The Values Driven Heart

The Values Driven Heart

“When we fill our (lives) with that which is most valuable, we can expect a future filled with the most valuable things in life.”

Pastor Joey Bonifacio encourages us to take stock of what we value most in life in his blog post, “The Values Driven Heart”.

Discover Why

Discover Why

“The day you were born, God has already ordained a dream for you to fulfill.” In this blog post, Victory Greenhills senior pastor Dennis Sy challenges us to rediscover our God-given purpose to restore the joy and passion that fuels us to do what we do.

How to Deal with Rejection

How to Deal with Rejection

“Rejection is temporary. God’s sovereignty is forever.” At some point in our lives, we are going to get rejected. Victory Fort pastor Joey Bonifacio writes about how we can help ourselves and our children, overcome the pain of rejection. Read “How to Deal with Rejection.”
When God Seems Far Away

When God Seems Far Away

“When we feel forsaken and when God seems far away, in reality, He is still holy and He is still enthroned. My feelings and my experiences do not change who He is.”

Victory founding pastor Steve Murrell writes an insightful blog entry about what prayers to pray when one feels forsaken by God. Read When God Seems Far Away.

Forgetting God and His Words

Forgetting God and His Words

paolo-punzalanSometimes it is easy for us to forget about what God commands us, particularly with money. In this blog post by Victory Fort pastor Paolo Punzalan, discover the three things that we need to remember in light of God’s faithfulness. Check out his latest blog post, “Forgetting God and His Words.”

When Faith Seems to Fail

When Faith Seems to Fail

jordanlewisAre you in a situation where you feel that God has abandoned you? Know that God is a faithful God, and He is more than able to sustain us in the midst of grief and suffering.

Read this blog post, and we pray that you are encouraged.

Worship Night

Worship Night

Join us at the first Thursday of each month for Worship Night! This is a great time for all of us to worship God together as a spiritual family. We’ll also pray for our nation, our church, and even our personal concerns.

Worship and pray with us at Victory center nearest you! Here’s the schedule of Worship Nights at our Victory centers in Metro Manila:

Alabang: 7:00 PM
Caloocan: 7:00 PM
Fort: 7:00 PM
Greenhills: 7:00 PM
Malate: 6:30 PM
Makati: 7:00 PM (Makati Sports Club)
Metro East: 7:00 PM
Nova: 7:00 PM
Ortigas: 6:30 PM
Pasig: 7:00 PM
Pioneer: 7:00 PM
Quezon City: 7:00 PM (Regis Center, Katipunan)

Invite your family and friends to join us. See you there!

Special thanks to Victory Fort for providing the image!

What was the toughest Lordship decision you’ve ever had to make?

What was the toughest Lordship decision you’ve ever had to make?

Give God the glory with your #myVictoryStory!

Starting July 7, every Monday for the next five weeks, we will ask a question, based on the preaching topic of the week, on our Facebook page. Anyone can answer the question on their blog, or by replying in the Comments section of the question on Facebook.

This week’s question is: What was your toughest Lordship decision that turned out to be worth it?

Here’s a round-up of several of the stories shared over the course of the week:

  • Lordship Is . . . Pastor Paolo Punzalan sets the context for our Lordship discussion by discussing Victory’s core values, giving some insight into our history, and summarizing what Lordship means, using a L.O.R.D. acrostic.
  • Jesus As Lord. Pastor Ferdie Cabiling shares a blog post about the Lordship of Christ.
  • Jesus is Lord over my Love Life. Pastor Joseph Bonifacio describes what Lordship entails, sharing his love story with his wife, Carla, and what he went through when God told him it was not yet time to pursue a relationship. In the end, God gave Joe everything he’d asked for, and more.
  • When Obeying Meant Letting Go. Val Baguios III of BrokenMindset.Org discusses how his relationship with God became the top priority over other relationships, and how God honored that Lordship decision with a relationship that would change his life.
  • His Higher Ways. Karess Rubrico shares how she gave up her biggest dream to pursue God’s ways—and the rewards and benefits of that decision.
  • Passion for passion. Ganns Deen writes in about giving up his passion, his friends, and his career in one blow, to follow Christ. He was never the same.
  • Lordship? BIG WORD!. Jek Valle discusses Lordship—and shares his own testimony—in this surprisingly serious blog entry from this Christian comedian.
  • The Only B Student. Nate Punzalan writes about how Jesus matters to him more than high grades, and how he had peace despite getting lower grades than a few of his classmates.
  • The Pride and the Sea. Sofia Paderes writes in her blog, Sofiyichka, about stubbornly pursuing her ballet dream despite a horrific injury, and what happened after she finally put God, not her ballerina hopes, in control.
  • I Love You! Joy Buena writes about God’s love, and the role it plays in allowing Him to be the Lord of her life.
  • He Broke Me. Dr. Neslie Buena recounts her story of obeying and submitting to God’s will for her life.

