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Relief Efforts for Yolanda Ongoing

Haiyan Relief web iconOn Friday, November 8, typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) made landfall in the city of Tacloban, Leyte. Thousands of families have been displaced, infrastructure was damaged, and many are in need of basic goods and medical attention.

Join us as we begin relief efforts for those affected by typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Our Victory centers are now accepting donations for flood victims.

If you’re on Twitter and would like to like to participate in our relief efforts, please tweet using the hashtag #yolandarelief.


The following items are a priority for those affected:

  • Instant noodles

  • Canned goods

  • Bottled water

  • Biscuits

  • Coffee

  • Mats and blankets


We also accept cash and check donations through BPI direct deposit. Please check out the info below:

Disaster Relief Operations – Peso Donations
BANK NAME: Bank of the Philippine Islands
ACCOUNT NAME: Victory Christian Fellowship
ACCOUNT NO: 0063-3205-52
BANK ADDRESS: Fort Serendra Branch, Ground Floor, Serendra, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines

Disaster Relief Operations – Dollar Donations
BANK NAME: Bank of the Philippine Islands
ACCOUNT NAME: Victory Christian Fellowship
ACCOUNT NO: 0824-0569-27
BANK ADDRESS: Fort Serendra Branch, Ground Floor, Serendra, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines


Victory is now accepting online donations for our relief efforts via credit card or BPI Express Online.

To give via credit card, please visit http://victory.org.ph/give/creditcard.

  1. Just fill out the online form.
    1. Enter your local church. Please select Others if you don’t attend a Victory location in Metro Manila.
    2. Type of giving. Please select Disaster Relief.
    3. Amount.
    4. Frequency.
    5. Your name and email address.
  2. Clicking on Next will take you to PesoPay, where you will complete your transaction.

To give via BPI Express Online, please visit http://victory.org.ph/give/bpi.

  1. Get your Reference Number. Enter your email address in the box provided to receive your Reference Number in your email.
  2. Enroll Victory in your BPI Express Online Account.
  3. Give. You may enter the following Additional Reference Number, depending on your Victory Center:

Victory Philippines (99000)
Victory Alabang (99026)
Victory Caloocan (99035)
Victory Fort (99002)
Victory Greenhills (99043)
Victory Makati (99057)
Victory Malate (99022)
Victory Metro East (99049)
Victory Muntinlupa (99060)
Victory Nova (99034)
Victory Ortigas (99028)
Victory Pasig (99030)
Victory Pioneer (99042)
Victory Quezon City (99018)
Victory Santa Rosa (99044)
Victory U-Belt (99001)

If you’re looking to participate in relief efforts, you may email partners@victory.org.ph.

Together, let us share God’s love and be His hands and feet in these times of need. God bless you as we work together towards helping our countrymen!



  • Mabel

    What type of giving should we choose fromt the options in the credit card giving for this donation? Thanks

    • http://journal.sarahcada.com Sarah Cada

      Please select “Benevolence” under “Type of Giving”. :)

      • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

        Thank you, Sarah!

  • loretta

    hi, do you need help in packing relief goods? thanks.

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Loretta! Yes, Victory Fort is now inviting volunteers to help repack goods to be sent to Tacloban. Thank you for helping out!

  • Jhelilu

    hi, pwede po kapag cash, sa local church nalang? sa victory ortigas po ako, pwede ko na po ba isama sa envelope yung donation?

    • Jayravs

      Yes, dont forget to write “Yolanda” on the envelope. Thanks and God Bless

      • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

        Thanks, Jayravs!

  • Fati

    Where can we bring our donation in kind and until what time willt hey accept our donation?

    • Fati

      Does victory alabang accept donation in kind?

      • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

        Hi, Fati! Victory Alabang is accepting donations in kind from November 11-13. Thank you!

  • Romilee

    hi! if ever, pano ko ma-confirmed if u have received my donations- im out of the phils. kc Tnx! God bless!

