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Future Hope

Future Hope

What we know about our future directly affects how we live today. So if we know that Christ will come again, how should we live? Paul addressed this same question in his letter to the Thessalonians. In light of the coming of Christ, he urged them to live according to the word of God, to live in community and harmony with others, to persevere in spite of trials, and to please God in everything. 

Our present circumstances may lead us to lose our hope. But because we know that we have Christ and that He will one day come in glory, we live with hope for our future and have confidence in Him. 

For the next five weeks, let’s learn about how we can live with confidence and hope, reflecting His love to the world in light of Christ’s coming. Join us as we learn more about these topics for our upcoming series:

  • Week 1: Faith in View of Christ’s Coming (August 15)
  • Week 2: Serving in View of Christ’s Coming (August 22)
  • Week 3: Suffering in View of Christ’s Coming (August 29)
  • Week 4: Living for God’s Pleasure in View of Christ’s Coming (September 5)
  • Week 5: Church in View of Christ’s Coming (September 12)

May we spread the hope that we have in Christ and help others know that there is something to live for! 

You may join us in our weekend worship services by checking the schedules here or visiting your Victory location’s Facebook page.

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