Sandy Santi of Victory Zamboanga also recounts a testimony of Christ’s Lordship over his life and family:

I got saved in Victory Quezon City, went home to Zamboanga after graduation, and right away was connected to our Victory Zamboanga church. The church was relatively small then, so we pretty much knew everyone. We were like family. On what was to be my first day of at work, my dad had a stroke. In the hospital, Pastor Ritchie Llanto was able to share Jesus to him. My dad passed away soon after. The comfort of God and my spiritual family was what got me through that difficult time. I was still able to attend Sunday service and worshipped Jesus, even during my dad’s wake. I remembered thinking then that if God fulfilled His promise of salvation for my dad, then He will always always be true to His word—and He still is 13 years after.

Jasmin Estinozo of Victory Novaliches also shares her Victory story in her marriage with her husband, Exyl:

If I’m not mistaken, OURS was the first wedding that was held at Victory Nova.

Exyl and I were in a “live-in” setting for about four years. It was a topsy-turvy relationship. We did everything to stay together, but we found ourselves frustrated, exhausted, restless, and defeated. God’s Word indeed rings true: “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)

Then God’s radical love found us. We were wed on April 1, 2010. It was the day that His radical love ended our foolishness and made us wise.

This wedding was made possible by a lot of people, like our relatives, friends, and our Victory Nova family. This marriage would not be possible without our house builder—the Lord Jesus Christ. This is my Victory story.


July 11 update:

We’ve also received more Lordship stories for this week’s #myVictoryStory blog roundup! Here are a few more that we encourage you all to read and share on your social networks:

  • The Bishop and his Lord. “Lordship is acknowledging that Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth by virtue of His death and resurrection.” Pastor Manny Carlos shares his Lordship story in
  • Pastor Carlos Antonio shares his Victory story in “Absolute Surrender,” a heartfelt story of a mother’s stubborn persistence, and how God orchestrated an incredible series of events to transform one man’s life forever for the glory of the gospel.
  • The Ultimate Trophy.Yrose Lacerna writes about giving up her dreams and surrendering to God’s ultimate will.
  • Is it him or Me? Dr. Catherine Deen writes about how God challenged her to give up her relationship with a man who didn’t share her faith, and what He did after she chose to obey.
  • Lordship: The Life After. Tin Ginete shares her own unique Lordship journey. Know how God’s love proved more enduring and valuable to her than any relationship she’d ever had, and how ultimately her confidence and image rests in how God sees her.
  • A Love Problem. Em Gomez writes a thoughtful post about how Lordship is a love problem. It’s “always difficult to do something,” she says,  “when it is not done out of love.”
  • Win or Lose.“A year and a half ago I chose to run for council even if I dislike politics. It turned out to be worth it because it became an open door for me to share my faith to my org mates and slate mates.” Elle Cabiling shares her Lordship story on taking risks.
  • Out of the Shell. Ann Luna recounts how she overcame her introversion and surrendered to Christ. Now, she is enjoying fruitful relationships with people she now calls her friends.

Thanks for sharing your Victory story with us! Keep posted for next week’s question on Evangelism. Like us on Facebook for more info!

Jesus As Lord

Jesus As Lord

MANY CHRISTIANS are still being persecuted in some parts of the world today.

Say I was stranded in one of these nations and a police approached me for he discovered I am a pastor proselytizing the locals and said, “I am cutting off your tongue.  And before I do, you may say one last sentence.”

Jesus Is Lord!” is what I would say.

Now, if he would allow me a second sentence then I will surely say, “Please don’t kill me!” At least I had already declared the first one!

Jesus Is Lord

This is the capsulated version of Christianity’s statement of faith, “Jesus is Lord.”  The Fathers of the faith in church history went through such great lengths just to be able to separate truth from the prevailing falsehood, help believers get a good grasp of their faith in a manner that they can easily understand, and be able to share to others. They are what we know today as (besides the Chalcedon Creed and the Nicene Creed) the Apostles’ Creed.

Do or die

Declaring “Jesus is Lord!” in the Philippines today would cause people to give you a religious label. But during the time of Jesus, it would mean martyrdom. With Rome as the prevailing empire at that time, the word ‘lord’ has an imperial usage. There’s only one lord— Caesar. On the other side of the coin, among the Jews, it had a religious connotation. Only Jehovah is Lord. So for them, to insinuate that there’s another Lord is incomprehensible.

Perfect Righteousness

When someone says, “Jesus is Lord“, that person is declaring two inseparable natures of Christ: perfect righteousness and unlimited power.

