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New Series: Knowing God

Each new year gives us new beginnings, and new opportunities to do new things. We invite you to kick off your 2017 with us, as we start our new series, “Knowing God”.

After this series, may each of us deepen our knowledge of God, so that we would grow in our relationship with Him, resulting in our deeper and stronger faith.

Check out the list of weekly topics:

  • January 1: God’s glory
  • January 8: God’s goodness
  • January 15: God’s generosity
  • January 22: God’s graciousness
  • January 29: God’s greatness

Join us at a Victory location nearest you! Victory is one church in Metro Manila meeting in 29 locations across the metropolis. We also meet in multiple venues throughout the Philippines.

If you’re posting about the “Knowing God” series, please use the official hashtag #KnowingGodPH.

Don’t forget to invite your family and friends! See you at our services!

Papua New Guinea Endures Growing Political Unrest

University students from Papua New Guinea started a widespread boycott of their classes last May in protest at Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s handling of corruption allegations. The University of Papua New Guinea’s Waigani sildenafil mg campus is considered the epicentre of the protest. The government and the university administration have been urging students to return to class to salvage the remaining months in the school year but

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the students demand one thing: the Prime Minister’s resignation. Earlier this month, police opened fire on student protesters marching at an anti-corruption rally in their campus, which injured 17 people and sparked riots in the capital Port Moresby. There are conflicting reports of the number of injured, with an opposition member reportedly claiming that generic cialis tadalafil uk four people were killed. More violence stemmed from this incident, while looting and rioting have been reported in several parts of Papua New Guinea since the unrest began. The students, who now harbor tremendous distrust towards authorities, demand for the university administration to apologise and guarantee their safety before they relent to go back to campus. After seven weeks of boycott, many students reportedly want to resume cialis coupon free trial classes, but they are not confident they will be safe. The unrest has exposed deeper problems of Papua New Guinea. Today, there are hopes that there will be reconciliation between the students and leading university officials. Let us continue to intercede for our Every Nation church, missionaries and local contacts in this culturally diverse nation. It is truly a test of faith, boldness, and obedience for our incoming missionaries as they prepare to preach the gospel in this country despite the dangers they may face. We are in faith that God is sovereign in Papua New Guinea and that miracles and transformed lives will continue to unfold.


Christmas and New Year Service Schedules 2016

Join us on our Christmas and New Year services at all our Victory Metro Manila locations! Check out the list below to take note of our weekend service schedules across Metro Manila.

Invite your family and friends at all our services. See you!


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services

Location Saturday, December 24 Sunday, December 25
Victory Antipolo 10 AM  No services
Victory Alabang Festival Mall:
Taglish – 11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PMEnglish – 5 PM
Festival Mall:
Taglish – 1 PM | 3 PMEnglish – 5 PM

Acacia Hotel:
English – 3 PM

Victory Caloocan 3 PM | 5 PM 11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM
Victory Fort Bonifacio Assembly Hall, Every Nation Building 1:
8 AM | 10 AM | 12 NN | 2 PM | 4 PM | 6 PMFunction Hall, Every Nation Building 2:
9 AM | 11 AM | 3 PM | 5 PM
 No services
Victory Greenhills 9 AM | 11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM No services
Victory Katipunan Regis Center:
11 PM | 1 PM | 3 PM
No services
Victory Las Piñas Victory Center, Festival Mall:

11 AM

No services
Victory Makati AIM Corporate Center:

4 PM

No services
Victory Malate 2 PM | 4 PM 11 AM | 3 PM
Victory Metro East 9 AM | 11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM | 7 PM No services
Victory Muntinlupa Victory Center, Festival Mall:

1 PM

No services
Victory Novaliches 4 PM | 6 PM 3 PM | 5 PM
Victory Ortigas 12 NN | 2 PM | 4 PM 3 PM | 5 PM | 7 PM
Victory Pasig Tanghalang Pasigueño:

10 AM

No services
Victory Pioneer 1 PM | 3 PM 11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PM
Victory San Jose 4 PM  No services
Victory Santa Rosa No services Nuvali:

11 AM | 3 PM | 5 PM



11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM

Victory U-Belt No services 11 AM | 3 PM | 5 PM


New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day services

Location Saturday, December 31
Sunday, January 1, 2017
Victory Antipolo 10 AM No services
Victory Alabang Festival Mall:
11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM
Festival Mall:
1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PMAcacia Hotel:
3 PM
Victory Caloocan No services 11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM
Victory Fort Bonifacio Assembly Hall, Every Nation Building 1:
8 AM | 10 AM | 12 NN | 2 PM | 4 PM | 6 PMFunction Hall, Every Nation Building 2:
9 AM | 11 AM | 3 PM | 5 PM
No services
Victory Greenhills No services 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM
Victory Katipunan Regis Center:

11 PM | 1 PM | 3 PM

No services
Victory Las Piñas Victory Center, Festival Mall:

11 AM

No services
Victory Makati No services AIM Corporate Center:

4 PM

Victory Malate 2 PM | 4 PM 11 AM | 3 PM
Victory Metro East 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM | 7 PM
Victory Muntinlupa Victory Center, Festival Mall:

1 PM

No services
Victory Novaliches No services 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM | 7 PM
Victory Ortigas 12 NN | 2 PM 3 PM | 5 PM | 7 PM
Victory Pasig Tanghalang Pasigueño:

10 AM

No services
Victory Pioneer 1 PM | 3 PM 11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PM
Victory San Jose No services No services
Victory Santa Rosa No services Nuvali:

11 AM | 3 PM | 5 PM



11 AM | 1 PM | 3 PM | 5 PM

Victory U-Belt No services 11 AM | 3 PM | 5 PM



When You Give God Your All

keevee_soloKathleya de Vera, or Keevee, grew up, in her words, “a good friend, a kind-hearted sister, and an obedient daughter.” In her senior year in high school, two campus missionaries from Victory Dagupan reached out to her, and invited her to a youth service. It was there that she had a personal encounter with God. However, she struggled with change. “(God wanted me) to let go of my selfishness and let him write His agenda for me. It was clear that he wanted me to surrender. Yet I was not ready for His Lordship. I was not willing for God to take over every area of my life.”

Keevee continued to seek God when she became a university student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Victory Quezon City connected her to different women leaders on campus, all of whom tried to take her through ONE 2 ONE, Victory’s seven-lesson discipleship guide designed to help facilitate conversations to jumpstart a person’s walk with God.

“I had issues about the chapter on Lordship,” Keevee says. “I was also afraid to be baptized, because I thought it meant that I wouldn’t have control over myself anymore.”

Underneath the good-girl exterior, Keevee freely admits that she was selfish. Her kindness and obedience was not out of a genuine care and concern for people. “I found security in my relationships because I needed to feel loved. I took pride in being ‘that nice friend’ to everyone.” More and more, she put pressure on herself to please the people in her life. In all her efforts, however, she felt empty deep down.


Keevee describes her family as her "best friends."

Keevee describes her family as her “best friends.”

After some time, Keevee agreed to be baptized—but she still held on to her hesitations on lordship. “I decided, He can be the Lord of all, but not in the area of my relationships.” Shortly after being baptized, she entered into a relationship with a man who did not share her faith. “I thought it was a proper response to the call of discipleship.” Though she was able to preach the gospel to her boyfriend, “it felt empty. I felt like was stuck, and I lost who I was, in the process.”

Keevee decided to lay her cards before God at this point. “After a year in the relationship, I told God that I could not change this person, and that if He did not want this relationship for me, then He could take it away, and if possible, spare me from heartbreak.”

At that point, God was giving Keevee the grace to put Him above her own desires and that of her boyfriend. She soon decided to end her relationship with her boyfriend, and God’s perfect timing became painfully clear to her why.

“Eight months after we broke up, I learned that my ex-boyfriend got someone pregnant, even while we were together.”

God proved Himself faithful, answering the entirety of Keevee’s prayer—by both giving her the strength and grace to end the relationship, and sparing her from further heartache.

Keevee acknowledges that it was God who helped her through her challenges with Lordship. “Being Lord does not mean that He calls the shots in everything I do because He wants to boss me around. (Jesus being Lord means) He cares for every small detail of my life.”

Keevee (center) meets this growing Victory group composed of young single professionals weekly,

Keevee (center) meets this growing Victory group composed of young single professionals weekly,

Keevee now knows who is at the center of her relationships. “Jesus continued to pursue me like no other man can.” With this truth, she fully and completely found her security in Christ. “I can say that I learned to depend on Him more, because He knows best.”

Now, Keevee is seeing things through a different lens. “Because I experience God’s mercy every day, I’m motivated to tell others about Jesus.” She currently leads a Bible study group in her workplace, and has invited her colleagues to Victory Pioneer. “The call for discipleship is very natural,” she says, “and God’s grace is sufficient.” Along with a team of twelve others, she embarked on a short-term mission trip for the first time in a creative access nation.

Interestingly enough, now that Keevee has put God first, He also multiplied her time with those she loves. She considers her family “her best friends,” and seeking a romantic relationship doesn’t hold the same weight it used to. “I began to look at my season of singlehood (as a time for me to) be maximized—that this is the best time to get to know my Maker, so that I will understand myself more.”

For Keevee, there’s a world of difference when you give God your all. He fills each of us  with peace, joy, and rest, no matter what. “God is faithful when you surrender,” she smiles.


School of Campus Ministry holds 16th Commencement Exercises

Last November 24, Thursday, our 16th batch of campus missionaries graduated from the Every Nation School of Campus Ministry. The 46 men and women who make up this batch were trained for three months, and are now entering their new season of full-time vocational ministry.

SCM Graduation-1

For the past eight years, the School of Campus Ministry has been training, equipping, and preparing men and women to be sent out, to advance God’s kingdom in the campuses. We are in faith that our new graduates will be living the vision of witnessing young people give their lives to Jesus, and help them make disciples.

