Clarisse Tagayun and Florence Panizales

Serving God in Your Youth

Clarisse Tagayun Clarisse Tagayun is a thirteen-year old high school student who volunteers at KIDS Church in Victory Pioneer. Her parents, Cris and Lhite, actively serve in church, and their passion rubbed off on Clarisse and her siblings.

“I became active in church last year,” she shares, “I started teaching in KIDS church.”

She soon got connected to a Victory group, where she met her Victory group leader, Rachel Ching. Fueled by her passion to talk about God’s word, Clarisse would volunteer to lead their Victory group when Rachel was not available. Seeing this desire in Clarisse, Rachel empowered her to lead by letting her facilitate their group. “I was nervous because I didn’t know what to do,” she reveals, “But I would just study the Victory group material and my parents would help me. I prayed to God that he will teach me to facilitate.”

The desire to preach the gospel continued to grow in Clarisse’s heart. Discipling pre-teens felt natural for her. It was easy for her to relate with people in her age group and talk about things they have in common. Last May, she she met Florence Panizales, an elementary student who wanted to know more about Jesus. Wasting no time, Clarisse immediately led her through ONE 2 ONE.

Florence and ClarisseEncouraged by her parents and inspired by Florence’s openness to know God more, Clarisse also started engaging Florence’s parents, Willie and Reggie. She was able to connect them to a Victory group for couples, led by her parents. Asked if she felt scared engaging people older than her, Clarisse said she was nervous but she knew she was also fulfilling God’s calling for her. “Age is just a number,” she says, “Being young, you could show lots of people that even if you’re young, God can still use you.”

Her efforts certainly bore fruit. Today, Florence has undergone ONE 2 ONE, and she is excited to be part of the next Victory Weekend for pre-teens. At ten years old, she has started preaching the gospel to her friends and classmates, and she is now leading a small group in her school. Her parents, Willie and Reggie, are growing in their faith, meeting regularly with a Victory group for couples. They have also undergone Victory Weekend recently.

14536990_1393375380691313_316904288_oAsked how she would encourage other people to make disciples, Clarisse strongly recommends getting discipled and joining a Victory group, “Discipleship is important and your Victory group would be there to help and listen to you.” As young as she is, Clarisse has fully embraced her calling to make disciples. She doesn’t see the person’s age, instead she focuses on their need for a Savior. “God wants us to have a relationship with Him,” she states simply, “He wants it for other people, too.”

Clarisse agrees that the youth is the hope of the future. As early as now, she is expectant of the great and mighty things God will do in her generation. “It doesn’t matter how young you are or how old you are,” she says, “God called us to make disciples.”

Victory Pioneer GO

Victory Pioneer Hosts Leadership Development Activities

Victory Pioneer held its leaders’ convergence last June 30 to July 2, 2016, and held an Engage event for senior high school students a week earlier, capping off leadership events that reached far beyond the walls of its center at the Robinsons Forum in Mandaluyong City.

Leaders and Interns Convergence

Last June 30 to July 2, 2016, Victory Pioneer held their Leaders and Interns Convergence at Forum Robinsons in Mandaluyong.

The three-day conference aimed to reinforce the culture of evangelism to interns and Victory group leaders by encouraging them to engage the lost.

Victory Pioneer leadersTo kick off the event, Every Nation World Missions Director, Pastor Jun Escosar, talked about the heart of why we evangelize. He stressed that evangelism is part of the discipleship process, wherein three relationships are included: relationship with God, relationship with fellow believers, and relationship with the lost. With love as the foundation and relationship as the conduit, “discipleship is never complete until the one you disciple reaches out to the lost,” he said.

On the second day, Pastor Jeff Eliscupidez talked about the Great Commission as a global mission. He encouraged the leaders to be part of the global mission by having both a passport and a Bible. As we reach out to other people, we are reminded that we don’t cause the change in other people, but it is God who does so.

To cap the conference, Bishop Juray Mora talked about the Father’s heart on the third day. He discussed Luke 15:20, which contains the story of the prodigal son. Just as in the parable, Pastor Juray highlighted the forgiving and merciful nature of the Father with the way He deals with His children. He also warned against attaching our value to the world, saying that our identity should only be found in Christ.

The convergence was also an opportune time for leaders and interns from different worship service schedules to fellowship with one another. To listen to the audio messages of the speakers, you may visit this link.