1 John 1:5 says, “In him there’s no darkness at all.” He takes charge of the universe with perfect righteousness.

His perfect righteousness, though, without his unlimited power to carry out that righteousness would render him not worthy of worship. And people of the earth could not be guaranteed justice.

Unlimited Power

While on the other hand, unlimited power without perfect righteousness would make the center of all things to be unrighteousness. And no one, as in no one, could do anything to change that. It would render Christ as tyrant and abusive in his leadership.

But thanks be to God that while in his humiliation he was named ‘Jesus’.

Matthew 1:21: “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

He accomplished that through the cross.

That’s what we call the gospel.

The Gospel

My good friend Rice Broocks has this to say to summarize what the gospel is. (I hope I can write it out of memory.)

“The gospel is the good news that God became a man in Jesus Christ. He lived the life that we should have lived. And died the death that we should have died. After three days he rose again from the dead proving that he is the son of God. And offering the gift of salvation to those who will repent and believe the gospel.”

In his exaltation, he was declared by the Father as ‘Lord’.

Philippians 2:9-11: “Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

Seriously, if I would be given a chance to speak again before the police would cut off my tongue, what would I really say?

I would just repeat my first statement.

“Jesus Is Lord!”


ferdie-cabilingFerdie Cabiling is the director of Victory Metro Manila, and a member of Victory Philippine’s Apostolic team. He is married to Judy, father to Elle and John Philip. You can like his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

For more information on #myVictoryStory, click here, and to read other responses to this week’s question on Lordship, please click here.

Why Love is the Greatest of These

Why Love is the Greatest of These

“This is how we are to treat our relationship with God, foremost, nothing quite like it. If we are asked what is the greatest love there is, our definitive answer should be – Jesus. Nothing and no one compares.”

Pastor Joey Bonifacio waxes poetic in this blog entry on love, identifying three things about love that point us back to God.

How to Never Walk in Darkness

How to Never Walk in Darkness

“Light is the atmosphere that produces life. Light brings life. As Jesus declared, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'”

In this blog entry, Pastor Joey Bonifacio discusses what Jesus meant when he said that we would never walk in darkness.

Stories from our Prayer and Fasting

Stories from our Prayer and Fasting

God is truly faithful! Here are stories we gathered from our previous Prayer and Fasting activities. As you read through these testimonies, we hope you’re encouraged as we are!

If you would like to share breakthroughs from this year’s Prayer and Fasting, please email us at We’d love to hear from you!

One of my faith goals for 2013 was for God to provide a stable job for my brother who had been unemployed for several years. In March 2013, he went to the Middle East to look for job opportunities. He did not get just any job—he got his dream job, and at the most prestigious company in that country! His housing, uniform, allowance, and everything else, are all provided for by the company. Truly, God is faithful and He exceeds expectations!

Moshi, Victory U-Belt


I got an answered prayer in 2013 when, in August, I was granted a full MBA scholarship in Tokyo, Japan. All my living expenses were covered, too! Even though I’m here in Tokyo, I’m still committed to join this year’s Prayer and Fasting. I’m so excited for what God has in store for our church, our country, and for my family.

Czara, Victory Ortigas


My family and I have been waiting for our immigrant visas to be granted to us. It was part of my faith goals for the 2013 Prayer and Fasting, and God answered our prayers before the year ended. Now, we are living in Florida! I now work as a nurse in one of the best hospitals in Gainesville, Florida. God is always faithful. Even though we experience lots of struggles and tough situations, He always give us strength and power to overcome them.

Fritzie, Victory Alabang


God gave us financial provision for my physical therapy sessions. I’m happy to report that I’ve completed all of them. Also, I included my father’s prayer for a car. God is truly faithful! God gave us a brand new car!

RA, Victory Metro East


On the third day of the 2014 Prayer and Fasting, God restored the relationship between my family members.

Ally, Middle East


Before 2012 ended, I applied twice for a job in the US, and did not make it. I started 2013 with an expectant heart, believing God would answer my long-time prayer. God answered my prayers when I got my first-ever job in the US within the year—with a multiple visa easily granted!

La Katrina, Victory Lipa


We started the year really pondering what to do with our family business. We thought about selling it, since my siblings and I work in different industries. We prayed to the Lord for guidance, and He did not delay. We were introduced to the world of franchising, which allowed our business to expand through investors with little direct cost to us. What is really amazing, though, is that God doubled our company-owned outlets and sustained our finances through it all. It does not stop there: this month, we are set to open another company-owned branch. We claim more franchisees to come this 2014.

