Six Weeks with Front Liners in Our Temporary Housing

Six Weeks with Front Liners in Our Temporary Housing

On March 31, we opened the Every Nation Building in Taguig as temporary housing for frontline healthcare workers from Rizal Medical Center and St. Luke’s Medical Center. Through the help of the management team of both hospitals, we were able to serve a total of 63 doctors and nurses for over six weeks.

Aside from providing food and shelter, we also did our part to encourage our front liners, knowing that they face tough battles in the hospital every day. We gave them opportunities to talk with our team of licensed counselors through Zoom. We also organized weekly huddles where they played games, listened to inspiring messages from our pastors, and prayed for each other.

During Mother’s Day, we tried to make the mothers feel special by putting up a booth where they can celebrate with their families through video calls. We did what we could to serve them during this difficult time, even as they serve many others. And we were so encouraged by their responses and the smiles on their faces.

Today, we are officially closing the temporary housing to prepare the Every Nation Building to resume offices, once government directives allow for this. During the last huddle with our guests on May 14, we were moved after hearing them narrate their journey. Here is one of the heartfelt messages from Joanne, a nurse from St. Luke’s:

“Natirahan ko na lahat ng rooms at floors na pwede doon [sa ospital] bago kami pumunta dito. Ito ang pinakablessing sa amin. Pagdating namin dito, very overwhelming lahat. Yung tipong wala ka nang gagawin talaga. Hihiga ka na lang. Tapos magtatrabaho ka at stressed ka, pero pagbalik mo dito, at home na at home ka. We’re very thankful po. Yung mga kasama ko sa hospital, pati po sa ibang unit, nagkita kami dito. Para kaming magkakapatid at magkakapamilya tapos meron pang extended family—meron from RMC at taga-Every Nation pa—so very thankful po kami. Ayaw namin umalis pero lahat ng bagay may end. Pero we look forward to seeing you again, everyone. Maraming, maraming salamat po.”

(I had slept in all the available rooms and floors [in the hospital] before we came here. This was really a blessing for us. We were overwhelmed when we got here. We didn’t need to do anything else but sleep. We were working and sometimes getting stressed, but when we would return here, we would feel at home. We are very thankful. I met people from my hospital, including those in other units. We’re like a family here, and we even have an extended family from RMC and Every Nation, so we’re very thankful. We don’t want to leave, but all things have an end. We look forward to seeing you again. Thank you very much.)

On behalf of these front liners, thank you for giving to and praying for this initiative. They are truly grateful for the help we were able to extend to them. As a church, we will continue to support them through other ways as they faithfully serve our nation. May God alone be honored in all this, and let’s continue to be salt and light to others!

A Home Away from Home for Front Liners

A Home Away from Home for Front Liners

It’s been three weeks since we opened the Every Nation building as a temporary housing facility for healthcare workers in St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City (SLMC) and Rizal Medical Center (RMC). We thank God for this opportunity to serve, and we are grateful for the church’s generosity to make this happen. 

Our partnership with the hospitals has helped with the screening of our guests and following the safety protocols in our building. We are now using six rooms as male and female sleeping quarters and serving meals in our cafeteria for 50 guests. Here are some of them.

Meet Nick, Geffen, and Marlotte. They recently passed the nursing board exam and are new hires of SLMC. They came all the way from Batangas and started to be on duty two weeks ago. They are grateful to have a temporary shelter until the end of the enhanced community quarantine.

Meet Raymond and Dr. Elvira. Raymond, a nurse who used to bike from his house in Rizal to RMC, and Elvira, an internal medicine doctor who rides with ambulances from RMC to her home in Quezon City. When the wards weren’t full yet, they both used to sleep in the hospital. Now, they can comfortably ride in our shuttles and rest well in our building.  

We plan to extend our temporary housing initiative until April 30, the end of the enhanced community quarantine period. After the government lifts restrictions, we will resume offices and worship services in the building. Even beyond the enhanced community quarantine, we remain committed to serving our front liners and are looking for other ways to continue to support them.

Our church in Lipa was inspired by this initiative in BGC and also opened their facility for healthcare workers in Mary Mediatrix Medical Center. We have ongoing relief efforts for affected communities in 30 provinces. We are also partnering with the local government and nongovernment organizations to provide protective gear and meals and pray for front liners, such as army officers and policemen. 

Together, let’s continue to face this crisis with faith, speak hope, and express God’s love in every way we can. You can read more inspiring stories from the front lines on