Discipleship & Politics - Victory - Honor God. Make Disciples.

For many people, discipleship and politics don’t go together. Discipleship, after all, is always associated with the realm of the spiritual. It belongs in the same category as worship, spiritual disciplines, and prayer. Politics, on the other hand, is perceived to belong in the secular realm. In the minds of many, these two shouldn’t be connected.

But they are.

Christians are called to be the salt and light of the world. Salt for its preservation and flavoring effect; and light for its illumination of dark spaces. For salt to be useful, it has to rub with the food it is preserving. For light to benefit anyone, it has to shine in the midst of darkness.

The imagery Jesus used to describe our Christian mandate to the world is instructive in many ways. Christians who are called to be the salt and light of the world must be right in the midst of that world—working and engaging, not hiding or withdrawing. This implies that the social aspect of our Christian call necessitates our active engagement and faithful presence in the world. The people of God must be found right in the middle of culture and society bearing witness to the gospel of Christ.

This is the heart behind this Victory group material. To bear witness to Christ is to shine the light of Christ in all the spheres of our lives, including politics and civil government. We believe that while our faith is deeply heartfelt and personal, it will eventually radiate into everything we do in public. Christian discipleship, then, blossoms and bears fruit in the public square.

So whether we are talking about fake news, vote buying, social media use, or dealing with victory or loss after the polls close, we do so with the salt and light mandate in mind. May the gospel of Christ that we hold dear in our hearts find its expression in the practical affairs of our civic engagement.

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