Soar High Senior High

Last July 21, 2016, Every Nation Campus Pioneer held their first event for senior

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high school students entitled, “Soar High Senior High!” From 5:30pm to 7:30pm, the Main Hall of Victory Pioneer was filled with 223 seniors representing different campuses in Mandaluyong. The aim of the event is to connect these students to mentors who will go through One 2 One with them, and to connect them to Victory groups. Joysoar high senior highce Ching, a young actress from GMA 7, John Wilson, a basketball player from the Phoenix Fuel Masters of PBA Masters, and Krystle Yague, the voice behind McDonald’s “Tuloy Pa Rin” jingle, graced the event to talk to the students and perform special numbers. Joyce shared her experience of being persecuted when she was just starting as an artist, and her realization that there was a reason and purpose why God called her to be part of the entertainment industry, while John shared his testimony coming from a broken family and a sinful past, to a life of fulfillment and purpose in Jesus Christ. Around eighty-three students responded to the altar call after Pastor James Macariola preached about purpose. These students are now being followed up by Victory Pioneer’s leaders, so that they can be connected to Victory groups and be discipled. As a result of the event, most of the attendees invited their friends and classmates to the youth service the following day. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save


Thriving Where God Places You

Herreras 2When thirty-three-year-old Normi Herrera got married five years ago, she and her husband, Daniel, agreed that they would take a step of faith and build a single-income household. “I want to be present in the formative years of my kids,” she says, “Everyday is a teachable moment for them, so I want to be the one to do that.”

That meant not being able to use her degree in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs from the College of St. Benilde. It meant foregoing the fancy business attire and heels. It meant her staying at home 24/7, faced with routine domestic chores. It didn’t look and sound glamorous, but Normi knew it was something she had to do.

After starting a home with her husband, she gave birth to two boys–Ziki (four years old) and Amos (two years old). Being a full-time homemaker meant that she homeschooled her children from the time they could understand concepts and remember them. On top of being their teacher, she also has to juggle household tasks. “I have my hands full!” she shares, “I have to carefully schedule my day, especially when I was still doing freelance writing. Otherwise, it would be pure chaos.”

To accomplish her writing jobs, Normi would write after her kids have gone to bed. She would be up after midnight, trying to finish her tasks before her deadline. Sleeping less and working more made her cranky and short-fused. It affected the way she dealt with her kids and her husband. “I would rush bedtime, just so I can go to work already,” she shares. It also distracted her from her regular devotion and quiet time, because she would end up thinking about the things she needed to finish. Eventually, Normi knew she had to give up her writing job, even if it meant lesser income for them.Herrera family

With her husband’s support, Normi decided to focus again on being a full-time homemaker without the distractions of a freelance job.  “Being in a single-income household wasn’t easy,” she confesses, “There were times that my husband and I were counting the last of our savings, but we’re always blown away with how God is truly faithful in providing for His children.”

Despite the challenges of being a full-time homemaker, Normi still understands the importance of discipling other women. “We stopped leading a Victory group when my kids were much smaller,” she shares, “But our senior pastor, Pastor Noel Ojerio and his wife Maryjune, assured us that we should not feel bad about not being active in the ministry for a time because our season then was to raise our kids. After all, Victory’s core value is family.” The kind of understanding and encouragement their mentors gave them helped Normi and Daniel be wiser in their discipleship of other people.
After finding their groove and settling into a workable routine, the couple went back to discipling other married couples. Being a full-time mother, Normi saw the need to help other mothers learn how to manage their household and fully depend on the Lord while doing it. “Whether you’re a working mom or a full-time homemaker, mothers struggle with the same issues,” she explains, “You worry about how to be fully present for your husband, how to properly care for your kids, and how to manage your home. So, I want them to find Jesus first, and be established in Him.”

Their involvement in the ministry became more permanent when Daniel was hired as full-time staff of Victory Caloocan. Normi knew that her husband would take a pay cut if he left his profession as an architect, but she had no doubts that God would provide for them. “There was also clarity from God’s word and support from our mentors,” she shares, “I was fully confident that with his decision to obey, God would cover all our needs.”

TVG Herrerarue enough, last Prayer and Fasting week, Normi saw God’s hand fulfill her simple request. With all the household chores she faces everyday, she wanted an automatic washing machine, so she can multitask better. It was something she wanted since last year, but they didn’t have the extra funds for it. “I wrote it down as one of my faith goals,” she reveals, “It sounds so shallow, but it was so important to me!”

After Prayer and Fasting week ended, Normi received a message asking for the amount of the washing machine she wanted. It was from a friend who heard that she wanted a washing machine, and she wanted to bless Normi and Daniel with one. Knowing how expensive it is, Normi considered replying with a small amount. “I wanted to tell her to just bless us with the amount they can give, and we’ll just cover the remainder,” she confesses, “But I was rebuked by the Holy Spirit. Amidst my hesitation, God assured me that I have asked and believed, so here it is.”VG Herrera 2

She gave the right amount, and her friend deposited the exact amount they needed. They were able to buy the washing machine at a discounted price, which meant that there was even a little extra money left. “I cried tears of joy!” Normi exclaims, “God’s faithfulness is amazing. He really assures us that He is mindful of us down to the tiniest details.”

With all the goodness and grace they experience in their life, Normi couldn’t help but continue to share it with other people. Along with her husband, she regularly mentors other married couples. “When a marriage is shaken, and it is not grounded in the Lord, it can eventually add to the number of broken families,” she says. She also finds time to mentor single women, too. As for her husband, Daniel will enroll in the School of Church Planting this September to fulfill his calling as a church planter.