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Romilee! We will send you an acknowledgement email of your giving seven working days from now. Thank you for your generosity!

      • Romilee

        ok may God give us victory over this situations!!! Victory in Jesus Name, Amen!!!

  • Cris

    Hi i will donate via victory. However can we direct the donation to a specific place? Like Obo-ob Bantayan island?

  • Guest

    My husband has gathered a group of fitness coaches who are strong and willing to be deployed to tacloban for distribution of relief goods or any other way we can help. We have backgrounds in the medical sciences (nurse, pt & we also have a doctor in our group) so we can help in first aid and attending to basic injuries, etc. We are ready to be deployed anytime.

    • angel t. sanjuan

      Do you have an update on this relief effort to help in tacloban? I’m interested to join together with my husband.-dr angel t. sanjuan.

  • Sheila

    How can we send our little donation (clothes, blanket) We are from dipolog. Thank you.

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Shiela! Kindly coordinate with the Victory center nearest you for the donations you wish to give. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Butchie Peña

    I just donated online to the victory.org.ph/give through BPI online. But the REFERENCE number (99042-VCF Pioneer) I used was that one indicated in the “donate” site and that was used during the typhoon Maring. Will that be alright? I just saw this link today and there is a new reference number now.


    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Butchie! We’ll forward your concern to the team processing online transactions. Please expect an email from them soon. Thank you for your generosity!

    • Jae

      Here’s the link which refers to all Yolanda relief operations


  • Alyssa

    hello! do we need to be scheduled para mag-volunteer po sa Victory fort or do we just walk-in? we want to help in repacking po after work. thank you! :)

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Alyssa! Thank you for your inquiry. Operation Blessing, one of our relief operations partners, will be repacking the donations for us. Thank you!

  • Jo Nobleza Austria

    I am from Pangasinan, how could I give the blankets etc I collected ? what’s the nearest Victory center here, Dagupan? Thank you..

    • Jae

      Hi Jo. Thank you for your heart to bless our kababayans. Here’s our Victory Church address in Dagupan.

      Office Address: Victory Center 2/F Joe Lim’s Building Arellano Street Dagupan City 2400 Pangasinan, Philippines

      Contact Details: Phone: +63 (75) 522 0119 Fax: +63 (75) 522 0119 Email: dagupan@victory.org.ph

      • Jo Nobleza Austria

        yes, I attend also there..so, it means po they accept things/donations for typhoon victims? I plan to give it this coming Sunday..thank you for the info :)

      • Jae

        Hi Jo, You may ask Ptr. Jomel Fernandez for more details sis or call the office tomorrow.

      • Ro-na

        Hi jae, i need your help.

        i tried to send a money to the BPI account provided on this page. But the money remittance called me last week that it was mismatched so until now they can’t send it to the account the victory has provided bec the account name is wrong… :( i even can’t withdraw it and send to other victory branch…

        this where i tried to send it…

        Disaster Relief Operations – Peso Donations BANK NAME: Bank of the Philippine Islands ACCOUNT NAME: Victory Christian Fellowship ACCOUNT NO: 0063-3205-52 TYPE OF ACCOUNT: PESO Savings Account BANK ADDRESS: Fort Serendra Branch, Ground Floor, Serendra, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines SWIFT CODE: BOPIPHMM

        your help will be very much appreciated. God bless you.

  • Jennifer-ruth Mcanlis

    Hi victory.are you a registered charity that we could set up a just giving page for Northern Ireland donations

    • Garry Maceda

      Hi victory is a christian church in the philippines…you can send them your help here and rest assured that it will proceed to the affected areas here in our country..thank you very much for helping us and God bless you…

      • mrmeiji

        Victory also exists as Every Nation churches in london and hammersmith. Can those who wish to help in UK course donations thru them?

      • Jae

        You may check with the EN church based on the locations you mentioned. Here’s the address and number

        Every Nation Church London 4 Margravine Gardens, London W6 8RH, United Kingdom +44 20 8741 1950

  • Joseph

    How about for foreign deposits? Do we need an Iban?