Bry, Victory Fort


In January of 2013, I prayed and fasted for a family reconciliation. Last Christmas Eve, my dad, mom, older brother, younger half-brother, and I had dinner together after 27 years of being apart. It was surreal, and I know it is only our Lord Jesus Christ who can make such a thing happen! I praise and thank God for His faithfulness. He indeed is a promise-keeper, and he made my long-time desire come true. All praises to the Almighty Father!

Chin, Victory Makati


At the 2013 Prayer and Fasting, my faith goals included being able to give to the building fund, as well as a better job. A month after the fasting, I was eventually offered a redundancy package that gave me four months of salary tax-free, which I gladly accepted. I was able to give the amount I pledged to the building fund in full! A week after, I have received a job offer with a 35% salary increase. Only God can do that!

Honey Gee, Victory Fort


In 2013, I prayed for the salvation of my mom. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior in November of the same year. God is indeed faithful.

Myrna, Victory City of San Fernando

I ask God for a breakthrough in my career and He did it! I passed the board exam for nurses in July. Thank God!

Kai, Victory Pioneer


One of my faith goals in 2013 was to be part of a Ten Days mission trip in Timor Leste in October of the same year. God answered my prayer, not just by richly providing for my support, but also by allowing me to experience more of His love, faithfulness, power, and grace. What seemed to be impossible for me as a student became possible because of Him.

Lougie, Victory U-Belt


It was my first time to fast in 2013, and God’s grace has been so abundant! I failed the CPA board exam on my first try, but when I retook the test in 2013, I passed. God also answered my prayer to work in a firm I really wanted to be part of. What’s more, a court case filed against my mother got dismissed. I really thank God for all that He’s done in 2013!

Andrew, Victory U-Belt


The impossible for me to restore, God restored. Coming from a broken family, I never thought that our being apart would be used by Him to bring us closer together. My parents, though they never have managed to get back together, are in good terms. Truly, my prayers were heard. I’m just amazed that even the most unlikely situation, God can make a beautiful way out of it.

Markee, Victory Malate


In 2013, I believed God for abundance in finances so I could buy my own house and travel to other countries. He is truly amazing, because He went above and beyond my expectations! My condo will be turned over to me in January 2014, less than a year since I started paying for it. I was promoted and was able to go outside the country for a business trip. I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness.

Trina, Victory Fort


Our family had a problem with the ownership of our family home for four decades now. We prayed and fasted in 2012 that we will peacefully have the title ownership of our home. The title was given to us in September 2013. Only God can make it happen.

Jun, Victory Quezon City


One of my faith goals last year was to receive an additional source of income, but God gave me a promotion and a salary increase. I also got a lot of freelance projects, plus I received a salary adjustment twice this year. Also, I was praying for a new home. Before the year ended, we moved into our own home. My heart is overwhelmed with joy. God is just so faithful to His promises.

Jobelle, Victory Pioneer


I prayed to start a Victory group in the office. We now have nine members in our group!

Jen, Victory Fort


My mom is based in Narita, Japan. Our family has been praying that she would have a relationship with Jesus for more than 10 years. In 2012, God used people to reach out to her. My mom got saved and was baptized. There are no boundaries for His unfailing love. Even if we are miles apart from our loved ones, God will use people to reach out to them, To God be all glory, honor, and praise!

Avi, Victory Greenhills

New Series: More Than a Song

New Series: More Than a Song

This August 3-4, we’re kicking off our new series on worship entitled, “More than a Song!

“More than a Song” focuses on God’s work in our lives and how each of us would grow in deeper understanding of who He is. After this series, may each of us learn to worship God in every situation, and be in faith of what He can do for us.

We’re tackling four different psalms for this series. Check out the topics here:

  • Week one: Psalm 144
  • Week two: Psalm 63
  • Week three: Psalm 7
  • Week four: Psalm 51

Victory is one church meeting at different locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in several provinces across the Philippines. Join us at a Victory center nearest you. Invite your family and friends to join us, too!

See you at all our services!

2013 Mid-year Prayer and Fasting

2013 Mid-year Prayer and Fasting

We invite everyone to join our three-day mid-year prayer and fasting on July 2-4. With six months left in 2013, we will consecrate ourselves to God through prayer and fasting. At the same time, we will believe God as one spiritual family for breakthroughs in our church and nation.

Please visit for more information on corporate prayer meeting schedules and venues, as well as prayer points you may use in your own devotional time. For devotionals, prayer points, and testimonies, check out our Mid-year Prayer and Fasting event page!

Join us from July 2 to 4 as we believe God by faith for His hand to move in our church and in our lives!

Stories from the 2013 Prayer and Fasting

Stories from the 2013 Prayer and Fasting

We’re about to finish our 2013 Prayer and Fasting, and we’ve received testimonies from our different Victory centers. Check out these stories of breakthroughs and answered prayers. May you be as encouraged as we are, and may you be encouraged to believe God for more amazing things in 2013!