Right now, the couple is praying for a graceful transition as this change impacts their family. Normi is also in faith that she will be able to reach out to more women and help them navigate their lives. “I am a mother and a wife, so be it through birth counseling, breastfeeding consultation, or discipleship, I will do what God tells me to do with the season He has given me.”

Boots on the ground_web feature

Imparting a Righteous Fight

“Lord, I did everything I knew to do to make my life canadian pharmacy online remarkable, so I can give the glory to you,” states Pastor Greg Wark, alluding to what he would want to tell God face-to-face when he meets Him. Pastor Greg, the founder of Force Ministries, a non-profit organization that uses mentoring relationships to help soldiers and their families grow as leaders, spoke to more than 2,800 men from different parts of Metro Manila, for the talk Boots on the Ground. The event discussed what it means to be a man in today’s age. It was held at different Victory locations last week. Pastor Greg’s ministry partner JT McCraw, founder of the BE MEN Movement, also spoke at the event.

Boots On the Ground. Men’s meeting ongoing with pastor Greg Wark addressing hundreds of men.

A photo posted by Paolo Punzalan (@paolopun) on

“Manhood is defined when you are in combat,” Pastor Greg says, expounding on the truth that every man must be in a righteous fight. He notes that “a man without a righteous fight will degenerate.” He emphasized that as followers of Christ and believers in the gospel and God’s Word, “we have a solution to every problem man can invent.” “Go out there and do something,” he adds, telling the audience that if we are to put on the armor of God, it’s because you need to “go somewhere where you’re going to get hit.” “He wants you where evil is prevailing,” he continued, citing his experience in venturing to dangerous and conflict-ridden sites, with the ultimate goal of expressing God’s love and compassion to those in need. “Jesus only took one thing on earth, His scars,” Pastor Greg explains, highlighting that every man is “born with a mission inside of our soul,” referencing how Jesus best exemplified this during His ministry here on earth. Because preparing for the fight starts with healing “You’re either going to be weighed down with the weapons you need in your future, or weighed with the wounds of the past,” says Pastor Greg, reminding the attendees that they need to be healed from the wounds of the past before getting into the fight. After his part of the talk where he discussed the need for men to always be ready for the mission God has called them to, he invited Pastor JT to preach about the need for healing. Pastor JT discussed the three wounds that every man needs to address: the father wound, mother wound, and friend wound. All these have an effect on how a man interacts with the world around him and sees himself. “When you have those wounds, you’ll accept passivity and reject responsibility,” he says. Pastor JT also encouraged everyone to accept responsibility, lead courageously, and invest eternally. He then proceeded to lead cialis experience the men in attendance in a time of prayer and ministry, reminding everyone that “those wounds inflicted on you (are) not your fault.” “Don’t take your wounds into battle,” he notes, sharing that a relationship with the Father, commitment and focus to our mission as men, and strong friendships with other godly men, are necessary for these wounds to heal. After Pastor JT spoke, Pastor Greg came up the stage to close the meeting. He asked the men cheap viagra online to do a prophetic act, encouraging them to clench their fist, as if holding onto something. It would symbolize the issues and the pains they have been holding on. “I want you to cast it on the ground and step on it,” says generic cialis free shipping Pastor Greg. cialisgeneric-toped The minister counted to three viagra biverkningar and altogether, a chorus of feet stomping could be heard across the auditorium, not unlike the inspiring cadence of boots on the ground, marching on to fulfill their mission.

Oliver Odono VG leaders

Leading By Example

Oliver Odono“When I was younger,” says Oliver Odono, “I told myself, ‘whatever happens, I will never change my religion.’”

Because their parents both had to work to make ends meet, Oliver and his sister were raised by their grandmother, a devout woman who introduced them to religious traditions that they practiced but never fully understood.

“I memorized prayers,” Oliver recalls, “and grew up making regular trips to the church every Sunday.” This was their arrangement until he finished high school. Just before college, he decided to leave his hometown to study in Lucban, Quezon.

“Being independent, I experienced a lot,” Oliver shares. His world expanded, and he met new people. As a sophomore at Southern Luzon State University, he started looking for organizations in school, and was eventually introduced to Youth on Fire (known today as Every Nation Campus Philippines).

“I joined Youth On Fire activities with my friends, despite knowing that it’s different from my beliefs growing up,” Oliver shares. As he grew closer to his Youth on Fire friends, observing them friends time to time during prayer meetings, he sensed something had changed within him; something was not the same. One day in September 2003, Oliver went to church and listened to the preaching. The message affected him significantly, and he found himself responding to the altar call.

Oliver realized he was relying on his own good deeds and religious sacrifices to give him peace of mind. Because he was a good student and was generally obedient to his parents, he didn’t really believe that he needed anything more. However, he envied the joy that seemed to emanate from his new Christian friends at SLSU–it wasn’t a work-for-it kind of joy, but a kind of joy that can only be seen from lives that has found their purpose–and wanted what they had. He realized that it wasn’t about religion; it was about relationship with a God who loved him unconditionally, and Oliver sought to build relationships with others who could help him grow deeper in his relationship with God. Before long, Oliver met Victory group leader Paolo Grande, and was connected to his Victory group.

