Victory as a church believes in going to the nations for the advancement of the gospel. Join us in our Missions series, “Uncharted.” Discover our role in reaching out to lost cities and training leaders.

We are not just called to share the gospel to our individual communities; rather, God calls us to the ends of the earth. Each of us can participate by praying, giving, and going to the nations.

Victory Group Materials

Week 1: Lost Cities

Week 2: New Heroes

Audio Messages

Choose from any of the messages below.

Week 1: Lost Cities

UNCHARTED: Week 1, Lost Cities – Jonathan Bocobo (Victory Malate)
Lost Cities by Jun Escosar (Victory Metro East)
Lost Cities by Pastor Leonard Fesalbon (Victory Santa Rosa)
Lost Cities by Mike Gayatao (Victory Makati)
Lost Cities (Victory Greenhills) by Larry Uy
Lost Cities (Victory Alabang) by Sol Huang
Lost Cities (Victory U-Belt) by Erwin Balanay
Week 1: Reaching a City to Change the World (Victory U-Belt)
Lost Cities (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Patrick Mercado
Lost Cities (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Paolo Punzalan
Lost Cities (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Joseph Bonifacio

Week 2: New Heroes

UNCHARTED: Week 2, New Heroes – Nixon Ng (Victory Malate)
UNCHARTED: Week2, New Heroes – Ado Bernardo (Victory Malate)
New Heroes by Pastor Jun Escosar (Victory Santa Rosa)
New Heroes by Carlo Ratilla (Victory Metro East)
New Heroes by Mike Gayatao (Victory Makati)
New Heroes (Victory Alabang) by Jun Escosar
New Heroes (Victory Alabang) by Jojo Henson
New Heroes (Victory U-Belt) by Rodnel Gascon
New Heroes (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Jun Escosar
New Heroes (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Michael Paderes