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Pray for the Rebuilding of Our Nation

Pray for the Rebuilding of Our Nation

Before 2021 closed, our nation was filled with hope, seeing COVID cases drop and restrictions starting to ease. However, when things seemed to get better, Typhoon Odette hit hard. Internationally named Rai, it was a category 5 super typhoon that severely damaged the islands of Northern Mindanao and major parts of the Visayas, sadly dampening the warmth of the fast-approaching holiday season.

Odette caused massive destruction to infrastructures, properties, crops, and human lives. It brought rains and violent winds that left more than half a million people distraught and displaced. Hospitals and health facilities in these areas were not spared from COVID-19 and the aftermath of the typhoon. 

We were able to extend God’s love and hope to the affected families and communities by providing clean water, generators, and food supplies in different provinces. These, alongside the healthcare services to accommodate the rising COVID cases, are critical to restoring both well-being and productivity in these areas. 

As a nation, we are trying to navigate these challenges and persevere toward the road to recovery once again. These trying times have taken a toll on almost all of us, which have led to various opposing opinions and arguments to circulate across social media.

As a church, we can respond in wisdom, vigilance, and faith, believing that God will ultimately lead us through this season. Let us stand in the gap and pray for our nation.


  1. Pray that all Filipinos will not lose hope and faith in God despite the chaos and confusion around us. 2 Chronicles 7:14 reminds us to humbly call on God for healing and restoration. He alone ultimately holds the welfare of our country and people.
  2. Pray that God will be a source of strength and hope to those around us. May He multiply our resources, so that we can be a blessing to others in this difficult time.
  3. Pray for the economic recovery and rebuilding work in the regions of Visayas and Mindanao, which were heavily affected by typhoon Odette.
  4. Pray for our government leaders, that they may put the needs of our nation first and pursue the welfare of our nation. May they operate in wisdom and rely on God’s strength to serve the Filipino people.

To learn more about the current situation in our nation, you can read the resources in the links below.

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