North Luzon: Refreshed and Equipped

North Luzon: Refreshed and Equipped

Our North Luzon churches held their first Discipleship Convergence at the CAP Convention Center in Camp John Hay, Baguio City. Over 1,200 leaders from our sixteen Victory churches in the region were encouraged, equipped, and empowered to make disciples in their offices, campuses, and communities!

Pastors Jeng Aguinaldo of Victory Baguio (left) and Fidel Antonio of Victory Urdaneta exhort North Luzon leaders to engage their communities.

Our North Luzon leaders listened to Pastor Ferdie Cabiling, senior pastor of Victory Ortigas, as he shared a message on discipleship. They heard how each of us are to recall who Jesus is, recalibrate ourselves to align with God’s priority and purpose, reignite our fire for the lost, and reconnect ourselves with God and fellow believers. Each of them were given a fresh mandate to reach out to people with the gospel.

Pastor Ferdie Cabiling shares about the discipleship recall: Recall, Recalibrate, Reignite, and Reconnect.

North Luzon is close to Victory’s heart; our very first provincial church plant was in the North Luzon city of Dagupan. We are looking forward to hearing discipleship stories from North Luzon discipleship group leaders in the months to come! If you attended this conference last May 1, we’d love to hear from you! Email your discipleship testimony to

Passing on the Baton

Passing on the Baton

Our Central Luzon churches held their first Discipleship Convergence in April 13. Over 750 discipleship group leaders from Bataan, Bulacan, Cabanatuan, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Zambales gathered in Clark, Pampanga, for an event that equipped, empowered, and encouraged them to continue honoring God and making disciples.

Our Victory group leaders were able to see a new perspective of their Discipleship Journey. Brand-new discipleship tools, such as, were also introduced to our Victory group leaders.

Our delegates from Victory Subic, one of our newest church plants!
Our delegates from Victory Subic, one of our newest church plants!

Pastor Steve Murrell shared a message about passing the baton of the gospel, reminding the leaders to act as “funnels” and invite people and lead them through the discipleship process.

Amy Dabu, one of the Victory group leaders from Victory City of San Fernando, cites Pastor Steve’s message as one of her personal takeaways. “(As a leader,) I learned that I have to pass on what I received.”

Amy considered herself “reluctant” when it came to sharing about what Jesus did for her. “I did not want to go to another level of my faith. I was content where I was,” she admits. Little by little, she was reminded of Jesus’s commission to go and make disciples. “Leadership is not about the titles or the perks I receive, but leading them to Christ.” Now, she is ready to go and make disciples in her hometown, armed with a big vision and putting her trust and confidence in God!

Amy (right) is excited to share the gospel wherever God brings her!

Amy’s story is just one of the many others we’ve heard from the conference. As our leaders go back to their workplaces, campuses, and families, we are excited to hear more stories of engaging, establishing, equipping, and empowering others for Jesus!

You can join any one of our eleven Victory churches in the Central Luzon region. If you have family and friends who live there, invite them to a Victory church within the area!

Victory is one church that meets in different locations in Metro Manila, and in other locations across the provinces. For more information on our locations and services, please visit our national directory. See you at our services!


Special thanks to Bing Tajon for our photos!