New Series: IYKYK - Victory - Honor God. Make Disciples.
New Series: IYKYK

New Series: IYKYK

God is calling us all to His family to accomplish His purpose together. As one family, we are to walk side by side, learn from one another, grow with each other, impart faith and hope to one another, and set each other up to succeed in the things God called us to do. 

Though some things might get lost in translation because of instant communication, we can work together despite differences across generations and impart truths beyond our own generation.

#IYKYK means someone gets it, understands the meaning, without much need for explanation. As our relationship with each other and other generations grows stronger, we can accomplish more together and advance God’s kingdom further together!

Join us in the next two weeks as we learn more about these topics:

  • Week 1: Imparted Faith and Hope (August 21)
  • Week 2: Inspired Servant Leadership (August 28)

Discover the power of faith and hope imparted from one generation to another, working together as one in our new series, IYKYK: If You Know You Know.

Access Victory group materials for this series on the Victory Groups app. Download it through this link

We hope to see you onsite or online in our weekend worship services! Join us by checking the schedules here or visiting your Victory location’s Facebook page. 

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