School of Campus Ministry holds 16th Commencement Exercises

School of Campus Ministry holds 16th Commencement Exercises

Last November 24, Thursday, our 16th batch of campus missionaries graduated from the Every Nation School of Campus Ministry. The 46 men and women who make up this batch were trained for three months, and are now entering their new season of full-time vocational ministry.

SCM Graduation-1

For the past eight years, the School of Campus Ministry has been training, equipping, and preparing men and women to be sent out, to advance God’s kingdom in the campuses. We are in faith that our new graduates will be living the vision of witnessing young people give their lives to Jesus, and help them make disciples.

SCM Graduation-3

Please pray for grace, strength, and fruitfulness for our new batch of campus missionaries! Let’s continue standing with them as they change the campus, and change the world.

New Series: ENACT

New Series: ENACT

We’re excited to launch our series, ENact! For the next six weeks, we will learn more about our mission as a church, and the role we can take in our community, the campuses, and the nations of the world.

We hope you can join us at a Victory congregation nearest you as we discuss the following topics:

  • Week one: Church
  • Week two: Community
  • Week three: Next Generation
  • Week four: Campus
  • Week five: Nations
  • Week six: Missionaries

Join us at a Victory location nearest you! Victory is one church meeting in fifteen congregations across various locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in multiple locations across the Philippines.

If you’re tweeting about our “ENact” series, please use our official hashtag #EveryNationInAction.

Invite your family and friends! See you at our services!

We are Designed to Connect

We are Designed to Connect

Insecurity and independence can ruin our relationships. In this Every Nation podcast,
Pastor Steve Murrell emphasizes the importance of letting God’s word and not our feelings or past experiences dictate how we engage with others in the church.

Every Nation Music holds songwriters’ workshop in Manila

Every Nation Music holds songwriters’ workshop in Manila

Every Nation Music recently held a workshop for songwriters from January 14 to 16, 2014, at Victory Pioneer in Mandaluyong City, Manila, Philippines. Seventeen Filipino delegates from all over the Philippines joined eight other delegates from Guam, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States, for the three-day training.

The Worship Writer’s Workshop (W3) is an integral part of Every Nation Music’s goal to develop great songwriters, produce Every Nation music, and promote Every Nation songs. W3 Manila featured well-known Christian songwriters Mia Fieldes (“All For Love,” “Saviour King”) and John Katina (“Thank You,” “So Good”), as well as noted Contemporary Christian producer Otto Price.

Fields, Katina, and Price shared their thoughts in lessons dealing with theology and practical songwriting, and challenged the delegates to put to practice what they learned through group songwriting sessions. They also provided one-on-one coaching for all the groups, who ultimately wrote a total of 14 songs over the course of the three-day workshop.

“The Worship Writer’s Workshop is inspiring and equipping Every Nation songwriters to reach their potential,” says Steve Murrell, president of Every Nation. “It’s our desire that our songs glorify God, have congregational appeal, and capture the mission, vision, and values of our organization.”

Every Nation Music exists to produce, distribute, and promote multi-generational, multi-cultural worship music that communicates the Every Nation mission, vision, values, and culture. for more information about Every Nation Music.

New Series: Viral

New Series: Viral

Victory as a movement has a heart to disciple not just our culture and community, but also the world. In our new series, “Viral,” discover God’s heart for the nations and the important part we can play in making disciples of all nations.

Here is the list of weekly topics:

  • Week one: Every Nation
  • Week two: Every Campus

 Watch our “Viral” series teaser video here:

Victory is one church meeting at different locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in several provinces across the Philippines. Join us at a Victory center nearest you. Invite your family and friends to join us, too!

See you at all our services!

Time to GO

Time to GO

More than 3,000 delegates from 73 nations around the globe gathered as one spiritual family last July 30-August 2 for EN2013: the Every Nation World Conference! This five-day event also served as the 20th anniversary celebration of Every Nation Ministries as a movement.

One of the highlights of the EN2013 World Conference was the Parade of Nations!

Every Nation’s 20th anniversary was held in Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. Our delegates heard from different pastors and speakers who encouraged them to go to the nations, the campuses, and the needy.

Check out some tweets from some of our conference speakers:




Read daily recaps of our sessions at the Every Nation North America blog. You may also visit the official EN2013 conference website at Watch the EN2013 recap video here:

Light in Laos

Light in Laos

In Laos, 92% of its locals have not been reached by the gospel. Since it is a creative access nation, our missionaries have exercised extra care for our activities to continue in spite of restrictions.

Our team in Laos began hosting the locals—mostly students from different universities—through holding small groups and worship services in the missionaries’ living room. As more and more Laotians were reached by the gospel, the missionaries grew concerned about their safety. They did not want to risk making their neighbors suspicious because of the number of students coming in and out of their house daily.

Our missions work in Laos started by holding services in living rooms like these.

Our missionaries had to find an alternative to meeting the students and sharing the Word with them without compromising their security. Then they thought of putting up their own restaurant and cafe.

With bold faith, the church started praying for provision—and in less than a week, God made a way. They rented a three-storey unit in a building, developed and registered it as a restaurant-cafe. While serving food and drinks to locals, it would also double as a hub for ministry activities for the local disciples.

We are in faith for open doors and more leaders to be trained!

Now, the restaurant also serves as a strategic platform for the ministry! It serves as a hangout place for students—as well as a venue for outreach activities, worship services, Victory Weekends, and discipleship trainings. We are in faith that this year, aside from more students to be reached by the gospel, more Laotians will rise up as leaders and reach their families, classmates, and friends!

Please pray that more leaders are raised to make disciples, and for more weekly worship services.

As each of us steps out in faith to pray, give, and go, more nations like Laos are reached by the gospel! Thank you for standing with us!

New Series: Glocal

New Series: Glocal

Thanks to technology, our world is getting much, much smaller. Approximately 2.1 billion people around the world are online nowadays. Social media has been helping us to connect more to one another. And more and more, world events are shaping local happenings as local happenings are influencing world events.

With all of these happening around us, what is stopping us from bringing the gospel message to the ends of the earth?

Join us as we kick off our missions series entitled, “Glocal!” For the next two weeks, know what it means to think global in our local setting.

Here’s the list of weekly topics:

Week one: Trip Essentials – Each of us is called to pray for the nations.
Week two: Itinerary – Our local churches are launching pads for the gospel.

Glocal will be our preaching message for the next two weeks at all our Victory locations. We are one church in Metro Manila. We also have various churches in different provinces.

Invite your family and friends to join us! See you at our services!