“Paolo didn’t waste time,” Oliver says, “He did One 2 One with me and was patient in answering my questions.” Oliver also started volunteering in Victory Lucban, and served in the music ministry. After graduating, he went to Manila to take the board exam.

Fast forward to 2010, Oliver returned to the Philippines after working in Macau, China for two years. “God blessed me with a Christian church I can be part of while I was there,” Oliver shares. When the financial crisis hit, he was forced to go back to the Philippines. After several months, God gave him a job at a hotel in Makati.

“Victory Makati didn’t exist then, so I started a new journey at Victory Pioneer,” he says, “I was introduced to Jim, who became my Victory group leader.” Jim empowered Oliver, and encouraged him to lead his own Victory group, too. Before the year ended, Oliver started leading making disciples and his first Victory Oliver 7group was formed.

“We grew in number because of God’s goodness and faithfulness,” he shares, “I went through One 2 One with them just like how my leader patiently went through One 2 One with me.”

Asked how he raises leaders, Oliver says he encourages them to lead their own group lead other people through One 2 One. He then identifies those who are capable and willing to lead. Last year, two of his Victory group members informed him that they wanted to lead their own Victory groups. Because of this, Oliver divided his Victory group into four smaller Victory groups, and assigned leaders to each one. “Every week, I attend to a specific group, so I can assist the leaders, and mentor them on areas they can improve,” he shares. Once he sees that the leaders can already lead on their own, he stops attending the group, and starts building a new one. “Today, I have six new members in my Victory group,” he says, “I’m also thankful to God because I became a discipleship coach last year.”

Oliver Odono 3For Oliver, raising leaders is not an easy task, but it is very rewarding. When he sees his Victory group members raising other leaders, he can’t help but be overwhelmed by God’s grace and goodness. For him, it’s just a matter of paying it forward and honoring God by leading people to Him, because a long time ago, someone also took the time to tell him about God at a time he needed Him most.









Ate Janine

Living Out Servant Leadership

Adel Intervalo “YOLO. That was my mindset, then. I wanted to try everything.” This was the philosophy that 21-year old Adel Intervalo adhered to when she was still a student at the University of the Philippines – Diliman. A self-confessed party girl, she found herself wanting to audition for the UP Streetdance Club. To her delight, she passed. She joined the team, and started to officially train with them. That’s where she met Mark, a student from Victory Malate who would always preach the gospel before they start training. “I was an atheist that time,” Adel reveals, “I was really curious why this person was so deeply in love with Jesus.” Adel dealt with issues of rejection and abandonment in her high school years, and brought these baggage with her until college. She described herself as violent, and she was constantly angry at her mother and sisters. She tried all the vices she encountered, and partied hard. Eventually, God paved the way for Adel to meet more Christians in the university. Her curiosity turned to wonder. “They made me curious about having a relationship with Jesus,” she confesses, “I was beginning to ask myself why they’re so happy, and I’m not.” Her hunger to know more about Jesus gave her the motivation to attend a youth service at Victory Metro East, after being invited by a friend from high school. That day, during the youth service, Adel surrendered her life to Christ. However, it would take her some time to grasp God’s lordship in her life. Several months passed before she agreed to go through ONE 2 ONE, and eventually, Victory Weekend with her mentor, Janine Bitoren. Adel’s relationship with her family improved, and she started preaching the gospel to her mother and sisters. Ate JanineRecognizing Adel’s potential, Janine raised and empowered her to be a leader. Soon, Adel was leading fellow students at the UP-Diliman and at Metro East. She is also a volunteer at Victory Antipolo, which was birthed through a campus outreach. She met more students at Victory Antipolo and started leading them in a Victory group, too. “The students who would reason out that Victory Metro East is far from where they live, now have no excuse but to attend,” she laughs. For Adel, it was instrumental that her mentor empowered her because it gave her the courage and the motivation to step up and lead. She brought this same encouraging environment in her own Victory group, too. “Ate Janine stepped down, so that we can rise up, so I do the same to the young people I’m leading,” she shares. “Most importantly, I became secure that leading is not really about me, but about Jesus. I’m not better than the people that I am leading, I’m simply the one that God used to lead them.” Leading other people to Christ brings joy to her heart. However, it is not without challenges. Because she

