God’s Heart For Our Cities

God’s Heart For Our Cities

God’s Kingdom is likened to a mustard seed that grows, sown, and nurtured—just as God honors His people’s steps of faith, even the seemingly smallest ones.

We all take part in the Great Commission by making disciples. At the same time, we also serve hand in hand with the Body of Christ extending Christ’s love to permeate our nation.

How do we do this?

Our church serves and collaborates with national Christian ministries like the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), Global Filipino Movement, and NGO Pamilya Muna Pilipinas to support nation-building initiatives that promote Christian values and uphold God’s word in our society.

We also recently partnered with TransformNation for a Breakfast Forum where we gathered Christian leaders and marketplace professionals to pray, worship, and encourage each other to fulfill God’s purposes in our nation as we share the gospel with every sector of our society.

The annual celebration of the National Bible Day is also important to us as we strongly believe in the transformative power of God’s Word to shape our moral character. This enables us to effectively demonstrate and proclaim the gospel in our nation.

Apart from these, we also conduct various initiatives in the local church closest to you!

A Picture of the Church

This gives us the picture of the biblical metaphor of the net–where each thread symbolizes each church member in Christ. Our nets, however strong, benefit from being part of a larger, more powerful whole. This is why fostering a greater relational connection with the whole body of Christ is important.

We face challenges, and each local church is a work in progress. The church is even made up of people who are navigating insecurities, past hurts, theological differences, spiritual opposition, and more—but, at the end of the day, let us be reminded that the devil only seeks to delay God’s work and that he can only hinder, not stop, the inevitable triumph of the gospel.

The Bible offers us a powerful image: from a garden in Genesis to a flourishing city in Revelation. It’s a story of reaching outwards, of transforming cities. 

This is our call, and the role of the church: to honor God and make His name known to nations. We do this by reaching out to the students, equipping marketplace leaders, discipling families, and reminding every child of God that their calling, no matter how seemingly ordinary, holds immense value in God’s eyes.

May God give us the strength to pursue His mission alongside His body of believers.

Call to Prayer:

  1. Pray for the church’s unity in mission and purpose.
  2. Pray for the church to live out its calling and be the godly influence to the different sectors of society.
  3. Pray for the next generation of leaders to rise and take the lead–and that they may have strong biblical foundations as early as now as we disciple them in campus ministry.
Making Disciples as one Body

Making Disciples as one Body

Pastors and leaders from different evangelical churches in Metro Manila joined us at our Discipleship Summits for 2015 last March 26 and May 21. As one church, we shared to the Body of Christ what helped us make disciples the past thirty years. God has been faithful to enable us to come up with different ways to preach the gospel and develop leaders who will, in turn, make disciples.

Our first Discipleship Summit was held at the Victory Ortigas center in Robinson’s Galleria in Pasig City, while the Every Nation Building housed the Taguig Discipleship Summit.


Because we know that we are better together, we took the opportunity to serve the Body of Christ by sharing tested methods on how to reach our communities and nations with the gospel. With the vision of making disciples as our focus, we discussed important principles of discipleship, including having a vision for the multitudes, why discipleship is an important mandate for churches, building the right biblical foundations, and the dynamics of small groups.

“(I was reminded of) what was in the heart of God for His people, His church, and the lost.” Renee Kern, a church administrator from Hope of God Manila, shared. Since her involvement in the first Discipleship Summit, they have taken active steps in applying what they’ve learned. “We are now training people in discipling others. Because of doing intensive discipleship and training people, a number of new Life Groups has emerged.”


Pastors Dan and Jean Parilla of the JCA God Most High Church also recounted their experience in the Summit. “The Great Commission must be part of every church member’s DNA,” they shared. Pastor Conrado Santos of Ministries of Jesus Christ International also agreed with this. “(As leaders, we must) not doubt that (everyone) can make disciples, even if they’re new. We need to trust that they can be used by God.”

Two more discipleship summits are scheduled for 2015 throughout Metro Manila. As we lock arms together as one Body, we are excited to witness growth in churches throughout Metro Manila and the Philippines!