Audio Messages

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Week 1: A Prayer for the Colossians

Prayer for the Colossians by Paolo Punzalan
Prayer for the Colossians by Juray Mora
Prayer for the Colossians by CJ Nunag

Week 2: The Supremacy of Christ

The Supremacy of Christ by Steve Murrell

Week 3: Fullness in Christ

Fullness in Christ by Paolo Punzalan
Fullness in Christ by Juray Mora

Week 4: Status in Christ

Status in Christ by Joey Bonifacio

Week 5: Living in Christ

Living in Christ by Ferdie Cabiling

Week 6: A Godly Household

A Godly Household by Paolo Punzalan
A Godly Household by Ferdie Cabiling
A Godly Household by CJ Nunag

Week 7: Missional Living

Missional Living by Paolo Punzalan
Missional Living by Ferdie Cabiling