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Pray for the On-Going Plans of PUV Modernization Program

Pray for the On-Going Plans of PUV Modernization Program

On March 6, transport groups held a nationwide strike to call for the review of the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP). The PUV Modernization Program is a government initiative designed to streamline and organize the country’s public road transportation system. A provision in the program mandates that 15 years old and older jeepneys will be phased out and replaced with brand new ones that are powered by at least a Euro 4-compliant diesel engine or an electric powertrain. The said specifications are in compliance with the Philippine National Standards.


According to the Federation of Free Workers (FFW), one of the groups who joined the transport strike, they don’t oppose jeepney modernization but there is a proposition to consider local manufacturers and builders over foreign suppliers and manufacturers. FFW President Sonny Matula said that, “local builders can produce modern jeepneys in the local workshops and factories with the help of the government.”


Transport groups Manibela and PISTON, on the other hand, cut their supposedly week-long strike on the second day, following a meeting in Malacañang. On March 8, President Ferdinand Marcos said that his administration would review the PUVMP and thanked the transport groups for deciding to end their strike.


Furthermore, President Marcos extended the deadline until December 2023 which hopefully would provide “enough time” for the stakeholders to undertake necessary reviews and actions to address the implementation of the modernization program.


Modernization issues have always been a concern in our nation, may it be in agriculture, transportation, or infrastructure, to name a few.  In all these, God’s hand has always been in control and He has always been present, mindful, and faithful.


As God’s people, may the church continue to do its due diligence in praying for our government leaders, the private sector, our fellow citizens, and the current issues we face as Filipinos.


Prayer Points:


  • Pray for God’s leading upon the people (House Committee on Transportation) who are charged with the responsibility of overseeing our nation’s transport system. Let us pray that their decisions will be fair and just, uniting rather than dividing the nation. May there also be a strong commitment to alleviate the lives of all Filipino people.


  • Let us pray for the conversations and consultations happening between the Department of Transportation (DOTr), Land Transportation and Franchising Board (LTFRB), transport groups, operators, and jeepney drivers. May God help them work together to produce the best results and plans for the smooth and successful implementation of the modernization of public utility vehicles.


  • As our nation moves forward to transport modernization, let’s pray that those who will be affected will be considered greatly and there will be solutions to help them cope with the change. Let us be in hope that the result will set our nation for a better tomorrow.


To learn more about the current situation in our nation, you can read the resources in the link below.

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