is taking on a leadership role at such a young age, Adel has encountered feelings of insecurity and unworthiness. Nevertheless, she always receives an assurance from God that it is He who will supply her with wisdom and the right words to say. “God would remind me that He is the one who will change people, not me,” she shares. Victory groupBeing a student, there were also times that Adel had to sacrifice her resources to bless others. She would go to Antipolo to minister to people, which would require her own time and money. There were instances that she was tempted to stop leading, especially when she would entertain the lies that her efforts are of no use. “Every time I would be ready to tell my Victory group that I will be introducing them to another leader, every time that moment comes up, I end up ministering to them instead,” she shares. “That always reminds me that God entrusted people to me for a purpose.” Seeing God move in these people’s lives gives her joy, so much that her hard work pales in comparison. After encountering the love of Christ, Adel finds it selfish not to share it with others. She continues reaching out to others because she believes that if God could bring hope in her life, then He could do it in anyone’s life. “All sacrifices are not in vain and are nothing compared to what Jesus did for us,” she says. When Adel surrendered her life to Christ, she experienced what she calls the greatest miracle in her life. God changed her life, and used that to reach her family. Now, her mother and her sisters have a relationship with Jesus, and they continue to grow in their faith. Adel is in awe whenever she would see them leading people to God, or serving in church, and in their campus. For Adel, Christ satisfied the emptiness she had in her heart for so long. It changed her self-centered mindset to a Christ-centered one, and aligned her desires to His purposes. “From just the desire to change the kind of life I have,” she explains, “He gave me the desire to help others change the path they take. I have the desire to disciple students who are broken, because I know that God’s love can change them into the kind of person that He could use mightily.”


When the Youth Lead the Youth

IMG_20160506_183525 “I don’t really choose the people I disciple,” says Ichan Serrano, “my goal is to help people grow in canadian pharmacy online drugstore Christ.” Ichan is a 22-year old young professional who recently graduated from De La Salle University in Manila. With a degree in Psychology, he is looking online canadian pharmacy forward to working as a guidance counselor in campus. During his freshman year, he knew he wanted to study psychology so he could help people with trauma and alleviate their suffering. Before he graduated, however, he was already making a difference in the lives of young people by leading and mentoring them in a Victory group. His desire to help other people coincided with their need for a Savior, and Ichan saw this as an opportunity to bring them closer to Christ. He wasn’t viagra online no prior prescription always this way, though. Group-Photo-2-710x270“My best friend died from a stray bullet when I was younger,” Ichan reveals, “Because of that I lost faith in God and spiraled into depression.” He considered himself an atheist for most of his high school life. Plagued with personal and financial problems at home, he also sought comfort from various vices. His mother, who was already attending Victory at that time, would invite him to go to the worship services, but he would always ignore her. Then, one night, during the death anniversary of his best friend, Ichan watched a movie at Metro East and passed by Victory. “I just decided to check it out because I keep hearing about it from my mom,” he confesses, “I cialis commercial bathtub felt heavily burdened

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already, so I thought, I had nothing to lose if I attended.” It was at that worship service where Ichan heard God telling him to surrender everything. Despite not knowing anyone there, he responded to the altar call. That night changed Ichan’s life. He started making friends in church who were in Victory groups, which prompted him to join one too. He met his first mentor and started going through ONE 2 ONE with him. “We would spend three to four hours per chapter,” he shares, “We really worked on my foundations.” By his leader’s encouragements, he felt empowered to lead other people too. IMG_20160511_185423Later, Ichan started leading high school students to ONE 2 ONE and gradually built his own Victory group. Pastor Rommel Sumaway, discipleship pastor of Victory Metro East, became his mentor, and before long, Ichan was leading two Victory groups–one composed of high school students and the other one, college students. “My mentors would always encourage me,” he says, “I see their heart to make disciples and that really influenced me.” Eventually, Ichan was able to raise two disciple-making leaders, Neil and Rain, and he eventually transitioned their Victory group to their care. Both these leaders are third year high school students from different schools, and they’re currently leading their classmates and schoolmates inside their respective campuses. “Both cialisgeneric-toped of them are so passionate,” Ichan beams, “I know they will be better leaders than me.” IMG_20160430_065630Asked about the challenges he encounters as a young Victory group leader, Ichan confesses feeling down and unmotivated at times, especially when the people in his group don’t show the same enthusiasm he has. Nevertheless, he reveals that he has a bigger reason to continue what he’s doing. “Every time I lose faith viagra symptoms in discipling others,” he smiles, “I remind myself that Jesus never gave up on me.”


Macau and Hongkong Hold Discipleship Conference

Last month, leaders from our churches in Every Nation Macau and Every Nation Hong Kong converged for their first Discipleship Conference. Following the theme, “Charge!”  the event aimed to empower our current and upcoming leaders to be missional in honoring God and making disciples in their respective territories.

Pastor Jun Escosar, Every Nation World Missions Asia director, kicked off the conference by encouraging our leaders and interns to be more missional in preaching the gospel, especially to the locals of Macau and Hong Kong. Our leaders, Macau and Hong Kong Discipleship Conference tent-makers and full-time ministers were also reminded to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit when they reach out to the people in these two cities. The participants also heard from Victory executive director Pastor Gilbert Foliente, who talked about the role of the Holy Spirit as we evangelize people and reach out to the lost.

The conference also emphasized the importance of going to the campuses and reaching the next generation because we believe that the youth of Macau and Hong Kong will lead their country to be missionary-sending nations in the future. The participants also listened to updates regarding the progress of missionary efforts in Macau and Hong Kong. The 4Es–Engage, Establish, Equip, and Empower–were also discussed in the context of the lifestyle and culture in the two cities.