My father had a heart attack in December 2011. In the 2012 fasting, I prayed for his healing and provision for our hospital bills. God is so faithful! Provisions came in and my father was discharged a day after the end of the fast. Thank you, Jesus!
– Clarissa, Victory U-Belt

I sought God for physical healing from one of my salivary glands during the 2012 Prayer and Fasting. By the end of that month, my doctor told me that I was healed completely. Praise God!
– Ally, Victory Fort

Nikki Pandy and her husband Mark were childless for seven years—and God stepped in and gave them a miracle beyond their imagination! Watch this video testimony from Victory Fort Bonifacio.


Financial Breakthrough

During the 2011 Prayer and Fasting, one of my faith goals was to receive a 50% salary increase. I received almost a 70% increase in my salary a couple of months after. And now my salary has doubled from when 2011 started. God is truly amazing!
– Ann, Victory Greenhills

Recently I was considering taking up units in Speech Communication/Mass Communication. My only hindrance in doing so was finances. I had to prioritize other things more than going back to school. But on Day One of the fast (January 7), someone texted me and told me that she will pay for my tuition fee in full.
– Avon, Victory U-Belt

Our family faced very difficult financial issues in 2011. My husband and I prayed and fasted for employment during the 2012 Prayer and Fasting. On the third day of the fast, a company called my husband and offered him a job with a salary much higher than we expected and he got promoted on the spot. Praise God for that!
– RV, Victory Metro East

After years of struggle with loans and debt, naging debt-free na din kami!
– Denise, Victory U-Belt



I prayed and fasted for my husband’s salvation. He’s been joining me at Sunday services before, but has not really accepted Jesus and his Lord and Savior. Before the year ended, he finished Victory Weekend, understood salvation and real faith, and surrendered his life to God. We now attend Family Life Groups and are being mentored by other godly couples. This is one of the most wonderful gifts God has given me!
– Kai, Victory Cebu

After the January 9 prayer meeting, I was really happy to hear that my brother decided to accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior! My mother and I have been praying about it for the longest time and now God answered it. Glory to our Father!
– Jing, Victory Pioneer

I prayed for the salvation of my family last year. Now, my two sisters are now being discipled! One is now done with Victory Weekend. The other is done with ONE 2 ONE and is now consistently attending victory group in Victory Metro East. God is awesome!
– Ronnie, Victory U-Belt


Personal Direction

I asked God for career direction in the 2012 Prayer and Fasting. I was dissatisfied in my current job and was ready to resign. God answered my prayer: I got promoted and my employers began to recognize my output. Staying longer in the company I work for also became an opportunity to lead my officemates to Jesus!
– Claudine, Victory Ortigas

I prayed for career growth in our last Prayer and Fasting, and God was faithful to answer my prayer! I’ve been consistently part of Top 10 Performers of the month in my account, and was part of the Top 5 for the third quarter!
– Jen, Victory Fort


Restoration of Relationships

I prayed for a restoration of relationship with my best friend. A few months later, she contacted me and our friendship has certainly improved. Praise God for He certainly is faithful. He delights in restored relationships.
– Nina, Victory Pioneer


If you would like to share your Prayer and Fasting testimony, email us at Have a blessed 2013!

2012 Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting Prayer Meeting Schedules

2012 Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting Prayer Meeting Schedules

We’re halfway through 2012! Together, let’s believe God, as one spiritual family, for breakthroughs in our church and nation.

Join us in the prayer meetings that will be happening in our Metro Manila locations during the 2012 Three-Day Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting! Please find the schedule of your local church below:

Victory Location
Date Schedule
Alabang July 3-5 7:00 PM 4/F Festival Supermall
Fort Bonifacio July 3-5 7:00 PM Assembly Hall, Every Nation Building
Greenhills July 5 7:00 PM V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
Makati July 4-5 7:00 PM Makati Sports Club
Malate July 3 – 5

6:30 PM

Village Square Harrison Plaza
Muntinlupa July 3-5

7:00 PM

3F/4F La Rychean Building 
Ortigas July 3

12:00 NN

4/F Robinsons Galleria
July 4-5 12:00 NN
6:30 PM
Pasig July 3-5 7:00 PM Victory Center, Bgy. Kapasigan
Pioneer July 3

(Edit as of July 3, 3 PM)

3/F Robinsons Pioneer
July 4-5

7:00 PM

U-Belt July 3 CANCELLED 
(Edit as of July 3, 2 PM)
3/F St. Thomas Square

We hope to see you at these meetings! Keep posted for updates via Facebook and Twitter.