SCM Graduation-3

Please pray for grace, strength, and fruitfulness for our new batch of campus missionaries! Let’s continue standing with them as they change the campus, and change the world.

Lawin victims to rebuild homes; Victory happy to help

Lawin victims receive new housing as relief efforts continue

A month and a half since Typhoon Lawin (international name Haima) struck the Philippine provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, and Ilocos Sur, thousands of affected families continue to rebuild from the devastation. Clinging onto their faith in God and the generosity of their countrymen, they work to rehabilitate their homes and livelihoods.

Several relief operations have ended, but other rehabilitation efforts continue, including that of nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity Philippines. Last November 25, Bishop Manny Carlos, Victory Philippines Chairman, and Pastor Gilbert Foliente, Victory Philippines Executive Director, met with Habitat for Humanity and signed a memorandum of agreement that would give us the honor of helping several affected families rebuild their homes.

We stand with and pray for our countrymen affected by Typhoon Lawin. Our churches in Cagayan, Isabela, and Ilocos Sur have been working to aid those affected, and we invite everyone to continue to keep our countrymen in your prayers. Together, let us call on the Lord and trust that He is near to us, especially our brothers and sisters affected by the typhoon.

Lawin victims to rebuild homes; Victory happy to help


Welcome our new church in Bataan: Victory Limay!

We are launching our newest church plant, located in the historical province of Bataan. Please welcome Victory Limay!

This fresh church plant started with a ONE 2 ONE meeting in one of the business establishments in the city. From there, a Victory group composed of the company’s employees began meeting regularly, and they grew in number as the months progressed.

The church held its first weekly service in April 2015, at one of the company’s boardrooms! More and more people got wind of the weekly services, so much so that even non-employees would come and attend.

That same year, students began to meet in groups at the Limay Polytechnic College. During the eight weeks that they met, the students became discipled, led their own Victory groups, and eventually became part of the team of volunteers helping establish the church.

Because of the growing number of people joining our church plant, we moved to a bigger location, which is now where Victory Limay currently meets.

On Sunday, December 4, join us as we officially launch Victory Limay! Services will be held every Sunday, 2 PM, at Aguinaldo St., Brgy. Bo. Luz/Kitang 2, in Limay.

Please continue to stand with us in prayer—for greater growth, not just in numbers, but in each church member’s walk with God! We are in faith that as we reach out to more students, employees, and families, more and more lives will be transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ.

If you have family or friends in the area, invite them to our newest church plant in Bataan—Victory Limay!


New Series: Hark

Christmas is not meant to bring dread. With all the traffic, parties, expenses, and reunions, the Christmas season often brings a lot of hassle and inconvenience. More than this, it’s in this season that many of us experience various kinds of fears—not having enough resources, having awkward family reunions, and even sharing the gospel to our family and loved ones.

In our new series entitled “Hark!”, we will study the lives of different people in the events leading up to Jesus’s birth.  Through this series, may we be reminded that Christmas is more than just the parties, traditions, the things we have (or don’t have), and our fears. May each of us truly celebrate Christmas—with joy, expectancy, and thanksgiving—and respond in a way that honors and pleases God.

Here is the list of weekly topics:

  • Week one: Fear Not but Believe God (Zechariah)
  • Week two: Fear Not but Trust God (Mary)
  • Week three: Fear Not but Obey God (Joseph)
  • Week four: Fear Not, You are Important to God (The shepherds)

Join us at a Victory location nearest you! Victory is one church in Metro Manila meeting in 29 locations across the metropolis. We also meet in multiple venues throughout the Philippines.

If you’re tweeting about the “Hark!” series, please use the official hashtag #HarkSeries.

Don’t forget to invite your family and friends! See you at our services!


School of Church Leadership Holds First Graduation Ceremonies

November 22 marked a milestone for our ministry, as we held the first graduation ceremonies for the School of Church Leadership. We took time to honor and recognize 37 students who devoted themselves to three months of training in biblical studies, organizational leadership, and practical ministry skills.


The School of Church Leadership is designed to train and equip incoming full-time pastors for their service in ministry. Each pastor will be equipped in the fundamental principles of leadership development and ministry assignment. It prepares these men and women to have the biblical, theological, and ministry foundations essential for leading a church and taking it to the next level of growth. These 37 students from different Victory Metro Manila locations, provincial churches, and Every Nation churches were trained to be lead pastors, discipleship pastors, kids pastors, pastoral services pastors, and worship pastors. We are expectant for the growth God will bring, not only in people whom we will all disciple, but in more leaders who will honor God and advance His kingdom as they respond to His call in the ministry.



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The Victory app includes free resources such as series podcasts and Victory group materials from our Metro Manila locations. It also has our national directory, so you can find the Victory location nearest you. It also contains a built-in Bible for your devotional needs, and offers a way for you to give online to our ministries quickly and securely. It also contains exciting news and testimonies from our churches all over the Philippines! These apps are free on iOS and Android! You may download them at or

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Victory Malate Celebrates 20 Years

With the theme, “ALL OUT,” Victory Malate celebrated their 20th anniversary last November 15 at the Every Nation15129022_10157928246790393_7294017126950631_o building. The event gathered their Victory group leaders and volunteers, with the objective of inspiring them to look forward to the next five years as we enlarge our sphere of influence as a movement. The theme is derived from Isaiah 54:2: “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.”

Their program highlighted God’s goodness and faithfulness to Victory Malate through the years.

From a small prayer meeting in U.P. Manila, the church has grown to 4,000 people in the weekly worship services, 453 Victory group leaders, and 800 volunteers today. Addressing all the leaders and interns present, Pastor Jun Escosar also talked about the importance and crucial role of the church today in the world. Expounding the theme, he said that Christians cannot live an all-out life for God and be distracted. He drove the point home with this memorable line: “The key to a miserable Christian life is to give only 97 percent.”

After spoken word performances from guest performers, the music team led the singing of “Pour Us Out.” The night ended with a prayer from Pastor Nixon Ng, a video presentation, and more celebration songs sung heartily by everyone. It was indeed a wonderful time of connecting with one another, and a reigniting of passion for preaching God’s word and making disciples.

Victory Bambang2

Victory Bambang Has Officially Launched!

Last Sunday, November 13, we officially welcomed our 78th church plant in the Philippines: Victory Bambang!

Situated in the province of Nueva Vizcaya, Bambang is home to more than 50,000 people and is considered the province’s agricultural center. With many campuses and two major universities in the area, we are expectant of the many great things God will through our new church as they reach out to the next generation. Church planting efforts for Victory Bambang started several years ago after Victory Bayombong was established and the leaders noticed that there were a lot of people attending the worship service from the town of Bambang.

The Bambang church plant attracted people living and working in the community, and it later on grew when these people started inviting their family to church, as well. God continued to bless the church with growth, and soon multi-generation leaders stepped out in faith and created their Victory groups. At present, the church has 22 Victory groups, and we are in faith that these will multiply as more people hear the preaching of God’s word.

Victory Bambang’s grand launch was held at the second floor of the Landbank Building in Barangay Banggot. It was an opportune time to give thanks to God, and to fellowship with other members, including friends from Victory Bayombong. Their worship service will be held regularly every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. KIDS Church will also happen simultaneously at the same venue.So, don’t forget to invite your friends and family to our church in Nueva Vizcaya!

Together, let us intercede for this new church plant’s leadership team, volunteers and staff as they continue to advance God’s kingdom in this part of the Philippines.

Victory limay 2

Victory Limay Church Plant Holds First Worship Service

Victory LimayWe’re excited to welcome our newest location in Bataan: Victory Limay! Last September, Victory Limay church plant conducted their first worship service at the Victory Limay Church Planting Center located along Aguinaldo St, National Road, Brgy. Bo. Luz/Kitang 2.

Limay is a first class municipality in the province of Bataan, with a population of 68,071 people according to the 2015 census. It is accessible via the Bataan Provincial Expressway, off Exit 45, San Fernando Exit and is located at the south-eastern section of Bataan Peninsula.

In 2015, a group of engineers from Petron Bataan Refinery and surrounding companies in Mariveles and Lamao, as well as leaders from Victory Balanga, started meeting every Monday to pray together, and worship the Lord. From there, they started engaging more people and formed Victory groups. Victory Limay 3It is their heart to reach out to the offices and businesses in Limay and their surrounding communities, that their labor will be established in the will of the Lord, and that employees and entrepreneurs will get to know Jesus. Victory Limay church plant also reaches out to

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school and college students that aims to enable the youth to live lives of leadership, integrity, faith and excellence. The recent L.I.F.E. Class was taught in Limay Polytechnic College to a class of senior college students. We are excited to see more families, students, and single professionals in Limay have a relationship with God and

live changed lives! Invite your family and friends in the area to their regular Sunday service every 2pm. We look forward to Victory Limay’s grand launch next month and expect greater things from God as we honor God and make more disciples in Bataan.  

Victory Naga

Victory Naga Celebrates First Anniversary

Victory Naga Victory Naga celebrated their first anniversary last October 23!

With the theme, “We Are One: Together Stronger,” our year-old church in Bicol has grown so much since it was first started, and by God’s grace, it continues to grow in number as more Bicolanos hear the preaching of God’s word.

Naga City is considered the heart of Bicol, due to its location right at the center of the province of Camarines Sur. It is the Bicol region’s center for trade and business; the hub for religious, cultural, industrial, and commercial activity. It is also home to the six largest universities in the Bicol region, making it South Luzon’s educational center. Apart from being the hub of activity, Naga is also strategically located to give way to more church plants in neighboring towns such as Iriga and Nabua.

Church planting efforts in this city began in 2002. In 2014, with the help of Victory Legazpi and through the leadership of Pastor Al Bantayan, monthly gatherings were held, which made an impact in the creation of more Victory groups. On April 2015, Pastor Jason Calara graduated from the School of Church Planting and was an answered prayer to the church. Finally, on July 2015, the Victory Naga church plant transferred to their own center at Nagaland E-Mall, holding their soft launch there.Victory Naga 2

Through the power of prayer, discipleship, and fellowship, Victory Naga held their grand launch last October 2015. This year, we witnessed their heart to engage culture and community, establish biblical foundations, equip believers to minister, and empower disciples to make more disciples, as they celebrated their first anniversary, stronger and better than before.