The conference was also an opportune time for our leaders in our two congregations to fellowship and enjoy each other’s company during breaks and meal times by taking photos, sharing snacks and exchanging stories. At the end of the event, our leaders and interns were recharged and refreshed to preach the gospel as they go back to their respective communities.

Krishna Garcia

Courage, and Doing the Unexpected

Krishna Garcia is a 17-year old student from Far Eastern University who leads her own Victory group at Victory Fort. Last week, she attended the Leaders’ Camp in Batangas, a three-day out-of-town experience for student leaders, designed to equip them when they return to school after summer vacation. Refreshed, empowered, and blessed, Krishna didn’t waste any time when she got back to Manila. It was the Saturday night after the camp when she and two of her Victory group members saw Lola Melly. She was hunched over a garbage bin at Family Mart in Market Market. Seeing the old lady’s pitiful state, Krishna and her friends approached her. “I was amazed,” she shares proudly, “it was actually the two girls I was discipling that saw her, and they didn’t hesitate to reach out to her.” Looking up from her rummaging, Lola Melly was surprised to see the young girls talking to her. “We said, ‘Hello po, lola, kumusta po’ and she was a bit shy to answer,” Krishna recalls. They gave her food and water, and started asking her how she’s doing. Before long, they found out that she only lives with her sister, who has diabetes. She has four children, who each have their own families now. At the age of 81, she is now jobless, and scavenging for food from the garbage bins of restaurants and convenience stores is what she does to survive. While talking to Lola Melly, Krishna was overwhelmed with a strong desire to share the gospel to her. There were doubts in her head, but they were momentary. “I was filled with a burden to share Jesus to her,” she explains, “so that whatever happens to her in this world, she will be with Him until the end.” Krishna asked her if she knows Jesus, and started talking to her about God’s love and His promises. Right then and there, the girls sensed the Holy Spirit working. They prayed for Lola Melly, and her sister with diabetes. They shared comforting words, and told her that God is sovereign in every situation. It was at that moment that Lola Melly surrendered her life to God. Before the prayer ended, everyone had tears in their eyes. “After the camp, we were expecting something like this to happen in campus,” Krishna admits, “we didn’t really expect to encounter God’s grace this way.” Before they parted ways, one of her friends decided to financially bless Lola Melly. They also invited her to attend worship service, to which she said yes. This coming Saturday, they will go to Lola Melly’s usual spot to check how she’s doing, and engage her some more. As Krishna recounts the incident, she couldn’t help but be amazed at how God uses us to further His kingdom. He used the next generation to reach out to the older generation, proving that no matter the age, the Great Commission is for every Christian to uphold. She is also in awe at the ways that God spurs us to keep the faith and run the race. “My Victory group members are now more encouraged to share the gospel as much as possible,” Krishna says. For them, it was a simple decision to step out of their comfort

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zone, but for Lola Melly, it meant encountering God’s redeeming love in the most unusual place.

Victory group leaders Hendry and Vicky Larcia

When God Qualifies The Called

Victory group leaders Hendry and Vicky Larcia When Hendry and Vicky Larcia came to know Christ in 1994, the husband and wife team initially contented themselves with attending church. This changed in 2007, when they were challenged by people they met at Victory Pioneer, who encouraged them to be more than just benchwarmers.

“We were hesitant to take part in any church ministry,” the couple says, “but God opened our hearts and minds.”

Deciding to be taught and discipled, Hendry and Vicky went through ONE 2 ONE and Victory Weekend, which further fanned the fire already burning inside them. After undergoing further leadership development classes, they realized that they couldn’t help but reach out to other people.

HendryVicky3“We realized it is necessary for every believer to reach out to the lost,” the couple says, “we are not meant to keep the good news of salvation to ourselves.”

From being two apathetic churchgoers who couldn’t even be bothered to participate in church activities, Hendry and Vicky became ardent fishers of men. As they studied God’s Word together, they established meaningful relationships and were able to minister to other people along the way. Their marriage, as a result, became stronger; their lives, as seen by their children, exemplified obedience and humility.

Their church community soon became their spiritual family. When their youngest son, Paul, was hospitalized due to dengue fever, there was an overflow of prayers, encouragement and support from the people they were discipling. Hendry and Vicky realized, they may be leading these people, but in return they get ministered  by them, too. The people they were helping also provided comfort during their difficult moments.

Hendry_VickyFor Hendry and Vicky, leadership is a two-way street. As they continue to lead and bless others, they are in turned filled with awe and wonder for God’s love as they witness marriages restored, sick people healed, lives transformed, and people receiving breakthroughs.

Together with their Victory group, they have conducted outreach programs to impact different groups of people who need help. For Christmas, they sang carols and gave gifts to kids in San Miguel; then threw a party for 50 street children at McDonald’s in Barangka, Mandaluyong. When Habagat struck, their group donated relief goods to the typhoon victims. Their generosity extended to Quezon City when they conducted a feeding program and gift giving for 65 abandoned children there. They also reached out to children at the pediatric ward of Philippine General Hospital. All of these acts of kindness merely serve as vessels to their one true message, which is God’s gift of salvation.