2012 Three-Day Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting

2012 Three-Day Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting

We are calling on everyone to join our three-day mid-year prayer and fasting. With six months left in 2012, we will believe God, as one spiritual family, for breakthroughs in our church and nation.

From July 3 to 5, Victory’s Metro Manila locations and churches around the country will come together to pray for the youth, our leadership programs, and discipleship programs. We will include in our prayers our plans for the Every Nation Building Phase 2 project, as well as our upcoming discipleship and leadership events.

Please visit for more information on corporate prayer meeting schedules and venues, as well as prayer points you may use in your own devotional time.

Join us from July 3 to 5 as we believe God by faith for His hand to move in our church and in our lives!

Breaking Through: Testimonies from the Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting

Breaking Through: Testimonies from the Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting

Our 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting is in full swing! Check out these testimonies from people who have been seeking God to bring breakthrough in different areas of their lives. We hope you are encouraged as we are!


One of my faith goals in 2011 was healing for my mother-in-law. She was diagnosed to have stage four lymphoma. Because of God’s healing power, she was healed and is now cancer free. Praise God for this!
– Charity, Middle East

I have been childless for six years. I joined our Prayer and Fasting in 2009 and asked God for a baby. I got pregnant after that. Last year, I joined again and got pregnant with my second child. God really opened my womb. What an amazing God!
– Cathy, Victory Pioneer

My husband and I have joined the annual Prayer and Fasting since 2009. God never fails to do more than we ask for! When our child was three months old, he was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis and God healed him! Truly, God is FAITHFUL!
– Cyrene, Victory Fort Bonifacio

Cage Liongson of Victory Fort Bonifacio narrates the story of how their youngest son was cured of an illness that would have resulted to mental retardation and required lifelong treatment. Watch the full video here.


In 2011, I prayed and fasted for family salvation. Three months later, my wife started attending Victory and accepted Christ. We both finished Victory Weekend that year and have been attending small group meetings regularly. Both my kids are also attending KIDS Church. At may extra pa: my sisters-in-law have been attending service since the early part of 2011. Amazing how God answers prayer.
– Dt, Victory Fort Bonifacio

I’ve been praying for the salvation of my family for years now and I always include that in my Prayer and Fasting faith goals. God answered my prayers in 2011, when my mother and  younger sister accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
– Margie, Victory Makati



I’ve been working in a government agency for five months now. This year, I prayed for a promotion and increase in salary. To my surprise, our boss talked to me (during Day Four of Prayer and Fasting), giving me good news. As I renew my contract (this year), I’ll be assuming a new post, and the salary is almost tripled compared to what I’m receiving.
– Patrick Jason, Victory U-Belt

I’ve been working in my present company for more than five years and still haven’t received a salary increase. I made that as one of my faith goals in 2011. God faithfully answered my request. Despite the company crisis, retrenchment, and cost cutting, God provided for me. He is so awesome! Praise God for the wonderful breakthrough!
– Bevs, Victory Lipa

I fasted for my acceptance to the AUSAID scholarship grant. Now I just finished my first semester at the University of Sydney and am looking forward to the start of school year 2012! (I also fasted) to win in the Toastmasters (International Speech) Contest all the way to the National Finals. Not only did I (win) in the Philippines, but I also won in three speech contests in Australia!
– Vinnie, Victory Pioneer

Restoration of Relationships

My husband and I separated two months after I gave birth to our third child. It was the most painful trial ever. But God is amazing. He brought us back together after eight months. During our first talk, my husband said that he missed God so much and wanted to repent and go back to Him.
– Rhea, Victory Fort Bonifacio

My brother and I were not in good terms in 2010. During the 2011 Prayer and Fasting, my sister and I fasted for a reconciliation with my brother. And God is really good. Now, my brother and I are in good terms and he became more responsible as a brother and a son.
– Carol

Peachy and Elmer of Victory Fort Bonifacio tell the story of how they found God in the midst of a serious marital problem that was threatening their family. Watch the full video here.


These are just some of what God has been doing mightily! If you’d like to share your testimony with us, please email Let’s continue believing that God will do great things in our lives this year!

Living by the Spirit: 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

Living by the Spirit: 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

2012 is the year of the Lord’s favor! Let’s be expectant for what God will do in us, with us, and through us.

We invite everyone to join us in our annual Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting. This is the time when we gather together as a spiritual family to consecrate the year and every area of our lives to God.  Bring your family and friends and together let’s start 2012 right!

Check out our Prayer and Fasting 2012 webpage to read practical guidelines to help you in your fast. You can also read devotionals, take notes on your insights, and download free manuals and wallpapers. Be encouraged with us as you read testimonies of answered prayer—and feel free to share yours, too!