Let us continue to pray for open doors and open hearts, so that more disciples and leaders will be raised for God’s glory in Bicol. Together, let us intercede for this young church’s leadership team, volunteers and staff as they continue to advance God’s kingdom in this part of the Philippines.

Victory Bambang Church in Nueva Vizcaya

Victory to launch new church in Nueva Vizcaya

Victory Bambang Church in Nueva VizcayaThis November 13, we look forward to honoring God and making disciples with a new church plant in Nueva Vizcaya: Victory Bambang! Our 78th church in the Philippines will launch this November 13, 9:00 a.m., at the second floor of the Landbank Building in Barangay Banggot.

With more than 50,000 people calling this first-class municipality in Nueva Vizcaya home, Bambang–which takes its name from the Isinay word meaning “to dig”–has many centers of commerce and tourism, including the salt springs at the Salinas Natural Monument. We also look forward to reaching out to the next generation; the location of our church in Nueva Vizcaya is near many school campuses, including King’s College of the Philippines, Nueva Vizcaya State University, Advocates College, Saint Catherine’s School, Bambang National High School, and Salinas High School.

As we welcome you to Victory Bambang, please spread the word and invite your family and friends in Nueva Vizcaya to join us as we honor God and make disciples here. Pray with us for open doors and open hearts, so that more disciples and leaders will be raised for God’s glory. Together, let us intercede for this new church plant’s leadership team, volunteers and staff as they continue to advance God’s kingdom in this part of the Philippines.

Victory Zamboanga

Victory Zamboanga Celebrates 18th Anniversary

Victory Zamboanga celebrates eighteen years of God’s faithfulness!Victory Zamboanga 3

Our church in this province of Mindanao started in 1998 from a student outreach, and grew into a church that is, by God’s grace, growing in numbers. Our worship services are now regularly held at two locations: the Victory Center at Unichan Building, and the Celebrity Hall at the Grand Astoria Hotel.

Last Sunday, October 30, we celebrated our 18th anniversary at the Grand Astoria Hotel with the theme, “Unashamed of the Gospel.” As we witnessed Victory Zamboanga’s growth, we also saw God’s faithfulness as He appointed volunteers, interns and leaders to advance His kingdom in Zamboana City, under the leadership of Pastor Ritchie Llanto.

This year, we also conducted our own discipleship conference in Tumaga. The event attracted a total of 124 leaders and interns, including leaders from our Victory Ipil church plant. Because of the growing discipleship culture among the young people there, Victory Zamboanga also launched a worship service for college students.

Let us continue to pray for our church in Zamboanga to be a witness to Mindanao and the southern islands. We are in faith that God will open doors here, so that we will continue to make more disciples, train leaders, and plant churches charged with the Holy Spirit in this part of the Philippines.

Victory Zamboanga is just one of Victory’s provincial churches all over the Philippines! Click here to learn more about Victory Zamboanga!


Victory Apalit Kicks Off First Worship Service

14695414_10154174344879773_262938965013627367_nWe’re excited to honor God and make more disciples in Pampanga!

Last Sunday, October 23, our church plant in Apalit launched their first worship service at the 2nd Floor of JNW Building, located along McArthur Highway, Sampaloc in Apalit, Pampanga. Under the leadership of Pastor Edwin Navarro, church planting efforts for Apalit begun as early as July, and construction of the center was started by August this year.

Apalit is an urban municipality located in the province of Pampanga. It has an estimated population of 101,537, as of the 2010 census. The municipality is surrounded by Macabebe, Masantol, Minalin and San Simon in Pampanga, and Calumpit, Pulilan, Baliuag. It is home to numerous schools for elementary and high school students. This means that a great number of souls, especially the next generation, are waiting to be touched and to be transformed by the gospel. 

Pray with us as we reach out to more Pampangueños! We’re in faith that more families, students, and young professionals in Apalit will get to hear the gospel regularly. Let us intercede for our pastors, leaders, and volunteers in this new church plant as they advance God’s kingdom in this part of the Philippines. Don’t forget to invite your family and friends in the area, too!




Lawin Relief_Facebook

Relief efforts for Typhoon Lawin ongoing

Let us pray for those affected by Typhoon Lawin

Let us pray for those affected by Typhoon Lawin

On Wednesday night, October 19, Typhoon Lawin (international name Haima) made landfall in the town of Peñablanca, Cagayan. With maximum sustained winds of 225 kilometers per hour (kph) near the center and gusts of up to 315 kph, Lawin soon pounded the provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, and Ilocos Sur. Eight persons have lost their lives, and thousands of families have lost their homes and are in need of basic goods and medical attention. Damage to city infrastructure is estimated in the tens of millions of pesos.

We stand with and pray for our countrymen affected by this typhoon. Since last week, we have been working with our churches in Cagayan, Isabela, and Ilocos Sur, to aid those affected. We invite everyone to continue to keep our countrymen in your prayers. Together, let us call on the Lord and trust that He is near to us, especially our brothers and sisters affected by the typhoon.

If you would like to give to assist Victory members affected by Typhoon Lawin, you may do so using any of the following methods. Together, let us be God’s hands and feet to our countrymen in need.


Victory is now accepting online donations for our relief efforts via credit card or BPI Express Online.

To give via credit card, please click here.

1. Read and agree to our online donation terms and conditions by checking the I Agree box at the bottom of the form. 2. Fill out the online form. • Enter your local church. Please select Others if you don’t attend a Victory location in Metro Manila. • Type of giving. Please select Disaster Relief. • Amount • Frequency • Your name and email address 3. Clicking on Next will take you to PesoPay, where you will complete your transaction.

To give via PayPal, please click here.

1. Read and agree to our online donation terms and conditions by checking the I Agree box at the bottom of the form. 2. Fill out the online form. • Enter your local church. Please select Others if you don’t attend a Victory location in Metro Manila. • Type of giving. Please select Disaster Relief. • Amount • Frequency • Your name and email address 3. Clicking on Next will take you to PayPal, where you will complete your transaction.

To give via BPI Express Online, please click here. 1. Get your Reference Number. Enter your email address in the box provided to receive your Reference Number in your email. 2. Enroll Victory in your BPI Express Online Account. 3. Give. You may enter the following Additional Reference Number, depending on your Victory Center:

  • Victory Philippines (99000)
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  • Victory Caloocan (99035)
  • Victory Fort (99002)
  • Victory Greenhills (99043)
  • Victory Makati (99057)
  • Victory Malate (99022)
  • Victory Metro East (99049)
  • Victory Muntinlupa (99060)
  • Victory Nova (99034)
  • Victory Ortigas (99028)
  • Victory Pasig (99030)
  • Victory Pioneer (99042)
  • Victory Quezon City (99018)
  • Victory Santa Rosa (99044)
  • Victory U-Belt (99001)


We also accept cash and check donations through BPI direct deposit. Please check out the info below:

Disaster Relief Operations – Peso Donations BANK NAME: Bank of the Philippine Islands ACCOUNT NAME: Victory Christian Fellowship ACCOUNT NO: 0063-3205-52 TYPE OF ACCOUNT: PESO Savings Account BANK ADDRESS: Fort Serendra Branch, Ground Floor, Serendra, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines SWIFT CODE: BOPIPHMM

Disaster Relief Operations – Dollar Donations BANK NAME: Bank of the Philippine Islands ACCOUNT NAME: Victory Christian Fellowship ACCOUNT NO: 0824-0569-27 TYPE OF ACCOUNT: DOLLAR Savings Account BANK ADDRESS: Fort Serendra Branch, Ground Floor, Serendra, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines SWIFT CODE: BOPIPHMM

Note: By contributing to this project, ministry partners acknowledge that funds given to Victory, as a member of Every Nation, will be directed to provide assistance to those affected by this disaster, and redirected, as necessary, should the funds contributed be in excess of the need. We partner as

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well with other non-government organizations who work in these areas.


Real LIFE to Conduct National Scholars’ Conference

From October 24 to 26, 2016, more than 260 Real LIFE Foundation scholars from Metro Manila and the provincial areas will gather for their annual National Scholar’s Conference. This event aims to equip the scholars for L.I.F.E. (leadership, integrity, faith, excellence) and to encourage them in their faith.

The conference is also a great opportunity for our Real LIFE scholars to be connected, build relationships with fellow scholars from other Philippine cities, and be inspired to make a difference in their own ways.

The scholars will hear from different Victory pastors, namely Pastor Joseph Bonifacio, who will talk about leadership; Pastor Gilbert Foliente, who will speak about integrity; Pastor Joey Bonifacio, who will expound Huddle copyon faith; and Bishop Ferdie Cabiling, who will tackle the topic of excellence.

There will also be workshops focused on different course tracks like engineering, accountancy, communications and information technology, and business management. These sessions will be done in a classroom set-up, with the goal of preparing our students for their respective fields after graduation. Every Nation campus missionaries will also speak to our high school scholars about identity, character and developing good habits.

We are in faith that when our Real LIFE scholars go back to their respective homes and campuses after the conference, they will be refreshed, energized, and encouraged to live lives of leadership, integrity, faith, and excellence, and inspire others to do the same!

