Victory App

We’ve got free apps for you!

Great news! You may now download the Victory app on iOS and Android, and the official ONE 2 ONE Android on the Google Play Store.

Victory AppThe Victory app includes free resources such as series podcasts and Victory group materials from our Metro Manila locations. It also has our national directory, so you can find the Victory location nearest you! Through the Victory app, you can also get connected to a Victory group based on your desired schedule and availability.



One 2 One AndroidYou can also download ONE 2 ONE Android for your Android smartphone! Share the gospel anytime, anywhere with our seven-lesson booklet.





These apps are free on iOS and Android! You may download them from the following links:

Victory app:


Once you install these apps, don’t forget to activate push notifications so you can receive in-app updates from us!

Download our free apps today, and share them with your friends, too! We hope our resources help you honor God and make disciples.