Making disciples for Jesus is not just for pastors, missionaries, or “perfect people.” Those who follow Jesus can help others follow Him as well.

Learn from the testimony of three men how you can be equipped and
equip others to make disciples.


1. Who equipped you to make disciples? How did he or she encourage you to start making disciples?

2. When you were asked to disciple someone, did you feel that you were ready? What did you start teaching this person? What did you think you needed at that time to help others follow Jesus?

3. How will you encourage someone to make disciples? What practical tools and steps can you share with this person to help him or her make disciples?

4. What trainings or classes helped equip you to make disciples? How did they affect the way you make disciples?

5. What skills do you think help you make disciples? How do you enhance your skills to improve your ability to make disciples?