If you would like to know more about Real LIFE Foundation and make a difference in the lives of these scholars, visit






Dream Austria Runtuwene, Victory group leader

Young Dream Finds Real Purpose in Christ

Dream Austria Runtuwene, Victory group leaderFor many people, the first thing that grabs their their attention about thirteen-year-old Adreame Daniel Riley Austria Runtuwene—-or simply Dream—-is his hair. He sports hair longer than most of the other young men in the Victory group he attends, a tip of the hat, if you will, to the growing lad’s outgoing nature. “My Victory groupmates are very energetic and playful,” he says, “and continuously talking to one another. Since we are closer to one another, communication is much easier. We used to be shy in our first days,” he adds. “Not anymore,” he laughs, and his hair flies back. Dream and his sister, nine-year-old Saiah, attend Victory Greenhills with their mother Be. He is part of a Victory group for young teen boys led by Victory Greenhills volunteer Christian John Tomas. Initially hesitant to join Christian’s group, he took a leap of faith after attending the church’s Boot Camp for pre-teens. “Before and after Boot Camp, I wasn’t sure,” he says, “because I didn’t know who I wanted to be with.” He laughs. “Then I decided to be with Teacher Christian.” Dream Austria Runtuwene, Victory group leaderTeacher Christian was a positive role model for the young teenager, although he was never a difficult child growing up. His mother, Be, grew up in an abusive home; despite her façade as a strong, independent career woman, her heart ached for affection, but she experienced broken relationship after broken relationship. “All I knew how to do was to love my children in exactly the opposite way I experienced,” Be says. “I realized they were the first blessings in my life that were so radically different from all the heavy stuff I was mostly born into.” A friend, Honey Gee Carr, invited Be and her children to Victory in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2015 at a chance encounter at Victory

Greenhills that Be and her children surrendered their lives to Christ. Soon after, the young family began attending Victory groups and started doing ONE 2 ONE. “Everyone at Victory has blessed us by the work of their hearts and hands,” Be says. “The most difficult part of raising children from a broken home,” she adds, “is providing them a semblance of a strong familial love. As a single mom, no matter how hard I try, I can’t truly and completely provide that. But God can, and Victory groups and KIDS Church activities are just a few of the ways He has shown my family that He loves us.” Dream Austria Runtuwene, Victory group leader“The best thing about being part of a Victory group,” adds Dream, “is seeing people’s experiences, not just your experiences. Seeing how other people react to the Word, seeing how God works through them. Everybody is used in different ways at different times.” Recently, Teacher Christian encouraged Dream and a few of the teens to step up and lead other boys in their group. Unfortunately for Dream, it wasn’t the most satisfying of starts. “We decided to make breakout groups,” the young teen says, “and I was going to disciple two kids. On our first week, nobody came!” He laughs. “On the second week, people started attending again, so we were able to disciple who we were supposed to in the first place. It was a good experience.” Dream Austria Runtuwene, Victory group leaderDream and his sister Saiah, under volunteer Danica Patron’s care, are now actively involved in the discipleship journey because they see the importance of the roles they play in their own growth as believers. Dream, in particular, is excited about taking the gospel to the nations. “If the plan for me to go to school in Jakarta, Indonesia, pulls through,” he says, “then I would spread the Word as much as possible and encourage people there to follow Jesus, like a campus missionary. If I continue to go to school here, then I’ll definitely do the same.” He pauses. “Maybe it’ll be easier since they are my fellow Filipinos.” “We’re all called to disciple others,” he adds. “Don’t worry if you have to pray for someone or teach. If you’re thinking you’re too young or can’t do it, it’s not gonna be you, it’s gonna be Christ through you. He will be the One to do it for you, He will speak the words through you. It’s all about Jesus.”


Victory Cebu Launches New Service Schedules

We’re excited to honor God and make more disciples in

Mandaue, Cebu! Last October 9, Victory Cebu launched five new worship services at the Victory Main Hall of J Centre Mall along Fortuna Street in Bakilid, Mandaue City. Here’s the new schedule of services of Victory Cebu: English Sundays – 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. Cebuano – English Sundays – 1:00 p.m. Youth worship services will continue to be held every Friday at 7:00 p.m.

Mandaue is an independent highly urbanized city that forms a part of the Cebu metropolitan area. Its housing costs are lower, compared to neighboring cities, attracting a lot of families looking for a place to settle in. This means that a great number of souls are waiting to be touched and transformed by the gospel.

Let’s intercede for our leaders and volunteers as we reach out to the heart of Cebu! We invite you to pray with us for open doors, open hearts, and divine appointments in Mandaue, so that more disciples and leaders will be established for God’s glory. We’re believing God for more families, students, and young professionals to have a relationship with Jesus and be discipled by this church in the Philippines!


Every Nation Music’s Doxology now on iTunes

Every Nation Music has released its first live recording project, DOXOLOGY, on iTunes Philippines! The album, which features carrier single Author of My Life and thirteen other worship tracks, has peaked at No.3 as of this writing on the iTunes Philippines Albums chart.

Different songwriters from Every Nation churches from all over the world, representing Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, and Australia, gathered last April to write and record original songs for Doxology. Lee Brown and Isa Fabregas of Victory Worship were also present, and feature on Doxology, with Brown singing lead vocals on Heart Open Wide and His Love Overwhelms Me, while Fabregas leads on You Have My Heart and We Stand in Awe.

Doxology represents the diverse community of Every Nation Music, its passion for Jesus, and its creative expression. With Doxology, we seek to bring missional music to worshipers worldwide by creating and releasing missional worship songs.

Download Doxology on Tunes Philippines

Agbuya family

Waiting on God’s Perfect Timing

Agbuya family“We’ve been married for seven years, and all that time, we’ve been praying for a child,” 38-year old Jonathan Agbuya shares. He and his wife, Divine, were told by their doctor that the chances of them having a child are slim. They were advised to undergo in vitro fertilization. The process would involve a series of complex procedures and would cost half a million, to a million pesos. After several months of attending Victory Novaliches, the couple decided to get connected to a Victory group. Feeling the acceptance and love from their new spiritual family, they opened up about their struggle in conceiving a child. Their Victory group leader encouraged them to be more specific in their prayers and told them not to lose hope because God is in control. “Praise God for our leaders who encouraged us, prayed with us, and labored with us on our heart’s desire to have a baby,” Jonathan declares. Soon, the couple were discipled and became disciple-makers, themselves. Divine was eventually introduced to a coaching group composed of other married women. Like before, she shared her desire to have a child, so that the group can pray with them, too. She soon found out she and Jonathan weren’t alone in their situation. Three out of the four women in the coaching group were also praying for a baby. One of them underwent an operation in both ovaries and was advised by the doctor that the chances of her getting pregnant were small. “They didn’t lose hope,” Jonathan shares, “Like us, they kept praying to God.” The second couple also wanted another child, but was told that it would be risky for the mother because she was diagnosed with myoma. This time of waiting on the Lord coincided with their study of a book that encouraged them to lay down their every concern to the Lord, and to claim God’s promises in their lives. “God revealed to us the things that we need to give up because they hinder us from receiving His blessings,” Jonathan shares. It wasn’t an easy journey. They would sometimes feel hopeless and defeated, but their friends and spiritual family would remind them of God’s plan for their life, which is a hope and a future. Before the year ended, after praying unceasingly as a group, Jonathan and Divine received news from their member diagnosed with myoma that she and her husband were finally able to conceive. Like before, the group covered them in prayer as they went through a delicate pregnancy. On August 2013, the couple became the proud parents of a healthy baby boy without any complications. Add to that, the couple who faced infertility problems because of an ovarian operation was also able to conceive in January last miracle mommasyear. They welcomed a bouncing baby boy to their family in August. “One by one, we were starting to experience God’s answer to our prayers!” Jonathan exclaims. It was their turn to witness God’s miracle when Jonathan woke up one morning in May 2013 to Divine holding a pregnancy test. The result was positive. “We were so amazed!” Jonathan shares, “I thought I was just dreaming!” Still in a state of awe, the couple immediately headed to the hospital to get an ultrasound. The doctor confirmed that Divine was indeed pregnant. What the couple didn’t expect was for them to hear their baby for the first time. “The doctor let us listen to our baby’s heartbeat,” Jonathan shares, “And our hearts were just jumping with joy, giving praise and thanks to our Lord!” On the 24th of December in 2013, Divine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. A wonderful Christmas gift from God to them. They named him Jediah Daniel, which means “Jehovah knows” and “God is my judge.” Jonathan and Divine couldn’t help but be in awe after witnessing God’s work, not only in their lives, but also in their friends’ lives. “Hearing these other

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stories, I can say that God truly works in us individually and personally,” Jonathan shares. They may have a similar desire, but God dealt with them in a way that fits uniquely to their situation. Jonathan recalls the story of the blind man, Bartimaeus, in the Bible. When asked by his disciples whose fault it was that the man was blind–the man or his parents–Jesus answered, “This happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.” (John 9:1-3) “Like Bartimaeus, I believe that God has a reason and purpose in everything that has happened to us,” Jonathan declares, “And that is to give glory to Him, and Him alone.”   Save Save Save Save

Truth Be Told_Icon

New Series: Truth Be Told

Join us this weekend as we delve deeper into the parables of Jesus with our newest series, “Truth Be Told.”

At the end of the series, may we have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the parables of Jesus, causing us to grow in our character and biblical worldview. We also aim to bring about a biblical understanding of money that will result in a life of greater faith, good stewardship, and generosity.

Here is the list of weekly topics:

  • Week 1: Parable of the Sower
  • Week 2: Parable of the Mustard Seed and Yeast
  • Week 3: Parable of the Prodigal Son
  • Week 4: Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • Week 5: Parable of the Workers
  • Week 6: Parable of the Ten Minas
  • Week 7: Parable of the Rich Fool
  • Week 8: Parable of the Shrewd Manager

Join us at a Victory location nearest you! Victory is one church in Metro Manila meeting in 29 locations across the metropolis. We also meet in multiple venues throughout the Philippines.

If you’re tweeting about the “Truth Be Told” series, please use the official hashtag #ParablesPH.

Don’t forget to invite your family and friends! See you at our services!

Clarisse Tagayun and Florence Panizales

Serving God in Your Youth

Clarisse Tagayun Clarisse Tagayun is a thirteen-year old high school student who volunteers at KIDS Church in Victory Pioneer. Her parents, Cris and Lhite, actively serve in church, and their passion rubbed off on Clarisse and her siblings.

