Our campus series, “You,” will help us  discover what it means to disciple the next generation.

Victory Group Materials

Week 2: Tomorrow

Audio Messages

Choose from any of the messages below.

Week 1: Today

YOU, Week 1: Today – Nixon Ng (Victory Malate)
TODAY – Noel Landicho (Victory Ortigas)
Today – Ferdie Cabiling (Victory Ortigas)
Today (Victory Alabang) by Ariel Marquez
Today (Victory Greenhills) by Dennis Sy
Today – Ptr Lee Concepcion (Victory Greenhills)
Today – Steve Murrell (Victory Makati) by admin
Today (Victory U-Belt) by Ryan Tan
Today (Victory U-Belt) by Gilbert Foliente
Today – Paolo Punzalan (Victory Fort Bonifacio)
Today (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Joseph Bonifacio

Week 2: Tomorrow

Tomorrow – Jerry De Sagun (Victory Metro East)
TOMORROW – Jay Ravelo (Victory Ortigas)
YOU, Week2: Tomorrow – Andrew Wee (Victory Malate)
TOMORROW – Owie Tolentino (Victory Ortigas)
Tomorrow – Job Wahiman (Victory Makati)
Tomorrow (Victory Greenhills) by Joash Paunil
Tomorrow (Victory Greenhills) by Joash Paunil
Tomorrow (Victory Ortigas) by Ged De Guzman
Tomorrow (Victory Ortigas) by Ged De Guzman
Tomorrow (Victory Alabang) by Edrei Canda
Tomorrow (Victory Alabang) by John Biron
Tomorrow (Victory Alabang) by Erwin Ortiz
Tomorrow (Victory Ortigas) by Dan Monterde
Tomorrow (Victory U-Belt) by Roland Vizcarra
Tomorrow (Victory U-Belt) by Lennon Almoroto
Tomorrow (Victory U-Belt) by Toti Abaya
Tomorrow (Victory U-Belt) by Avon Tuazon
Tomorrow (Victory U-Belt) by Ryan Tan
Tomorrow (Victory U-Belt) by Dindi Familara