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Week 1: Church

Church (Victory Alabang) By Rein Tatlonghari
Church (Victory Alabang) By Carlos Santos
Church (Victory Fort) By Jay Ar Estrada
Church (Victory Fort) By Joey Bonifacio
Church (Victory Fort) By Patrick Mercado
Church (Victory Greenhills) By Dennis Sy
Church (Victory Greenhills) By Allan Magtoto
Church (Victory Greenhills) By Ryan Tan
Church (Victory Ortigas) By Ferdie Cabiling
Church (Victory Ortigas) By Mike Manahan
Church (Victory QC) By Edgar Gorre
Church (Victory QC) By Dan Harder
Church (Victory QC) By James Ardan
Church (Victory QC) By Erwin Balanay
Church (Victory Ubelt) By Gilbert Foliente
Church (Victory Ubelt) By Julius Rola
Church (Victory Ubelt) By CJ Nunag

Week 2: Compassion

Compassion (Victory Alabang) By Ariel Marquez
Compassion (Victory Fort) By Paolo Punzalan
Compassion (Victory Greenhills) By Dennis Sy
Compassion (Victory Greenhills) By Larry Uy
Compassion (Victory Greenhills) By Ryan Tan
Compassion (Victory Ortigas) By CJ Nunag
Compassion (Victory Ortigas) By Glenn Quizon
Compassion (Victory Pioneer) By Patrick Lee
Compassion (Victory QC) By Cesar Esteban
Compassion (Victory QC) By Erwin Balanay
Compassion (Victory QC) By Henry Romero
Compassion (Victory QC) By Raymond De Guzman
Compassion (Victory Ubelt) By CJ Nunag
Compassion (Victory Ubelt) By Julius Rola

Week 3: Next Generation

Next Generation (Victory Fort) By Christian Flores
Next Generation (Victory Fort) By Paolo Punzalan
Next Generation (Victory Fort) By Patrick Mercado
Next Generation (Victory Greenhills) By Dennis Sy
Next Generation (Victory Greenhills) By Larry Uy & Nikki Sandi
Next Generation (Victory Greenhills) By Ryan Tan
Next Generation (Victory Malate) By Nixon Ng
Next Generation (Victory Ortigas) By Mike Manahan
Next Generation (Victory Ortigas) By Juray Mora
Next Generation (Victory Ubelt) By Paul Herrera

Week 4: The Youth

The Youth (Victory Fort) By Brian Sebastian
The Youth (Victory Fort) By Joey Bonifacio
The Youth (Victory Fort) By Cesar Bordalba
The Youth (Victory Fort) By James Macariola
The Youth (Victory Fort) By Fidel Kakilala
The Youth (Victory Greenhills) By Joseph Bonifacio
The Youth (Victory Makati) By Job Wahiman
The Youth (Victory Malate) By Perci Paras
The Youth (Victory Metro East) By Dean Pasaba
The Youth (Victory Metro East) By Che De Sagun
The Youth (Victory Ortigas) By CJ Nunag
The Youth (Victory Ortigas) By Jon Naron
The Youth (Victory QC) By Glenn Luna
The Youth (Victory QC) By Ivan Picazo
The Youth (Victory Ubelt) By CJ Nunag
The Youth (Victory Ubelt) By Paul Herrera
The Youth (Victory Ubelt) By James Macariola

Week 5: Nations

Nations (Victory Fort) By Joey Bonifacio
Nations (Victory Fort) By Paolo Punzalan
Nations (Victory Fort) By Patrick Mercado
Nations (Victory Metro East) By Rommel Sumaway
Nations (Victory Metro East) By Ado Bernardo
Missions (Victory Ortigas) By Jonathan Bocobo
Missions (Victory Ortigas) By Jay Ravelo
Nations (Victory QC) By Hans Llenado
Nations (Victory Ubelt) By Rodnel Gascon

Week 6: Missions

Missions (Victory Fort) By Joey Bonifacio
Missions (Victory Fort) By Michael Paderes
Missions (Victory Fort) By Joey Bonifacio
Missions (Victory Makati) By Michael Paderes
Missions (Victory Metro East) By Bong Gozum
Missions (Victory Metro East) By Jonathan Bocobo
Missions (Victory Ortigas) By Jon Naron
Missions (Victory Ubelt) By Carlo Ratilla