“I became active in church last year,” she shares, “I started teaching in KIDS church.”

She soon got connected to a Victory group, where she met her Victory group leader, Rachel Ching. Fueled by her passion to talk about God’s word, Clarisse would volunteer to lead their Victory group when Rachel was not available. Seeing this desire in Clarisse, Rachel empowered her to lead by letting her facilitate their group. “I was nervous because I didn’t know what to do,” she reveals, “But I would just study the Victory group material and my parents would help me. I prayed to God that he will teach me to facilitate.”

The desire to preach the gospel continued to grow in Clarisse’s heart. Discipling pre-teens felt natural for her. It was easy for her to relate with people in her age group and talk about things they have in common. Last May, she she met Florence Panizales, an elementary student who wanted to know more about Jesus. Wasting no time, Clarisse immediately led her through ONE 2 ONE.

Florence and ClarisseEncouraged by her parents and inspired by Florence’s openness to know God more, Clarisse also started engaging Florence’s parents, Willie and Reggie. She was able to connect them to a Victory group for couples, led by her parents. Asked if she felt scared engaging people older than her, Clarisse said she was nervous but she knew she was also fulfilling God’s calling for her. “Age is just a number,” she says, “Being young, you could show lots of people that even if you’re young, God can still use you.”

Her efforts certainly bore fruit. Today, Florence has undergone ONE 2 ONE, and she is excited to be part of the next Victory Weekend for pre-teens. At ten years old, she has started preaching the gospel to her friends and classmates, and she is now leading a small group in her school. Her parents, Willie and Reggie, are growing in their faith, meeting regularly with a Victory group for couples. They have also undergone Victory Weekend recently.

14536990_1393375380691313_316904288_oAsked how she would encourage other people to make disciples, Clarisse strongly recommends getting discipled and joining a Victory group, “Discipleship is important and your Victory group would be there to help and listen to you.” As young as she is, Clarisse has fully embraced her calling to make disciples. She doesn’t see the person’s age, instead she focuses on their need for a Savior. “God wants us to have a relationship with Him,” she states simply, “He wants it for other people, too.”

Clarisse agrees that the youth is the hope of the future. As early as now, she is expectant of the great and mighty things God will do in her generation. “It doesn’t matter how young you are or how old you are,” she says, “God called us to make disciples.”

Victory Kalibo

Happy 1st Anniversary, Victory Kalibo!

Last Sunday, September 25, Victory Kalibo celebrated its first anniversary!

Kalibo is the capital of Aklan, which is located in Western Visayas. The province is best known for Boracay, a resort island with white sandy beaches frequented by tourists from all over the world. Under the leadership of Pastor Fil Yasay, Victory Kalibo officially launched in September last year at the Ati-Atihan County Inn located beside the Municipal Trial Court. Their regular worship service schedule is 10:00 a.m. every Sunday. They recently added another Sunday worship service every 4:00 p.m. at the Victory Kalibo Center along Mabini Street (across Mercury Drug).

God’s faithfulness continues to pour into this young church plant as we witness them grow and multiply in number through the months. We’re thankful that more families, students, and young professionals in Kalibo get to hear the gospel regularly. Let us intercede for our pastors, leaders, and volunteers in Victory Kalibo as they advance God’s kingdom in this part of the Philippines. Pray, also, with us as we honor God and make disciples in the heart of Aklan! Don’t forget to invite your family and friends in the area, too!


Victory Molino Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Victory Molino turned five last September 25! In 2007, church planting efforts for Molino were started by a team from Victory Bacoor. They engaged with the locals, mostly in the residential areas. This bore fruit and before long, thirty-four Victory groups were meeting in different homes in this municipality. Caviteños started getting discipled, and they invited their family and friends to take part in having a relationship with Jesus. The church plant grew to 200 members in just two months, with their facility holding two services every Sunday at the Masaito Building along Molino Road. Last September 2011, Victory Molino finally celebrated their official launch. As we witnessed the church’s growth, we also witnessed God’s faithfulness as He appointed volunteers, interns and leaders to advance His kingdom in Molino, Cavite. This is why we rejoiced with them as they commemorated their fifth anniversary last Sunday. Victory Molino currently holds two worship services every Sunday, 9:00 am for the Taglish service, and 11:00 am for the English service, at the third floor of the Masaito Building along Molino Road in Bacoor, Cavite. Pray with us as we reach out to the heart of

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Cavite! We are in faith that God will open doors here, so that more families, students and young professionals will come to the saving knowledge of Christ. Don’t forget to invite your family and friends in the area!  

Marco VG

More Than Conquerors

Marco worship“I was in first year college when I was diagnosed with hepatitis B,” Marco Constantino reveals, “the doctor said it was incurable.” Growing up in a broken family, the 24-year old wedding videographer had to live with different relatives to survive. Marco’s parents, who married at the age of 15, had separated and left him under the care of his grandmother and aunts, who would chip in to raise his tuition; his younger brother remained with their father. Devoid of proper parental supervision, Marco was exposed to a hard life. He would smoke, drink, and hang out with people who weren’t the best role models for a young man growing up. Trying to attain a semblance of order in his life, he started exploring different religions. “I was so gullible,” Marco says, “I even joined cults.” Despite his brokenness, Marco was an excellent student. In college, he was popular. He exploited this influence and bullied his Christian classmates. “I would mock their faith, just because I couldn’t believe it’s real,” he shares, “I would call them, ‘Alive! Alive!’”, referring to the popular Christian hymn. It was also around this time that Marco started having sexual relations. While applying for a job to support his studies, he was asked to undergo a physical examination. This was how Marco found out he was diagnosed with hepatitis B. “I was in first year college, and I had hepatitis B, which I got from a sexual encounter,” he shares. “It was a very low point in my life because I’d heard that this disease was incurable.” When his family found out, they shunned him. His classmates would scare him and tell him his future was doomed. What Marco didn’t know was that this low point would be used by God to reveal Himself to him. While watching television one night, Marco heard a faint but clear voice. “Walk, and you’ll find the truth, the answer to your cries,” the voice said. Marco was confused but he stood up, put down the remote, and started walking. He didn’t know who spoke, but he had an inkling it was God. He walked outside his house until he reached a school building. A young girl opened the door, inviting him inside. The place turned out to be a church, which was holding their youth service for the night. Marco VGIn his house clothes, Marco immediately went in and listened to the youth pastor, whom he felt was talking directly to him. “He said I was a sinner, that God had been waiting for me for a long time, and this day was no accident. The pastor was addressing the congregation but it felt like he was talking to me because it really hit me,” he shares. Marco stayed, listened to the preaching and to the worship singing. The following Sunday, he attended the worship service again. There, he was given a book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” and that became the start of his journey towards knowing Christ. He started attending camps and faith walks, and he developed a desire to know God more. When his Christian classmates found out, they were astounded. “They told me I was the last person they would expect to become a Christian,” he laughs. After two years of battling hepatitis B, Marco has had enough of tests and immunizations. His disease was incurable, and he would only survive if he regularly took the required maintenance medicine, which was expensive. He didn’t have money for it, so he prayed unceasingly for his healing, and even attended healing sessions and more faith walks. As a requirement for another new job he was applying for, Marco underwent another medical exam again. When the results arrived, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “There was no trace that I ever had hepatitis B,” he says. “I was so surprised that I asked to undergo another exam, which again yielded the same result!” he adds. “I was healed from hepatitis B and it was God who did it.” As Marco drew nearer to God, the more he felt the enemy’s attacks. He immersed himself in volunteer activity at his community church while continuing to engage in sexual relations. Eventually, he decided to focus on God, instead of church work. Not long after that decision, he started attending Victory Caloocan. Soon, he met new friends and was connected to a Victory group. There, he realized that he needed accountability partners who would walk with him throughout his Christian journey. “I was so scared that I would be judged, that’s why I hid my struggle at first,” he reveals, “But I was eventually convicted to talk about it with other people.” Marco coaching groupMarco didn’t feel condemned talking to his mentors, which allowed him to be open to them. From someone who avoided relationship and engagement with other Christians, he is now a believer of discipleship and accountability. Surrounded by people who keep on encouraging him to be strong, Marco couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with God’s love. “I was so dirty but God still loved me. He has blessed me with so much,” he says. Upon reconnecting with his mother, he was also able to share his faith with her, and with the help of his family in church, she also came to know Jesus as her Savior. Marco proudly shares his testimony because he believes there are others like him, who also need prayer and guidance, but are just afraid of being judged. Whenever he feels defeated, he clings to his life verse, 2 Timothy 4:7 – “I have fought the good fight, I

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have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Today, he leads his own Victory group, and is unafraid to preach the gospel and his healing testimony to his friends, and even to strangers, who have yet to know this freedom in Christ. “My identity is in Christ,” Marco says, “and we are made to be conquerors in Him.”


Victory Talisay Kicks Off New Worship Service

Pastor Zab PanimdimGod has been tremendously faithful to our churches in Cebu City!

From 2012 to 2014, God led Victory Cebu on the path to tremendous growth as their numbers flourished to 2000. This paved the way for the Victory Talisay church plant, which was started under the leadership of Pastor Zab Panimdim and officially launched last December 2015.

Primarily a residential and trading center, Talisay City lies within the Metro Cebu area. Its name is taken from the magtalisay tree which is abundant in the city. It currently has a population of 250,965 that increases to around 5% every year. It is also comprised of 22 barangays, and is surrounded by 42 campuses. This includes elementary schools, public and private secondary schools, and colleges. This means that a great number of souls are waiting to be touched and to be transformed by the gospel.

With this, Victory Talisay has launched another worship service schedule. In addition to its 2:00 p.m. Sunday service, the church now has a 4:00 p.m. Sunday service, which is still regularly held on the third floor of South Town Centre in Tabunok.

Indeed, the harvest is plenty and we believe that more disciples will be trained, more leaders will be raised up, and more of the next generation will be reached by the gospel of Jesus, in the South. Invite your friends and family, and let’s join our churches in Cebu, connecting more Cebuanos to Jesus!

