held at the Grandwest Arena in Cape Town from October 3rd to 7th. Registration began last February 15th, and is still ongoing!

Why should we go? Because we’re family. We belong to a spiritual family that spans the entire globe. Joining the world conference will let us see the bigger picture, and give us front row seats to how our organization impacts lives all over the world.

Because we’re called. Our mission calls us to reach every nation in our generation. God has called us to this family to achieve that mission.

Because we can. As children of God and followers of Christ, we can follow that calling to the ends of the earth. If you have the heart to go, then you should be there! God has commissioned us to go and we all have a role to play to reach the nations. Let us be in faith that everyone joining the conference will hear and respond to God’s call to honor God and make disciples, at their home, and to the ends of the earth. You know what that means; book your plane tickets, plan vacation time, and get your family ready! There are only five weeks to go, so register now at See you in South Africa!

Watch the 2016 Every Nation World Conference promo video here!