Restored According to God’s Promise

Restored According to God’s Promise

Have you ever held on to a promise? Find hope as Sharon shares how she waited on a seemingly impossible promise from God.

Five years ago, my thirteen-year-old daughter moved to the United States with her father, and we have been separated ever since. I stayed in the Philippines, so I never really had a chance to be close to her while she was in her teen years. In fact, I know that what happened to us hurt her a lot and caused many wounds.

Since she left, I would find myself praying to God every day. I would earnestly ask Him to heal our relationship. I knew it was not easy to repair the wounds I had caused her when I was still wandering away from God.

It was in 2012 when I accepted Christ in my life (just a few months before my daughter went abroad). My journey with Him started when my sister invited me to join her in one of the worship services in Victory Olongapo. Attending the worship services allowed me to have a deeper understanding of who God is. My relationship with Him changed a lot in me. It made me realize all my mistakes in the past.

When my daughter stopped talking to me in 2015, I needed to find a way to know how she was. I would frequently visit her social media accounts and look at her photos there. It was bittersweet to get updates about her through social media and see her photos from miles away, but I did not mind. For me, it was better than not knowing anything at all. It made me happy knowing that she was okay. I just kept praying to God and held on to His Word. I knew that one day, He would make a way for us to reconcile. I believed and kept that promise in my heart.

In August this year, something unexpected happened. My daughter, out of nowhere, sent me a message through her social media account and told me that she had already forgiven me. I did not know what to say or how to react. It was almost surreal to receive a message from her. Later, I found out that she just came from a worship service that night in an Every Nation church in San Diego, California, and the preaching was about forgiveness. It was a Filipina from Olongapo who reached out to her and invited her to one of our worship services there. It was amazing how God used someone from our church to reach out to my daughter; it was amazing how it all happened. I was—and still am—in awe of how God planned it all out.

God—beyond my belief—has fully restored our relationship. Before, I only knew updates about my daughter from her social media accounts. Now, I hear them straight from her through video chat. Every day, we send selfies to each other and share stories about how we are and what we are doing. I never thought this was even possible after what we had been through. Indeed, only God can make a seemingly impossible promise come true. Now, my daughter is going through ONE 2 ONE in San Diego, while I currently serve as part of the administrative staff in Victory Olongapo.

“The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise.” (2 Peter 3:9)

We can never go wrong if we continue to hold on to God and His Word. While waiting, let us continue to be faithful to Him and trust that He will fulfill what He has promised—no matter how impossible it seems. Our God is a faithful God.

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