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Immeasurably More: Testimonies from our Real LIFE Foundation

Immeasurably More: Testimonies from our Real LIFE Foundation

In our “Who Cares” series, scholars from our Real LIFE Foundation shared their testimonies and how God not only provided for their education, but also gave them hope to fulfill their dreams and bring their families out of poverty. In these video testimonies, see how God provided for Jonathan and Cezanne.

Jonathan was a son of a scavenger and a housewife, and his faith sustained him even in the midst of their poverty. His dream was to have a college degree and at the same time help his family live a better life. Through Real LIFE, he recently finished his Computer Science degree.

It had always been Cezanne’s dream to be involved in the arts and media industry. As she became a scholar under Real LIFE Foundation, God made a way for her to study and receive a regular allowance—and be able to complete the different requirements that she needed to accomplish her school projects. Cezanne is graduating with a bachelor’s degree, Major in Broadcasting, from the University of Makati.

We are so encouraged hearing these stories firsthand from our Real LIFE scholars! You may also participate in empowering the dreams of underprivileged but deserving Filipino students by giving to LIFE. If you would like to know more about Real LIFE Foundation, you may visit its official website at igivetolife.com or follow its updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Overcoming Faith

Overcoming Faith

Cezanne Cescar had a dream to finish her studies, but not without a few challenges along the way. Read her testimony here!

I really had a passion and desire to study and finish my degree, even if I knew that my family did not have the budget for it. I used my meager allowance for accomplishing school projects. My focus was divided between doing well in school and when I was going to get my next meal.

Becoming a scholar from Real LIFE Foundation helped me focus on my studies because I didn’t have to worry about other things. Studying became easier, and I was even more motivated to do it. I’m really thankful that God gave me the opportunity to be part of Real LIFE!

What I’m learning
Two of my biggest lessons from Real LIFE are integrity and stewardship. Thanks to LIFE coaching, I learned that integrity means doing things excellently, whether or not someone is watching me do it. God sees my heart, and that’s all that matters.

I also learned to be a steward of the blessings God gave me. I am not just blessed for my own use and enjoyment. Rather, I am blessed to be a blessing! I learned to share what I have with other people, and at the same time, save for my future.

Weathering the storms
The biggest challenge I faced as a Real LIFE scholar was when I was diagnosed with epilepsy in the middle of my scholarship. My doctor advised me to stop schooling because I was not allowed to be stressed. However, I had faith in my big God—I knew He would heal me!

I spoke with my college professors to allow me to take make-up classes for my absences. I was gone for almost a month, but thankfully my college dean and the rest of my professors allowed me to do a temporary home-study program.

During this time, I held tightly to God—I made Him my strength and refuge. I knew He would heal me. I’m thankful that Mimi, my Victory group leader, encouraged me and pointed me to God every time.

I’m now back in school, and in my last year as a Broadcasting student in University of Makati. Not once did I fail in any of my subjects while I was not in school—and I’m in faith that I will be healed soon!

The next step
I’m looking forward to be a filmmaker after I graduate. I’m now praying for the right job, and that I won’t give in to pressures to compromise. I also want to be a good influence to my future colleagues.

I now realize that humble beginnings make good endings. I’m thankful that God is the writer of my life story—and that with His help, I can overcome the challenges that come my way.