If you’re on Facebook and Twitter, please follow our updates and share your prayer requests and breakthroughs with us! You can also use the #fasting2012 hashtag on Twitter to join the conversation.

You may also join us at our nightly prayer meetings at a Victory Metro Manila location nearest you.

As we seek God in this season, may each of us be empowered to live in the Spirit and believe by faith that this is the year of answered prayers.

2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

2012 is the year of the Lord’s favor! Let’s be expectant for what God will do in us, with us, and through us.

Check out our Prayer and Fasting 2012 webpage to read practical guidelines to help you in your fast. You can also read devotionals, take notes on your insights, and download free manuals and wallpapers. Be encouraged with us as you read testimonies of answered prayer—and feel free to share yours, too!

Prayer Meeting Schedule for 2012 Prayer and Fasting

Prayer Meeting Schedule for 2012 Prayer and Fasting

Only a few days left of a season filled with breakthroughs! 2011 was truly a year of the Lord’s favor as prayers were answered and faith goals were fulfilled left and right. Even from the start of 2011 up until its last remaining days, God has been moving mightily in the lives of many.

Let’s begin 2012 with an attitude of faith! Start it right by seeking God’s perfect will and by covering the upcoming year in prayer and fasting. Join us in the prayer meetings that will be happening in our Metro Manila locations during the 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting! Please find the schedule below:

Victory Location
Date Schedule
Alabang Thursday, January 5

7:00 PM (Prayer & Fasting 2012 Kick-off)

4/F Festival Supermall
January 6, 9 – 12 7:00 PM (Prayer & Fasting
regular prayer meetings)
Caloocan January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM 6/F Victory Central Mall
Fort Bonifacio

January 6, 9 – 12

12:00 NN
7:00 PM
Assembly Hall, Every Nation Building
Saturday, January 7 12:00 NN
Greenhills January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
Makati January 6, 9, 11 – 12 12:00 NN
7:30 PM

For NOON-TIME prayer meetings:
Victory Makati Center

For EVENING prayer meetings:
Jan. 6 & 9 – Makati Sports Club
Jan. 11 & 12 – Mondragon House Auditorium

January 7 7:30 PM
January 10 12:00 NN
Malate January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 6:30 PM Village Square Harrison Plaza
Metro East January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM Level 5, Robinsons Metro East
Muntinlupa January 6, 9 – 12 7:00 PM 3/F La Rychean Building
Novaliches January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM Cinema 8, Robinsons Novaliches
Ortigas January 6, 9 – 12

12:00 NN
6:30 PM

4/F Robinsons Galleria
Saturday, January 7 12:00 NN
Pasig January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM Victory Center, Bgy. Kapasigan
Pioneer January 6 – 7, 9 – 12

7:00 PM

3/F Robinsons Pioneer
Quezon City January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM GT Toyota Asian Center Auditorium, UP Diliman
U-Belt January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM 3/F St. Thomas Square

We hope to see you at these meetings! Keep posted for updates via Facebook and Twitter.

Biblical Finance 101

Biblical Finance 101

Four weeks at the Abraham’s School of Finance gave us a meaningful review on what our attitude should be towards God’s resources. Here’s a lowdown on our major learnings, including actual insights from fellow learners, from the recently-concluded series. 


In week one, we were reminded of the long-term, multi-generational covenant that God spoke to Abraham about His limitless provision, a timeless promise that still applies to us at the present time.

We can trust that we will always have what we need because of who we have a covenant with.
– Yane B.


Week two of our series helped us realize that we are just stewards, not owners, of God’s endless resources and provision.

(I learned) that God owns EVERYTHING and we are stewards of His wonderful creations. This really removed all my worries. God is so great!
– Lucille C.

(I learned how to) be a good steward (of) all the blessings of the Lord, and to faithfully return what’s really due to Him.
– Marilyn A.

God owns everything. I don’t. I’m thankful for His trust and (will) obey His will for what I have been entrusted with.
– Daryl C.

Stewardship honors the covenant (we have with God). When we become good stewards, it follows that we will be faithful in (our) giving.
– Ronnie R.


In our lesson about tithing, we learned that it isn’t just about giving 10% of our wealth to God. It’s about giving Him our all.

Tithing is an evidence of a life in Christ. (I also learned) that “poverty is not an issue of the wallet, but an issue of the mind and heart.”
– Rachelle L.

Tithing is not giving . . . it’s returning.
– Angelo M.


The last installment of our series helped us understand that generosity starts from a heart that’s willing to sacrifice.

Don’t be (tight-fisted) on the blessings that God is giving you, but learn how to . . . share those blessings to others.
– Samantha I.

When you understand how generous God is to you, it will automatically produce generosity in your life.
– Robert B.


Now that our four-week course on biblical finance has come to a close, we are presented with many opportunities to apply all that we have learned.

