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Generation WE

Generation WE

God is a multigenerational God. We see this in Scripture where generations of families work together, pursue the glory of God together, and carry the mission of God together.

We are all called to be children of God. There is no better generation, but we all received God’s grace and strength to be renewed each day and to preach the gospel wherever we may be, to whomever is around us.

It takes all generations—previous generations, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and future generations—working together to pursue the mission of God to see campuses, communities, and nations transformed by the gospel. Young people can find and receive strength from God, and the whole church community will be there to support, encourage, and help them fulfill their God-given mission.

For the next two weeks, let’s learn more about how each generation can work together, learn from one another, share lives together, and empower each other to see God’s glory throughout the earth. Join us as we learn more about these topics for our upcoming series:

  • Week 1: Finding Strength in God (July 4)
  • Week 2: Fatherly Encouragement to Continue (July 11)

Let’s continue with our God-given mission to change the campus and change the world!

You may join us in our weekend worship services by checking the schedules here or visiting your Victory location’s Facebook page.

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