Victory Fort 9am

Victory Fort to Launch Additional Worship Service

The Victory family keeps growing! We’re excited to announce that starting October, an additional worship service will be added to Victory Fort’s roster of worship services, bringing the number of worship services for adults and youth at Victory Fort to seventeen! On October 3, Sunday, we invite you to join Pastor Christian Flores and fellow early risers to worship God and enjoy fellowship at the 9:00 a.m. worship service in the Function Hall of Every Nation Building 2. The building is located along 32nd Street at the corner of University Parkway in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Here’s the schedule of the other

worship services of Victory Fort: Assembly Hall, Every Nation Building 1 Taglish Saturdays – 4:00 p.m. Sundays – 8:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. English Sundays – 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m. Youth Services Fridays – 6:00 p.m. Saturdays – 6:00 p.m. Function Hall, Every Nation Building 2 English Sundays – 9:00 a.m. (starting October 3), 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Taglish Sundays – 3:00 p.m. Youth Services Saturdays – 4:00 p.m. Market! Market! Cinema 6 Youth Services Saturdays – 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Another worship service schedule means more people can be accommodated, and more people will get to hear the gospel. As we continue to honor God and make disciples, we’re always expectant of the great and mighty things God will do in our church in Taguig! Don’t forget to invite your friends and family in the area. See you there!


A Life Transformed by World Missions

When student Peter Chen* first set foot in a hotel lobby, he was 20 years old. Born and raised in mainland China, he lived most of his life in the countryside. His parents worked in stone quarries for very little income, seven days a week, without holidays or breaks.

“After thirteen years,” Peter says, “my parents realized that they weren’t getting any younger, and quit quarry work to try selling quail, but that didn’t work out either.”

Determined to provide for his family, Peter’s father learned how to fix a motorcycle, and started a motorcycle repair business. Peter helped out after school and during weekends by washing motorcycles and cars. “Making money was a serious mission for us,” he says, “Fortunately, I was able to go to middle school and high school.”

To send him to college, Peter’s parents had to sell goat milk on top of their garage business. Every day before dawn, his mother would milk the goats and sell the milk in the morning wet market, and then deliver it to customers’ houses later in the day. Even when it rained or when she was sick, her mother would still sell goat milk to earn money. “I learned what it meant to live a sacrificial life from my parents,” Peter reveals, “For them, hardship was worthwhile, just so they could send me to college.” And they did, at a great price.

Fast forward to May 1999. It was a week of firsts for Peter. The day before, he braved speaking in English to several foreigners he spotted in his university, despite his weak grasp of the language. He had learned that they were from the Philippines, a country that he had never heard of, until that day.

“I volunteered to tour them around in our city,” he shares, “Simply because I wanted to practice my English.” Peter was so excited to meet his new Filipino friends, he even invited two of his friends. The group agreed to meet at the hotel inside the university, somewhere Peter had never been before.

“I felt so embarrassed because the floor was even cleaner than my shoes,” he shares. “It was my very first time to be in a hotel lobby. It was also my first time to go on an elevator. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen!”

Peter had no idea his new friends were cross-cultural missionaries from the Philippines. One of them was Pastor Jonathan Bocobo, the man who would become his first foreign friend. They ended up talking about faith and when he was asked who he believed in, Peter replied, “I believe in myself.” His new friends said, “We believe in Jesus. Jesus is God.” These were strange words for Peter. He had never heard of Jesus nor God before. This was another first for him.

After the missionaries went back to the Philippines, Peter became friends with Gio, a long-term Filipino missionary stationed in his city. His new friend, a pastor, watered the seed that had been planted in Peter’s heart. He preached the gospel to him, met with him regularly, and answered his questions.

“I didn’t understand many things he said since they were not in Chinese and my English at that time was very limited,” Peter reveals, “I had two reasons why I kept meeting Pastor Gio: to practice my English, and to get free McDonald’s meals.”

After several months of preaching the gospel to him, Pastor Gio almost gave up because the atheistic views implanted in Peter’s mind were so strong that the concept of believing in God seemed so far away. One day, however, something strange happened. Without explanation, half of Pastor Gio’s face got paralyzed, making it hard for him to talk. He still continued sharing God’s word to Peter by letting him watch a video of three Chinese overseas giving their salvation testimonies.

“Tears began to flow, and right there in the living room, in front of a TV with no witnesses, I surrendered my life to Jesus,” Peter gushes, “I still had a million questions in my mind about who God is, but my heart was strangely touched just knowing that there is a God.”

Pastor Gio soon recovered, and never had that sickness again. When Peter would look back on that day, he found it interesting that he came to believe in Jesus at a time that Pastor Gio couldn’t talk. It was a fitting reminder that nothing could hinder God’s love touching a person’s heart.

On December 1999, Peter was baptized in a bathtub at the same university hotel Peter had been in earlier. He also preached the gospel to his mother, and seeing the obvious change in Peter, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, too. It was a different story with his father, who disapproved of their faith. “He invited a group of relatives to our house and hurled curses at me and my mother. I cried so much, I felt I lost myself that day,” Peter shares. It was one of the hardest tests of his new faith, but Peter continued showing love to his father despite his persecution.

After graduating from college, Peter went to the Philippines to enroll in a one-year Ministry Leadership program at the Every Nation School of World Missions. He faced many challenges, in his finances and his limited understanding of English, but God directed Peter’s steps and provided for him throughout his schooling. He kept a record of each one of these blessings, large and small. By the end of the year, he had recorded a total of 92 instances, and 38 people who had helped him during his one-year stay in Manila. To this day, he keeps the journal to remind him of God’s faithfulness.

Peter has gone back to China, where he is now serving as a house pastor. He still faces many challenges in this restricted nation, but he knows in his heart that his life is devoted to sharing the love of God in China.


*Names have been changed to protect the persons’ identities.

Beyond Borders_App_Square

New Series: Beyond Borders

Join us this weekend as we kick off our missions series break entitled, “Beyond Borders”. May each of us see greater value in being involved in advancing God’s kingdom in the nations, and be compelled to pray, give, and go.

See you  at a Victory location nearest you! Victory is one church meeting in 29 different locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in different cities across the Philippines.

If you’re tweeting about our series, “Beyond Borders,” please use our official hashtag #BeyondBordersSeries.

See you at our services!


Victory Talavera Has Officially Launched!

Talavera 4Last September 18, Sunday, we witnessed the grand launch of a new church plant in the heart of Nueva Ecija: Victory Talavera! Our 76th provincial church officially launched on the second floor of Amini Building, located along Maharlika Highway at Zone 6, Maestrang Kikay. Their worship services will be regularly held at this venue every Sunday at 9:30am. Under the leadership of Pastor Jeff and Niña Roque, church planting efforts started in 2013. With the help of Victory Cabanatuan, the church was able to steadily establish their presence and start engaging the people in the area. By God’s grace, from their previous venue at the second floor of LandBank, Victory Talavera was able to secure a new center at the Amini Building.

A motorcade kicked off the launch, with volunteers and leaders onboard. Bishop Juray Mora, Victory Philippines’ National Director, graced the launch as a guest speaker. Our other churches in Central Luzon also came to celebrate with Victory Talavera.

Conveniently located along the busy thoroughfare of Maharlika Highway, the Amini Building is accessible and easily identifiable to many Talavera residents. Because it intersects with a lot of access points from different parts of Central Luzon, Victory Talavera is situated at a place that makes it easy to engage and invite people to the church.

Talavera 3Let us continue to pray for open doors and open hearts, so that more disciples and leaders will be raised for God’s glory. Together, let us intercede for

this new church plant’s leadership team, volunteers and staff as they continue to advance God’s kingdom in this part of the Philippines.


Victory to Establish Eight More Churches Before 2016 Ends

talaveraWe are excited to announce the upcoming Victory church plants for the rest of the year! Eight more church plants are set to be established throughout the Philippines before 2016 ends.

Please stand in prayer with us as we prepare to honor God and make disciples in:

  • Talavera, Nueva Ecija – officially launched on September 18, Sunday
  • Tabuk, Kalinga – will officially launch on September 25, Sunday
  • Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya – will officially launch on October 16, Sunday
  • Bangued, Abra – will officially launch on November 20, Sunday
  • Candon, Ilocos Sur – will officially launch on November 27, Sunday
  • Limay, Bataan – will officially launch on December 4, Sunday
  • Candelaria, Quezon – will officially launch on December 11, Sunday
  • Apalit, Pampanga – will officially launch on December 18, Sunday

Let us intercede for the leaders and volunteers of these church plants as they prepare for their grand launch in the coming days. We are in faith that God will use these church plants to reach out to more people in various areas of the Philippines. If you have friends and family in these areas, tell them about our upcoming Victory churches! See you there!


The Lasting Legacy of Family

1 Lawyer and businessman Salvador “Bomboy” Fabregas and his wife, Vicky, lived a charmed life: they had a thriving business and were blessed with five beautiful children. Underneath the surface, however, Bomboy and Vicky had constant disagreements, and twenty-one years after they got married, the couple separated, deciding to live apart for good.

“Shortly after we separated,” Vicky said, “̛I started to attend Bible studies. I heard the Word of God and found myself submitting to His lordship.” Vicky soon gave her life to Christ, and lived with a desire to know Him more. Seeing the changes in their mother’s life, one by one, Vicky and Bomboy’s children came to know Jesus, too. Each of them prayed for restoration for their parents’ marriage.

Soon, their eldest son, Joe, started preaching the gospel to Bomboy. Incidentally, father and son had a rocky relationship with each other before Joe started reaching out to him. He prayed and believed for the salvation of his father; eventually, Joe’s prayers were answered, and he was able to lead Bomboy to Jesus.

2A month after accepting Jesus as his Savior, Bomboy reunited with Vicky. After eight years of living apart, the couple patched things up.