HendryVickyFor Hendry and Vicky, these are the best moments of their lives: the times that they preach God’s Word while helping other people. From a couple of benchwarmers, Hendry and Vicky now excel as discipleship coaches with a fervent desire to go out of their comfort zone and reach out to other people. Humbled to be used by God, they are purposeful in excelling for His glory and believe that it is by the Holy Spirit that they are able to teach, and love, and give.


New Series: Rise and Fall

This April, we’re kicking off our newest series, “Rise and Fall”! As we learn about different aspects of leadership using the stories of leaders in the Bible, we will discover what it means to be a leader worth following.

Here is the list of weekly topics:

  • Week one: Personal Sacrifice
  • Week two: Big and Small
  • Week three: Wins and Losses
  • Week four: Wisdom and Folly
  • Week five: Success and Succession

Join us at a Victory location nearest you! Victory is one church meeting in fifteen congregations across various locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in multiple venues across the Philippines.

If you’re tweeting about the “Rise and Fall” series, please use our official hashtag #RiseAndFallSeries.

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Finding Fulfillment in Kids Church

Finding Fulfillment in KIDS Church

Teacher Michelle teaching kids at Victory Greenhills“I always end up learning something from them,” Michelle Ramos says, when asked what it’s like to disciple children.

Having been part of Victory Greenhills since 2011, Michelle first served in the music team as a singer, until she was invited to observe KIDS Church. As she watched the children that day, she felt a stirring in her heart, and knew God was telling her to surrender her involvement in the music team, so she could put her time and efforts toward KIDS Church. 

Michelle wrestled with the idea. In her mind, she still wanted to sing. Nevertheless, after praying and fasting, God revealed to her his heart for the children and gave her Mark 10:13-14, “And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”  

Then and there, she knew God was stirring up something in her heart for the next generation. “It motivates me knowing that I am part of what is in the very heart of Jesus–to let the children come to him,” she shares.  

AVictory KIDS volunteers enjoy their time togetherfter a few weeks of teaching kids, God surprised her when He gave her the desires of her heart and paved the way for her to be a part of the KIDS worship team.

Despite it being her calling, Michelle faced challenges as she ministered to children, who are naturally very vocal and honest with their opinion.

“There was a time when a kid said “it’s boring” during praise and worship,” she recalls.

Apart from being their worship leader, she also preaches the gospel to the children. For this, she prepared extensively before class, hoping she would keep their attention during huddle time–only to be met with silence when she asked them if they learned anything. Michelle also tried to start a small group for the kids, which fizzled out due to inconsistencies with the schedule. This series of setbacks led her to doubt her calling.

Thankfully, she has mentors whom she can look up to. “They never failed to cast the vision to us KIDS volunteers.”  God continued to work in her heart, and she found herself being comforted that her work is never in vain, even if she couldn’t see the big picture yet. She recently had the opportunity to disciple a young girl, Nicki, which proved to be a fruitful journey for her.

Teacher Michelle and Nicki enjoy learning from each other.Children are naturally inquisitive, and they speak their mind out. This challenged Michelle to dig deeper into God’s Word, so she can answer Nicki’s questions. She also went out of her way to know more about Nicki’s hobbies and favorite things (Shopkins!), so she can share her joy even in the little things. “But the best thing is when you hear straight from her how she acknowledges lordship and salvation. It makes me excited for the next generation!” Michelle shares.

While her job as a KIDS church teacher is crucial in discipling children, she believes that her role takes a step back from the role of the parents. She explains that children catch what they see more often than what they’re taught. The way parents live out their life will make a huge impact in their kids, whether or not they attend KIDS church. Michelle wants to remind parents that discipleship starts at home. It is where children should first learn how to pray and read the Bible.

Michelle envisions an army of young worship leaders, who will rise up and lead the next generation. She’s also believing for more volunteers to step up and disciple kids, so they will also be disciple makers in the future.  The task of reaching out to the next generation is not easy, but it is a responsibility that Michelle has embraced, a calling that she considers a privilege.


We are Ready to CHARGE!

More than 10,000 Victory group leaders and interns from all over Metro Manila converged at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on Saturday, March 5, 2016 for Discipleship 2016! The theme of the conference is “Charge,” and is aimed at empowering our leaders to rely on the Holy Spirit as they go and make disciples!

“From 6,000 leaders in 2013, we are now 10,000 leaders and interns,” announces Pastor Ariel Marquez of Victory Alabang, one of the hosts of Discipleship 2016. Together with Pastor Dennis Sy of Victory Greenhills, they recognized all 13 congregations from all over Metro Manila as well as the new Victory Group leaders. Victory Metro Manila as one church now meets in 24 locations all over the city.

Leadership 412, a Bible-based do i need a prescription for cialis curriculum designed to train the next generation of leaders, was announced by the hosts during the conference’s opening. The program will focus on training Victory group leaders in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, Christian living, and Biblical studies. This year also marks ONE 2 ONE Booklet’s 20th year of publication, with an updated iOS app and a new Android app. Victory Worship also released its latest single “My God,” which is cialis and flomax drug interactions now available on Spotify. Victory Worship was also awarded their second Gold Record by the Philippine Association of Recording Industry (PARI) for their newest album Rise Heart.

