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Finding Hope Amid the Rubble

Finding Hope Amid the Rubble

What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” (Mark 10:9) — See how this promise continues to manifest today in a world where things often fall apart. Find hope and assurance in God as Tehz recounts how He worked in her life and restored her once broken marriage.


1986. It was a significant year for me; it was the year I married my husband, Gary. It was supposed to be a happy year for me—for us—but instead of joy, bouts of shame and guilt crept up on me.

I was pregnant when Gary and I made the decision to get married. It was not out of love nor commitment for each other. There was no solid foundation right from the start. After the wedding, we fought several times and even agreed to throw away our marriage. We were so immature. Our relationship was full of issues.

In 2002, we faced our greatest challenge. My husband lost his way and began a relationship with someone else. That, for me, was the final straw. Though unable to bring our children with me, I left our home to stay with my family in Olongapo. I was torn apart inside.

In Olongapo, I tried my best to support myself. I wanted to prove that I could stand on my own, so I took whatever job I could get and soon found a place in a music bar owned by a relative. While I was there, I got involved in relationships that were not pleasing to the Lord. I tried so hard to justify my actions, but God never got tired of reminding me of His love—no matter how much I was hurting Him and myself. He loved me too much to let me stay in that mess.

One day, for some reason, a pastor reached out to me. He found out that I was a Christian—something even I had forgotten for a long time. He listened to my story and encouraged me to go back to God. I did not know why, but amid my hopelessness, he made me realize that God had a better plan for me and for my seemingly irreparable marriage.

I made a bold move and started praying for my husband. I knew it was a long shot.

While serving in church, I held on to that small hope in my heart and kept praying that God would heal me and Gary. I told God that if it was His will, my husband would find his way back—even though it had been years since our marriage had fallen apart.

Beyond my belief, in 2011 (almost a decade since we had separated), my husband reached out to me through our children. He talked to me and asked for forgiveness—something I never imagined he would do. I cried out to God. I knew in my heart that it was what I had been praying for, but I wanted to be sure that things would be different. I kept praying while braving the uncertainties in my head.

A year later, God answered all my questions.

I learned that while trying to restore our marriage, my husband had also been actively seeking God with his Victory group. His resolve to follow Christ took away my fears and doubts. On March 22, 2012, I made a decision to start a new life with him again—Gary and I remarried.

It is a sweet thing to be married once more to the man I had loved all these years, but it is a far better blessing to honor God with a man who had been powerfully transformed by His love and grace. Gary and I are now growing together in our faith in God while serving in Victory Subic.

Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27

Indeed, only God’s power can heal our wounds and pull us from the rubble of pain and heartache. Only He can change hearts. Our job is to trust Him and hold on to the hope we can find in Him. Nothing is too hard for the Lord!


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