As followers of Jesus, we are called to be in relationships in three different levels: with God, with fellow believers, and with the world. Discover what it means to build relationships on these three levels through our series, “Hotspot!”

Victory Group Materials

Week 1: Source

Week 4: Compassion

Audio Messages

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Week 1: Source

SHARE – Noel Landicho (Victory Ortigas)
SHARE – Ferdie Cabiling (Victory Ortigas)
The Reality of God by Rice Broocks (Victory Alabang)
Source (Victory Ortigas) by Noel Landicho
Source (Victory Ortigas) by Lee Concepcion
Sync – Joshua Galaraga (Victory Pioneer)
Source (Victory Malate) by Nixon Ng
Source (Victory Alabang) by Ariel Marquez
Source (Victory Metro East) by Ferdie Cabiling
Source – Paolo Punzalan (Victory Fort Bonifacio)
Source (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Paolo Punzalan
Source – Robert Hern (Victory Pioneer) by Bob Barredo
Source – Joshua Galaraga (Victory Pioneer)
Hotspot (Victory Baguio)
Source (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Joey Bonifacio
Source: Week 1 – Tito Falguera (Victory U-Belt)
Source: Week 1 – Gilbert Foliente (Victory U-Belt)
Source: Week 1 – Gilbert Espiridion (Victory U-Belt)
Source (Victory U-Belt) by Gilbert Foliente
Source (Victory U-Belt) by Gilbert Espiridion
Source (Victory U-Belt) by Tito Falguera

Week 2: Sync

Sync (Victory Malate) by Nixon Ng
Sync (Victory Alabang) by Ariel Marquez
Sync (Victory Ortigas) by Noel Landicho
Sync (Victory Pioneer) by Robert Hern, Jr.
Sync (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Paolo Punzalan
Sync (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Joey Bonifacio
Sync: Week 2 – Francis Asuncion (Victory U-Belt)
Sync (Victory U-Belt) by Francis Asuncion
Sync (Victory U-Belt) by Tito Falguera
Sync: Week 2 – Tito Falguera (Victory U-Belt)

Week 3: Share

Share (Victory Malate) by Nixon Ng
Share (Victory Alabang) by Ariel Marquez
Share (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Paolo Punzalan
Share (Victory Pioneer) by Joshua Galaraga
Share (Victory Fort Bonifacio) by Joey Bonifacio
Share (Victory Makati) by Mike Gayatao
Share: Week 3 – Gilbert Foliente (Victory U-Belt)
Share (Victory U-Belt) by Gilbert Espiridion
Share (Victory U-Belt) by Gilbert Foliente
Share: Week 3 – Gilbert Espiridion (Victory U-Belt)

Week 4: Compassion

Coming Soon!