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Beyond the Series:  Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas

Beyond the Series: Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas

Every year, families have reunions and traditions over the Christmas season. Knowing the reason for these makes it easier for us to welcome the season with excitement and pure joy. In this article, Judy Cabiling shares how she reinforces the true meaning of Christmas to her children through their cherished traditions at home.


What are your Christmas traditions in your family?

Most of our Christmas traditions at home have already changed over the years. They evolve as our kids grow. There were traditions that we used to do when our kids were still toddlers that we no longer do today because they do not serve their purpose anymore.

More than anything, it is very important that we know why we are doing what we are doing. Purpose always comes first. In our family, our purpose, right from the beginning, is to reinforce Christmas and celebrate family history. It is our goal to create pleasant memories with our children through the traditions that we do at home.

Currently, one of our family traditions is opening our home to people we have a history with—our friends, relatives, and coworkers in the ministry. Doing so enables us to spend time with the people that are close to our hearts and have been with us throughout the year.

Aside from hosting dinner or lunch for our friends, we also gather as a family and listen to Christmas stories after lighting the advent wreath candles. We know that with all the activities and responsibilities we have, individually, it is hard to gather as a family. So, during Christmas, we intentionally spend time together just to pray and be with each other.


How do you teach your children the true meaning of Christmas through the traditions that you do together as a family?

Aside from explaining things to our kids in a language that they understand, we also involve them in the traditions that we do at home. We want them to feel the excitement that this season brings, so we make sure that they are involved with all the preparations. Sometimes, it is hard for parents to involve their kids in the preparations (like cooking, cleaning, and decorating) because they tend to slow things down, but I personally believe that doing such allows them to get a sense of joy and anticipation each time we celebrate this season. After all, it is Christ’s birth that we are celebrating. It is a good reminder for them that Christmas is a joyous occasion because its true meaning lies not on what we are doing, but on who we are remembering.


Knowing the reason for this season changes a lot about how we celebrate Christmas. Even the traditions we do at home become meaningful because we know why we are doing what we are doing. Every little tradition becomes purposeful and serves as an opportunity for us to bring our families closer together and to God. May God’s presence be with you and your families as you celebrate Christ’s birth!


Judy Cabiling serves in Victory Ortigas and is the wife of Bishop Ferdie Cabiling. They have been married for twenty-seven years. They have two Children—Elizabeth and John Philip.

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