Stories from the 2013 Prayer and Fasting

We’re about to finish our 2013 Prayer and Fasting, and we’ve received testimonies from our different Victory centers. Check out these stories of breakthroughs and answered prayers. May you be as encouraged as we are, and may you be encouraged to believe God for more amazing things in 2013!




My father had a heart attack in December 2011. In the 2012 fasting, I prayed for his healing and provision for our hospital bills. God is so faithful! Provisions came in and my father was discharged a day after the end of the fast. Thank you, Jesus!
- Clarissa, Victory U-Belt

I sought God for physical healing from one of my salivary glands during the 2012 Prayer and Fasting. By the end of that month, my doctor told me that I was healed completely. Praise God!
- Ally, Victory Fort

Nikki Pandy and her husband Mark were childless for seven years—and God stepped in and gave them a miracle beyond their imagination! Watch this video testimony from Victory Fort Bonifacio.


Financial Breakthrough

During the 2011 Prayer and Fasting, one of my faith goals was to receive a 50% salary increase. I received almost a 70% increase in my salary a couple of months after. And now my salary has doubled from when 2011 started. God is truly amazing!
- Ann, Victory Greenhills

Recently I was considering taking up units in Speech Communication/Mass Communication. My only hindrance in doing so was finances. I had to prioritize other things more than going back to school. But on Day One of the fast (January 7), someone texted me and told me that she will pay for my tuition fee in full.
- Avon, Victory U-Belt

Our family faced very difficult financial issues in 2011. My husband and I prayed and fasted for employment during the 2012 Prayer and Fasting. On the third day of the fast, a company called my husband and offered him a job with a salary much higher than we expected and he got promoted on the spot. Praise God for that!
- RV, Victory Metro East

After years of struggle with loans and debt, naging debt-free na din kami!
- Denise, Victory U-Belt



I prayed and fasted for my husband’s salvation. He’s been joining me at Sunday services before, but has not really accepted Jesus and his Lord and Savior. Before the year ended, he finished Victory Weekend, understood salvation and real faith, and surrendered his life to God. We now attend Family Life Groups and are being mentored by other godly couples. This is one of the most wonderful gifts God has given me!
- Kai, Victory Cebu

After the January 9 prayer meeting, I was really happy to hear that my brother decided to accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior! My mother and I have been praying about it for the longest time and now God answered it. Glory to our Father!
- Jing, Victory Pioneer

I prayed for the salvation of my family last year. Now, my two sisters are now being discipled! One is now done with Victory Weekend. The other is done with ONE 2 ONE and is now consistently attending victory group in Victory Metro East. God is awesome!
- Ronnie, Victory U-Belt


Personal Direction

I asked God for career direction in the 2012 Prayer and Fasting. I was dissatisfied in my current job and was ready to resign. God answered my prayer: I got promoted and my employers began to recognize my output. Staying longer in the company I work for also became an opportunity to lead my officemates to Jesus!
- Claudine, Victory Ortigas

I prayed for career growth in our last Prayer and Fasting, and God was faithful to answer my prayer! I’ve been consistently part of Top 10 Performers of the month in my account, and was part of the Top 5 for the third quarter!
- Jen, Victory Fort


Restoration of Relationships

I prayed for a restoration of relationship with my best friend. A few months later, she contacted me and our friendship has certainly improved. Praise God for He certainly is faithful. He delights in restored relationships.
- Nina, Victory Pioneer


If you would like to share your Prayer and Fasting testimony, email us at Have a blessed 2013!