“I reconciled with my wife, Vicky, and was also reunited with my children,” Bomboy shared. In 2009, the couple celebrated their 50th anniversary and renewed their marriage vows in the presence of treasured friends, family and loved ones, including eighteen beautiful grandchildren.

Taking Colossians 3:18 to heart, Bomboy resolved to love his wife and not be harsh with her. “I discovered that the true meaning of love is desiring the greatest good of the other person,” he said, “and realizing that no amount of success can replace failure at home.”

Being disciples of Jesus helped Bomboy and Vicky realize that they needed to honor each other as husband and wife, and that real love is desiring the good for the other person.

IMG_4600“You have to take away pride and unforgiveness to last long in marriage,” Bomboy said. “What is more important to you: your hurt, or your love for your wife?”

Bomboy and Vicky’s relationship is an example of God’s redemption and saving grace in our relationships. As they learned more about God’s love, the couple learned to love each other, too. From a seemingly impossible situation, God resolved and restored.

“God saved my marriage not just for my sake, but also to set an example for other people,” Bomboy shared. True enough, their life and story of reconciliation became a fitting testimony of God’s grace and healing love. Bomboy and Vicky went on to touch other people’s lives and helped other married couples deal with marital concerns. They  told others about God’s faithfulness in their marriage, and how He is faithful and able to restore other marriages, too. Husband and wife also graciously welcomed people to their home, mentored them and discipled them. Many of these men and women are now serving in church as leaders.

FullSizeRenderLast September 4, Bomboy passed away at the age of 77. Friends and family remembered him fondly as the man with a big smile and a big, generous heart that matched his stature, and a humility that served as an inspiration to everyone he met. His life has blessed many people through the years by his passion for the lost, his generosity, humility and friendship.

But beyond all his work in the ministry, Bomboy is remembered best as a family man. “God intervenes and restores,” he declared, “In the end, family is family is family. Let’s take care of our families.”

Ways you can Show Love to Your Family

In week six of our “All and Nothing” series, we learned what it means to honor God in our family relationships. Today, let’s explore how we can put what we learned into practice. What are different ways we can show love to our family members?


Through our Words IMG_1808

We have an opportunity daily to be a blessing, not only in serving and generosity, but with our words. The Bible encourages us to speak life, and when we encourage our families, we let God’s words be our words, and become instruments of His blessing to them.

When was the last time you told a family member that you loved them? Encourage a family member today by highlighting something that he or she did that genuinely impresses or encourages you.



Through our Service

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45)

Jesus set the example of service by laying his life down for His disciples. In the same way, we can follow His example of service and humility, especially in our households. It’s a good thing when we volunteer in our respective local centers, but let us not forget that serving should first start in our homes.

In the next weekend, take the time to serve your family in a greater capacity. Family members can run errands, make repairs, clean the house or car, or take care of the meals or laundry.  Dads or older brothers can help out with homework or just spend much-needed quality time.


Through Prayer

 “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” (James 5:16)

One of the most important—and impactful—things we can do for our family members is praying for them. Whether we’re believing for their salvation, restoration, healing, or abundant financial provision, we can bring these concerns before God and trust that He hears and answers.

Take time this week to pray for your family members. Ask God for wisdom and discernment for the right things to pray for them, including provision, salvation, restoration of relationships, and healing; if you have some who are sick, visit them. Trust the Holy Spirit to give you the right words to bless and encourage those for whom you pray personally.


Through Forgiveness


God’s Word commands us to forgive those who have wronged us, because God forgave us through Christ. Our families are far from perfect, but God’s Word says that we are ministers of reconciliation.

Today, take a moment to ask for forgiveness from someone you’ve offended in your family. Ask God for grace and wisdom as you approach this person. Believe God for restoration and healing in your relationship.



Jesus best exemplified love for us, and He did so by dying on the cross for each of us more than 2,000 years ago. Let’s remember to show that same love He showed us to our family members.



“My First, Second and Third Attempts at Parenting”, now Available at the 37th Manila International Book Fair!

steve_murrell_profileWe are happy to announce that the newest book of Victory founding pastor Steve Murrell, “My First, Second and Third Attempts at Parenting”, will be launched nationally at the 37th Manila International Book Fair!

Now published and distributed locally by Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM), “My First, Second & Third Attempts at Parenting” is a collection of stories and reflections designed to help parents and would-be parents discover the elusive, yet most important, part of parenting—the heart.

Pastor Steve’s book will be available at the CSM booth at the 37th Manila International Book Fair from September 14-18, 2016, for an exclusive fair-only price of PHP 100 per copy. The book fair will be held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Also available at the book fair are “The Values-Driven Heart” by Pastor Joey Bonifacio, Real LIFE Foundation’s executive director; and “Why Settle for Good Sex When You Can Have Great Sex” by Pastors Dennis and Thammie Sy, senior pastors of Victory Greenhills.

We are excited for more people to learn how we can honor God through parenting! Get your copy of “My First, Second and Third Attempts at Parenting” at the 37th Manila International Book Fair!

Victory Tabuk Launching Soon!

We’re excited to witness the launch of Victory Tabuk on September 25!  Jonathan Navalta_Tabuk

Located in the province of Kalinga in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), Tabuk is 548 kilometers away from Manila, approximately ten to twelve hours away by car. A popular destination for white water rafting in Luzon, Tabuk is a total contrast to the urban metropolis that is Manila, with 60% of its land area devoted to agriculture.

Under the leadership of Pastor Jonathan Navalta, we will be officially launching Victory Tabuk on September 25, Sunday, at 10:00 AM on the third floor of Marina Mall and at 3:00 PM in Grand Zion Hotel. KIDS Church will also be conducted simultaneously in the venues.

Victory TabukLast month, our church here welcomed their ninth batch of participants for Victory Weekend. Thirteen people publicly declared their faith in Jesus and got water baptized. We are in faith that these new disciples will one day be disciple makers and make an impact in their communities, too.

Let us intercede for the leaders and volunteers of Victory Tabuk as they prepare for their grand launch in a few weeks. You may visit Victory Tabuk Church Planting on Facebook for more updates. If you have friends and family in Kalinga, tell them about Victory Tabuk. Let’s join our new church in the Cordillera Administrative Region, connecting more Kalingas to Jesus!

Tara na Talavera!

Victory Talavera to Launch on Sept 18!

We’re excited to honor God and make disciples in Talavera! Led by the leadership team of Victory Cabanatuan, this church in Nueva Ecija has moved from its previous venue at the second floor of LandBank to a new center at the second floor of Amini Building, located along Maharlika Highway at Zone 6, Maestrang Kikay. Church planting efforts for Victory Talavera started in 2013, with Victory Cabanatuan’s leaders at the helm. From its humble beginnings, the church steadily grew in number. God’s hand is truly at work in this area of Nueva Ecija; last August 2015, Victory Talavera was able to conduct its first Victory Weekend. More leaders have been empowered to lead, and many Victory groups have been established. More cialis coupon students are getting discipled, and becoming disciple makers themselves. Join us as sildenafil citrate 100mg tab cost we celebrate the coupon for cialis official grand launch of Victory Talavera on September 18, Sunday, 4:00 PM at the second floor of Amini building along Maharlika Highway; Sunday worship services and Kids Church will be regularly held at this new venue at 9:30 AM. Let us intercede for our leaders and volunteers as they prepare for the big day in the coming weeks. We are in faith that God will use this new church plant to reach out to more people in this part of the Philippines. Make sure you invite your family and friends in the area. See you there!


Every Nation Music to Release New Album, “Doxology”

Exciting news! Every Nation Music’s first live recording project, DOXOLOGY, will be launched at the 2016 Every Nation World Conference, in Cape Town, South Africa on October 3. It will also be available online by October 7! Last April, Every Nation songwriters from different parts of the world gathered to write and record original songs for the album. Members of Victory Worship were also there, together with songwriters from Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, and Australia. The team recorded at the Ocean Way Nashville Studio, where artists like Christina Aguilera, Garth Brooks, Casting Crowns, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, and Matchbox Twenty, have recorded. This global project aims to

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represent Every Nation Music’s diverse community, passion for Jesus, and creative expression. With “Doxology,” we seek to bring missional music to worshipers worldwide by creating and releasing missional worship songs. Enjoy a sneak peek of the album with the single, “Author of My Life.” Watch the official music video here, and listen to the song, which can be streamed and downloaded here!

Manuel Gan VG2

Finding Purpose Again

Manuel Gan2“I would drink alcohol for breakfast,” confesses 35-year-old Manuel Gan. “I started drinking at thirteen years old; I would drink everyday, even if I was alone.”

Growing up, Manuel had to adjust to the harsh reality of living in a broken family. When he was around seven years old, his parents separated. He and his sister were forced to live with their father in Nueva Ecija, while their mother remained in Manila. Being the older child, Manuel took the separation to heart, and the burden he felt to repair their fragmented family soon took its toll.

He dropped out of high school one day, and never returned. Without direction, his life soon revolved around addictions and fleeting pleasures. “I got angry at God,” he shares, “I felt that he let me down when he allowed me to grow up in a broken family.” His deep-seated anger led to depression, which then led to total rebellion. This further damaged his relationship with his father. In an attempt to assert control over his defiant son, his father would beat Manuel when they would get into disagreements—which happened often.

Manuel would drink everyday, hang out with his buddies, and play computer games; this became his routine. He eventually went to Manila, hoping that his mother would take him in and allow him to live with him. To his dismay, his mother turned him away, but promised to continue giving him money to provide for his needs. She couldn’t take him in anymore; she has already started her own family with another man.

Manuel Gan VGFeeling rejected and abandoned, Manuel spiraled further into depression. At the age of 14, he had to be checked into a rehabilitation center to address his alcohol addiction. “I stopped drinking for a while,” Manuel says, “But after some time, I fell back to my old habits.”

