Help Week Inspires Students in Time of Need

Help Week Inspires Students in Time of Need

During rough times, a small act of kindness or a short encouraging message can go a long way in inspiring a person to conquer hardship. One of the most challenging seasons in a student’s life is the midterm or final exams week. Due to the difficulties encountered during this time, like sleep deprivation and tons of materials to review, many students call this period, “hell week.”

Instead of magnifying problems, we believe that exams week is a chance to serve the campuses by praying for and encouraging the future leaders of our nation. We want to redeem this season by renaming it “help week,” which is a time to bless the students during their most trying season. Last September, we distributed over 800 “all-nighter survival packs” to students of UP Diliman, Miriam College, Ateneo de Manila University, and Philippine Science High School.

Each pack included coffee, food, school supplies, and a handwritten message by our student volunteers. Each note contained a word of encouragement to remind the students of God’s promises and make them feel that there is a community willing supporting to them. As our volunteers distributed these packs, they also took time to pray for the students who were in need.

Photo from Lourdes Marie Pobeda-Martin
Photo from Liane Silla

As a movement, we want to stand with the students in our communities. One word of encouragement can carry one student through an entire week of exams. We thank all the pastors, staff, and volunteers who gave their time and resources to make this happen.

What is one way you can be a blessing to the next generation today?

School of Campus Ministry holds 16th Commencement Exercises

School of Campus Ministry holds 16th Commencement Exercises

Last November 24, Thursday, our 16th batch of campus missionaries graduated from the Every Nation School of Campus Ministry. The 46 men and women who make up this batch were trained for three months, and are now entering their new season of full-time vocational ministry.

SCM Graduation-1

For the past eight years, the School of Campus Ministry has been training, equipping, and preparing men and women to be sent out, to advance God’s kingdom in the campuses. We are in faith that our new graduates will be living the vision of witnessing young people give their lives to Jesus, and help them make disciples.

SCM Graduation-3

Please pray for grace, strength, and fruitfulness for our new batch of campus missionaries! Let’s continue standing with them as they change the campus, and change the world.

Youth worship service launches in restricted nation

Youth worship service launches in restricted nation

As a movement, Every Nation has always given emphasis on making disciples of the next generation. We believe in reaching the campuses because we believe that every student has a chance to change their lives through the gospel, and in the future, positively change the world too.

That is why we celebrate this recent milestone for one of our churches in a restricted nation in South Asia. Last June 30, they launched their first youth service, which is also the first worship service catering to young people that happens on a weekly basis. Typically, churches in this nation can only hold a youth service once a month. Scheduled at 7:30 PM, the service aims to accommodate students after their classes, before they end their day.

We believe that God is opening new doors into the mission field for the next generation. We are in faith that many young people will receive Jesus as their Savior, and will be discipled through these services. Let us intercede for our Every Nation church in this restricted nation as they break barriers and boldly preach the gospel.

  • Pray for the worship team and other young people serving as volunteers to the worship services, that they may delight in their work and be refreshed as they serve.
  • Pray for new volunteers and leaders to step out, so that the current teams will be spared from exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Pray for new preachers among the youth, so that the gospel may be preached in a manner that will resonate most with their fellow young people.
  • Pray for protection against any kind of attack–be it physical or spiritual–as our missionaries continue to serve in this restricted nation.

Together, we believe that we can reach every student, on every campus, in every nation.

Our Every Nation missionaries in this creative access nation continue to boldly preach the gospel, disciple locals and raise leaders. If you would like to support our missionaries with monthly or one-time gifts, please click here.

Note: The image used here is from a Buddhist temple in Thailand. It does not represent the nation referred to in this missions update.

School of Campus Ministry Gears Up For Graduation

School of Campus Ministry Gears Up For Graduation

The School of Campus Ministry is designed to train and equip incoming full-time campus missionaries for their first year of ministry. The program’s curriculum, which has a three-month duration, was built on the fundamental principles of campus ministry. It serves to instill these principles in our future campus ministers as they reach the campuses and disciple students.

This year, the fifteenth batch of campus ministers will be graduating from our Every Nation School of Ministry on Thursday, the 14th of April.

This batch, made up of 38 men and women, is comprised of 21 students from provincial churches, 6 from Metro Manila, and 11 international graduates from countries such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia and Singapore. These future campus ministers will pioneer campus ministries in their areas. As they  go back to their respective mission fields, we are expectant that God will use them in different campuses to reach out to the next generation and be radical for Jesus.