In every aspect of our lives, including how we deal with our finances, we can and should find ways to honor God.
– Ardie A.

Let us be faithful stewards and use our finances to bring honor and glory to God!

If you missed this series, you can download our podcasts and Victory group materials for free.

New Series: Abraham’s School of Finance

New Series: Abraham’s School of Finance

We’re kicking off our newest series this weekend entitled, “Abraham’s School of Finance!” Join us as we study the life of Abraham and let us learn about God’s financial principles, and how each of us is called to be good stewards of His resources.

Here’s the list of weekly topics:

Week one: Covenant
Week two: Stewardship
Week three: Tithing
Week four: Generosity

Invite your family and friends to a Victory location nearest you! We are one church meeting in fifteen different locations in Metro Manila, and in various churches across the Philippines.

See you at our weekend services!

2011 Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting Testimonies

2011 Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting Testimonies

We are so excited to share you some testimonies that we received during our recently concluded Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting. We hope that you are encouraged as you read through these stories.


My dad lost his vision in [his] right eye last year. But last Sunday [January 9], during my dad’s check-up, the doctor said he can already see farther than the last time she saw him: both in his peripheral and his main vision.
Katie, who posted in our Victory Facebook account

Last November, na-detect na may sepsis ako. I was confined for two to three days and was back in the hospital [in January]. I decided to pray and believe God for healing. True enough, on the third day of the prayer and fasting, God actually healed me!
Paolo, Victory U-Belt

On the 20th week of my pregnancy, my husband and I discovered that my baby had a cyst. We were expectant for a change and asked people to stand with us in prayer. When I went through our routine scan for the baby last January 10, our doctors confirmed that the cyst in our baby disappeared completely.
Yet, Victory Pioneer

Restoration of Relationships

[I started writing my personal faith goals in the beginning of the year.] On top of my list was for my Mom and my Dad, [who have been separated from each other for seven years]. Last Sunday, January 9, my dad called me to say that he and my mom want to be together again!  After seven years we will all be together again as one family!
Christian, Victory Greenhills


My relationship with my mom has been strained for more than two years . . . After last year’s fasting, I found the strength to start emailing, texting, and calling my mom. I started visiting [her too]. Kitang-kita sa mukha ni Mama yung saya niya kasi magkasama uli kami lahat.
Michael, Victory U-Belt


I have been working as a salesman for years now and praying for career breakthrough. [Then] I was offered a job as a Sales and Marketing Manager by [a different] company. I was hesitant because I [was working at] a multi-national company that has all the best compensation and benefits that others cant compete with . . . but this small company was able to offer me the best and [much more than what I expected].
Kim, Victory Pioneer

I did not have any work or job offers for six months. On the second day of prayer and fasting, somebody called me, offering me with a job with a high salary. I believe God has more in store. God is really faithful!
Eric, Victory U-Belt

Victory Group Growth

[I believed God for fruitfulness in the area of discipleship.] Nagkaroon [ako] ng Victory Group and nakapagsimula [noong January 13], with three new members.
Lynn, Victory U-Belt

Let’s continue to hold on to the promises of God with strength and courage! If you have a testimony you’d like to share with us, please email We’d love to hear from you!

Prayer Meeting Schedules 2011

Prayer Meeting Schedules 2011

During this Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting, join us in the prayer meetings that will be happening in our Metro Manila locations from January 7 to 13.

Find the schedule and venue most convenient for you:

Lunch Time Prayer Meetings

Location Time
Victory Fort Bonifacio 12 NN
Victory Makati 12 NN
Victory Ortigas 12 NN


Evening Prayer Meetings

Location Time
Victory Alabang 7 PM
Victory Caloocan 7 PM
Victory Fort Bonifacio 7 PM (except January 8th)
Victory Greenhills
*Teatrino Promenade (January 7, 10, and 11) 


*Music Museum (January 8, 12, and 13)

7 PM
Victory Makati
*LPL Center (January 7) 


*Dasmariñas Hall, Makati Sports Club (January 10-12)

*Ayala Hall, Makati Sports Club (January 13)

6:30 PM
Victory Malate 6:30 PM
Victory Metro East 7 PM
Victory Nova 7 PM
Victory Ortigas 6:30 PM (except January 8th)
Victory Pasig 7 PM
Victory Pioneer 7 PM
Victory Quezon City
*GT Toyota Asian Center Auditorium (January 7, 8, and 13)

*Katipunan Center (January 10-12)

7 PM (January 7, 8, and 13)
5 PM and 7 PM (January 10-12)
Victory U-Belt 7 PM


No prayer meetings will be held on Sunday, January 9. With that, we encourage you to attend the regular Sunday service in your local church.