A photo posted by Victory (@victoryph) on

We first heard from Bishop Manny Carlos, Chairman of Victory Philippines. Sharing about the four ways the Holy Spirit helps us, Bishop Manny encouraged all Victory group leaders to seek and pursue the Holy Spirit. “If the Holy Spirit is in you, you can live a life above sin, victoriously over sin,” he shares.

Pastor Steve Murrell, president and co-founder of Every Nation, gleaned from Acts 1:8 as he encouraged all our Victory group leaders to be missional, not mystical. He also emphasized Lordship cheapest pharmacy in our daily lives, recounting Jesus’s words of dying to oneself daily.

A viagra rx photo posted by Victory (@victoryph) on

Before our leaders and interns left the SM Mall of Asia Arena, they received limited edition 21-day devotionals!

Our leaders and interns receive exclusive #Discipleship2016 devotionals!

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We are so CHARGED to go and make disciples of all nations!

Get a taste of the Charge experience! Download Discipleship 2016 audio messages by clicking on the links below:

Bishop Manny Carlos – The Power to Live Righteously

Pastor Steve Murrell – The Power to Preach the Gospel

You can also follow our updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates on our annual discipleship convergence.


Reaching the Nation Together, One City at a Time!

On July 29, 186 pastors and leaders from Victory churches from all over the Philippines gathered at the Every Nation building for a time of equipping and fellowship at the National Church Planting Summit.

Our provincial pastors, leaders, and church planters are preparing for seven church plants by the end of this year. Since January, we have launched new church plants in Alaminos, Pangasinan; Silay, Negros; Puerto Princesa, Palawan; and Plaridel, Bulacan. We are in faith for the seven upcoming church plants to be launched in the following provinces:

  • Aklan
  • Batangas
  • Bukidnon
  • Camarines Sur
  • Isabela
  • La Union
  • Nueva Ecija


Please stand with us in prayer! We are excited for local disciples to be raised in these areas, who will then disciple their families, friends, colleagues, and campuses!

Invite your family and friends at a Victory center nearest you! We are currently in fifteen congregations in Metro Manila, and sixty-four churches across the Philippines.


Leaders Lead

“Leader, are you willing to TAKE THE LEAD? As soon as you do, people will FOLLOW WILLINGLY.”

In this blog entry, Victory founding pastor Steve Murrell writes about how leadership starts. Read “Leaders Lead.


New Series: Unpopular

Join us this weekend as we kick off our newest series entitled, “Unpopular!”

In this message series on leadership, discover how Jesus set the example for godly leadership in how He lived His life, and how He compels us to follow His example.

For the month of April, we’ll take a closer look at different aspects of Jesus’s life and leadership. Check out our weekly topics:

Week one: An Uncommon Attitude
Week two: An Unwelcome View
Week three: An Unlikely Posture
Week four: An Unwanted Burden

Victory is a church that meets in multiple locations in Metro Manila and at different venues in provinces across the Philippines. Visit our national directory for more details on our locations and services.

Invite your family and friends to join us! See you at our services!


Vanguards at the Forefront

On September 6, twenty-five men and women graduated from our School of Local Church Planting and School of Local Church Ministry.

Every graduating batch gives themselves a name to describe who they are and what they hope to achieve as they step into the mission field. This particular batch called themselves the “Vanguards.” According to Dennis Aquino, one of the graduates, “(A vanguard is) at the forefront of an action or movement, like troops moving at the head of an army.” With this name, these men and women will be paving the way for new things in our local churches, and in new citiesin our country.


The graduates expressed gratitude not only to the teachers who have imparted skills and knowledge through their experiences in the mission field. They also acknowledged their ministry partners, who were faithful in their support and prayers. Most of all, these men and women gave heartfelt thanks for the support and love from their families and close friends.

The five-month training was held in the Every Nation building, and the students learned various skills on preaching, leadership, excellence, and administrative strategies.

Within a few years, we’re expectant to reach more cities and provinces for Christ, and experience growth in our current locations!

About our Schools of Ministry
Our Every Nation Schools of Ministry helps prepare men and women to effectively carry the mission to honor God and make disciples.

The School of Local Church Ministry, on the other hand, focuses on preparing men and women to become effective ministers in local churches. The School of Church Planting aims on equip men and women to become church planters.

Audio Messages

D PH Podcast icon 2 357x357

[Mini-Message] Paolo Punzalan, “Sacrificial Leadership”

Victory Christian Fellowship Mini-Message“The sacrifice of Jesus enables us to sacrifice for others.”

In this Victory mini-message from the Victory preaching series “Unpopular,” Victory Fort senior pastor Paolo Punzalan discusses what sacrificial leadership means and why we ourselves can become sacrificial leaders.

Download the full message here, and click here to listen to other messages from our 2013 series, Unpopular.