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God First

God First

Are you willing to put God first in your life? Will you be willing to sacrifice the things that you want for His glory? Be inspired as Dolly shares how God gave her the courage to trust Him with everything she has.


I have been an active member of Victory Cabanatuan for several years now. My family is not rich, but God has blessed us with a small retail business. He has been so faithful to me and my family right from the start.

When I became a Christian, I heard inspiring testimonies from people who—without hesitation—gave their hard-earned money to advance God’s kingdom. Those stories stayed with me; their testimonies spoke to my heart. Though I knew at that time that I had no means to give in that capacity, I promised God that I would do the same one day and believed that He would give me the privilege to honor Him that way.

A few months ago, my business did surprisingly well. I was able to save up a hefty seven-digit amount in my bank account. We had been renting for years and my family had always dreamt of having our own house. I thought of using that money to buy a piece of land where we could build our future home, but for some reason, I didn’t feel at peace with that decision.

While looking for a lot, I heard about the building project of Victory Cabanatuan. I immediately remembered my long-ago promise to God, so I made a 24-month pledge. However, even after doing that, I felt that He wanted me to do something more. I knew He wanted me to trust Him like never before.

As each month passed, I kept failing to fulfill my pledge. And every time I would plan to use the money I earned from our business to buy a new lot, something unexpected would happen. Knowing that God was trying to tell me something, I prayed and asked Him for wisdom and guidance.

Prompted by the Holy Spirit, I decided to give the amount I was setting aside for a new lot to our local church’s building project instead. I thought I would feel bad or regret it afterward, but I did not. In fact, I was filled with so much peace. I soon realized that I was at peace with my decision because it was not really my money from the beginning; it was God’s. The message was clear to me: His house first, then my own.

Not long after, God provided me the amount that I needed for my lot. I was able to purchase a land twice the size of what I originally planned to buy—at a price that was also a lot cheaper than what was originally quoted to me. God’s ways are indeed higher than ours!

Currently, I serve God through our local church’s family ministry. I also partner with our missionaries and hope to be used by God in planting a new church in Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija. Wherever God will take me, I know that I can find peace in my heart because He is always faithful and His plans are good. All I have to do is put Him first—in all areas of my life.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

May Dolly’s story give us the courage to put God first in our lives and trust Him with everything that we have. He knows our needs, and He will surely bless us with what we need according to His will and for His glory.

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