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Regardless of how long we have been walking with God, the uncertainties we face and of the future would often make us feel unprepared and lost. Our struggles and difficulties can truly be overwhelming, and even Jesus Himself warned us about these troubles. The good news is that God did not end there. 

As we look at the book of Isaiah once again, we can get a closer look into these characteristics of God: unchanging, powerful, and faithful. No matter how deep we go into the holes our challenges have dug us into, we will never be too far from His sight and reach. He is a God that can be trusted because He is near, and His word never fails.

For the next six weeks, we will continue our book study on Isaiah. The first part of our series in March, Trust Worthy, focused on how God keeps His covenant with us, His people. Our new series, Nearness, will help us navigate how we can choose to have a hope-filled response toward the promises and faithfulness of God. 

Join us as we learn more about these topics in the next six weeks:

  • Week 7: Comfort (October 10)
  • Week 8: Courage (October 17)
  • Week 9: Draw Near To God (October 24)
  • Week 10: Restoration(October 31) 
  • Week 11: Righteousness (November 7)
  • Week 12: Victory (November 14) 

We hope that through this series we will get to know God more. As we put our trust in Him and His word, let’s build on our unshakeable foundation and continue to walk confidently with Him. 

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