He left Nueva Ecija and started living on his own in Manila. This reconnected him with his mother, who has started attending Victory. Still unable to find a job, Manuel continued receiving money from his mother, who has long given up trying to reform him. “I was full of anger. Whenever she tried to interfere with my life, I would just get mad at her, and then we’d fight,” he explains. This went on until Manuel turned 30 years old. He realized he let his life pass by wallowing in self-pity, anger, and alcohol.

One of his arrangements with his mother was to drive her around. One Sunday, she asked him to drive her to Victory Fort. When he was invited to attend the worship service, Manuel surprisingly obliged but he had reservations. “I was compelled to attend because nothing was happening in my life,” he shares, “But at the same time I was judging my mother for being a Christian because I still saw her faults.”

Manuel Gan VWSoon, Manuel found himself attending Victory worship services regularly with his mother, who has already received Christ in her life. He was eventually connected to Alex Monis, who became his One 2 One mentor and Victory group leader. “I didn’t finish school, I don’t have any job to speak of, and I was an alcoholic for almost two decades but Kuya Alex didn’t make me feel inferior,” he shares. This year, Manuel finished One 2 One, and underwent Victory Weekend last May.

During Victory Weekend, he released himself from the bondage of alcoholism, low self-esteem and entitlement. For the first time in his life, Manuel felt unburdened and accepted without judgment. “I gave everything to Jesus,” he says, “I told Him that He is in charge of my life from now on.” His attitude towards life radically changed. Manuel realized he has a purpose, and that is to glorify God in his life. “There’s a reason He has still allowed me to live for this long after all the damage I’ve done to my body,” he says.

Slowly, his relationships with his family improved, emotional wounds were healed and Manuel learned the importance of forgiveness. He also developed a desire to preach the gospel to other people. Today, Manuel is studying more about discipleship and leadership at a ministry school in Parañaque. He is in faith that he will be able to reconnect with his old friends and share his testimony with them.

From someone who was so mired in hopelessness and anger, Manuel now desires to reach out to more people and tell them how God has changed his life around and given him purpose again


Victory is Now in Agoo!

Victory Agoo3Located at the province of La Union in Ilocos, Agoo is one of the established Spanish settlements in the region. It is home to the Dinengdeng Festival and is a bustling hub of activity due to its accessibility via the National Highway.

Under the leadership of Pastor Homer Bumanglag, Victory Agoo was officially launched last year in October at the Victory Agoo center located along the National Highway in Santa Barbara, La Union. Mayor Sandra Eriguel and Vice Mayor Henry Balbin graced the launch, along with the leaders and pastors of our other Victory centers. Regular worship services are now held at this venue every Sunday at 10 am.

We are expectant at what God will do in and through this church plant as more and more people get to hear the gospel in Agoo. Soon, the center will also hold regular KIDS church activities at the KIDS church room currently being constructed. Because reaching the next generation is also important for our leaders there, Every Nation Campus Agoo regularly conducts discipleship meetings and events to engage the youth in the area, and the nearby campuses.

Together, let us intercede for our pastors, Victory group leaders and volunteers in Victory Agoo as they advance God’s kingdom in this part of the Philippines. We also encourage you to invite your friends and family in the area to attend Victory Agoo’s worship services soon. We are in faith that as God allows this church to grow in number, He will also cause growth in the spiritual lives of families, students and young professionals in La Union.

Image taken by Joel Salazar.


Join Us at the 2016 Every Nation World Conference!

“Every so often we need to sound a trumpet and gather together to rekindle the vision, renew relationships, and reaffirm the commitments we have made to one another. ” ~ Pastor Steve Murrell, President of Every Nation Every three years, the Every Nation global family celebrates where God has led us and what God has done through us as we reach every nation in our generation. At the 2010 conference, we broke a Guinness world record. In 2013, we celebrated our twentieth anniversary. This 2016, we’re boldly going where God tells us to go! This year, we’re heading to South Africa for the 2016 Every Nation World Conference, to be held at the Grandwest Arena in Cape Town from October 3rd to 7th. Registration began last February 15th, and is still ongoing! Why should we go? Because we’re family. We belong to a spiritual family that spans the entire globe. Joining the world conference will let us see the bigger picture, and give us front row seats to how our organization impacts lives all over the world. Because we’re called. Our mission calls us to reach every nation in our generation. God has called us to this family to achieve that mission. Because we can. As children of God and followers of Christ, we can follow that calling to the ends of the earth. If you have the heart to go, then you should be there! God has commissioned us to go and we all have a role to play to reach the nations. Let us be in faith that everyone joining the conference will hear and respond to God’s call to honor God and make disciples, at their home, and to the ends of the earth. You know what that means; book your plane tickets, plan vacation time, and get your family ready! There are only five weeks to go, so register

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now at See you in South Africa! Watch the 2016 Every Nation World Conference promo video here!

Victory Kalibo

Victory Kalibo Launches New Worship Service

We’re excited to honor God and make more disciples in Kalibo, Aklan!

Located at the northwest of Panay, Kalibo is the capital of Aklan and is famous for the Ati-Atihan Festival and for being the main transportation hub for the resort island of Boracay. Under the leadership of Pastor Fil Yasay, Victory Kalibo officially launched in September last year at the Ati-Atihan County Inn located beside the Municipal Trial Court. Regular worship services are held at this venue every Sunday at 10am.

We’re in awe of Victory Kalibo’s growth, and we’re expectant of what God will do in this municipality, especially now that the church has added another worship service to their schedule. Starting last week, on August 14, Victory Kalibo launched their 4pm service at the Victory Kalibo Center situated along Mabini Street (across Mercury Drug).

Pray with us as we reach out to the heart of Aklan! We invite you to pray with us for open doors and open hearts in Kalibo, so that more disciples and leaders will be established for God’s glory. Let us be in faith for more families, students, and young professionals to have a relationship with Jesus and be discipled in this part of the Philippines.



Another Victory Church in Nueva Ecija to Launch Soon

Talavera5Church planting efforts are intensifying in Nueva Ecija as we continue to establish more churches there. Recently, we announced the launch of Victory Cabanatuan’s new worship service at SM City Cabanatuan. Now, we’re excited to honor God and make disciples in Talavera, Nueva Ecija!

Victory Talavera recently moved to its new location at the second floor of Amini Building, located along Maharlika Highway at Zone 6, Maestrang Kikay. Previously located at the second floor of LandBank near the plaza and the Municipal Hall, Victory Talavera will officially launch on September 18, Sunday.

Led by the leadership team of Victory Cabanatuan, the church conducted their first Sunday service at the new building just last month, July 24, with an overflow of attendees and volunteers. Sunday worship services will be regularly held at this new venue, at 9:30 am, with Kids Church happening simultaneously.

Talavera is a municipality in Nueva Ecija, with many national roads passing through it. Due to its central location, it is one of the pivotal transport points in Central Luzon. We are in faith that God will cause amazing things to happen to Talavera’s inhabitants as the church makes it possible for more people to be reached out and discipled.

image (3)

Overcoming Self-Righteousness

image (2)“I thought I knew God,” JR confesses, “After all, I prayed regularly and went to church.” That was the mindset that the young professional had when

his best friend invited him to one of Victory’s Sunday services. He knew he wasn’t a bad person. He was a mild sinner, compared to other people committing heinous crimes and making immoral decisions. Thinking that he was on relatively good terms with God, he made up excuses and declined his friend’s invitations numerous times. Not one to be deterred, JR’s best friend continued to invite him, saying that he should just give it a chance because he had nothing to lose, anyway. “I finally said yes just to shut him up,” JR recalls. “It was only for two hours, so I relented.” Once the two friends got in the worship hall, JR immediately felt a different kind of atmosphere. He remembers the day vividly. “It was weird, but in a good way. Everyone was singing, people were dancing, and they were raising their hands, he added. “Deep inside, I was in awe!” When the preaching started, JR couldn’t help but feel that the pastor was talking to him specifically. He left the church convinced that he would return; he knew that God spoke to him that day through the message, and it was unlike any other feeling he had before. It was something beyond mere attendance and muttering prayers; it was an encounter with God. imageTwo years later, JR continued to attend worship services. One Sunday afternoon in 2013, he finally gathered up the courage to publicly surrender his life to Christ. “Before, I was so hesitant and shy to even respond to the altar call,” he reveals, “I guess there was still a bit of pride in me, so I would just respond to God quietly on my own.” JR knew that his courage to step up and publicly acknowledge Jesus as his Savior came from God Himself. Emboldened, he knew he made the right choice. He immediately took steps to be connected to a Victory group, and that’s when he met Marlon Valientes, the guy who would become his Victory group leader. He was also introduced to Martin Remos, who would eventually lead him through ONE 2 ONE. On the first of June in 2014, JR publicly declared his faith in God during Victory Weekend. “It felt so good to finally shout it out to the world!” he exclaims, “I was so glad God didn’t give up on me despite my many hesitations and insecurities.” The change in JR may not be so evident on the outside; he didn’t have vices to get rid of nor did he have a perverse lifestyle, but inside, the transformation was drastic. God renewed his mind. He realized he was not better than other sinners, and there was no such thing as mild sinning. Like everyone, he deserved to die because he is a sinner, but Jesus died in his place because He loves him. JR was so on fire with God’s love, he couldn’t help but tell other people what He did in his life. He joined this year’s prayer and fasting with these prayer requests in mind: to grow deeper in his relationship with God, to be involved in ministry, and to finally lead someone through ONE 2 ONE. image (3)After a week, JR was invited by one of his friends to be part of the Tech and Stage ministry and he happily committed to serve. He has also started leading someone through ONE 2 ONE, and is in faith that God will empower him to disciple more people in the future. “Discipleship is important because Jesus commanded us to make disciples,” he shares, “I want to preach the gospel to those who don’t know God because I know how it feels to be lost and just know of him, instead of really knowing him.” With the knowledge and understanding that everyone needs God, JR is believing for his whole family to be saved, too. “God is great,” he proclaims, “He is true to His promises, and that’s something we can always rely on.” Save Save Save Save Save