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Joseph! Please visit http://victory.org.ph/give and follow the onscreen instructions there. Thank you for your generosity!

  • czar

    Just a quick one. With water in short supply, you might want to take instant noodles and coffee off the list. If they use contaminated water, they’ll only get more sick! Great work otherwise with the list :)

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Thanks for the heads-up, Czar!

  • Suzette Ongchua

    is vcf cagayan de oro accepting check donations? who is our contact person over here? am frm cdo – suzette c. ongchua (zet.ongchua@gmail.com) Thank you.

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Suzette! Please email Victory Cagayan de Oro at cagayandeoro@victory.org.ph for information on your check donation. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Jon

    hi! where can i volunteer to pack relief goods? thanks!

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Jon! You may contact the Victory location nearest you for more information on packing relief goods. Please visit our national directory at http://victory.org.ph/directory. Thanks!

  • Clarisse Paguio

    Is the repacking of goods open until Saturday? Me and my friends are planning to volunteer. Thanks!

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Clarisse! You may ask the Victory location nearest you for more information. Thank you!

  • Geraldine Mamaril

    Hi we are from Victory Alaminos Church Plant and we decided to take part in the relief efforts of Victory at the moment we are conducting a relief operation for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Our delima is how can we send our accumulated donations? Can you help us with this thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon.

    • Jae

      We have a church n Lingayen. If that is close to your place, here’s the address

      Office Address: Victory Center 2nd Floor, TAPMPC Bldg Maramba Blvd. Lingayen 2401 Pangasinan, Philippines

      Contact Details:
      Phone: +63 (917) 746 3215
      Email: lingayen@victory.org.ph

      Thank you and God bless you!

  • Dhex

    Hi, pwede pa po ba magvolunteer on relief packing? Anong araw po ba pwede? Salamat

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Dhex! Thank you for your inquiry. Operation Blessing, one of our relief operations partners, will be repacking the donations for us. Thank you!

  • Roselle Anne Padilla

    Hi victory! I would love to send donation through your bpi account po.. pwede ko din po ba ito ishare sa fb ko ung account no. nyo po para makita din po ng iba :) thank you.. Sana po isa sa mapuntahan nyo ang bato leyte, wala din po kasi ako ibang means para macheck if ok po family ng stepfather ko.. Lota family po sila.. Praying and will continue to pray po sa lahat ng naapektuhan at sa mga volunteers at lahat ng tumutulong.. GodBless!

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Roselle! Thank you for your reply. We will keep your family in prayer.

      Please visit http://victory.org.ph/give for more information on giving through BPI. Feel free to share it on your social media networks. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  • Yang

    My friends and I are willing to volunteer for the repacking of reliefs. Any info about this?

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Yang! Thank you for your inquiry. Operation Blessing, one of our relief operations partners, will be repacking the donations for us. Thank you!

  • J.Leono

    Hello! Any contact here in Hong Kong where we can drop our donations in kind? My co teachers, staff members and I are donating clothes, food, and other items . Can you direct us where we can drop these off? Thank you! – Ang inyong Kababayan

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, J.Leono! For international donations, you may send your goods directly to Operation Blessing. Here’s their address:

      Operation Blessing
      E. Rodriguez Ave.
      C5 Road cor. Corporal Cruz

      Bagong Ilog, Pasig City

      Thank you for your generosity. God bless you richly!

  • raymond

    hello, i just deposited 2 K but i think i forgot to include the swift code. how would l know that my donation is intended and funneled for the yolanda relief undertaking? thank you.

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Raymond! Thank you for your gift. Kindly advise your remitting bank where your donation will be allocated to. Please indicate the swift code as well. Thank you!

  • Altizen Mary Luz

    Hi! Are you accepting old clothes?Can I drop my donations in victory cavite?thanks

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Mary Luz! Yes, we are also accepting old clothes. Please ask the Victory church nearest you for more info. Thank you!

      • mary luz

        ok..thank you! :)

  • Punky Not-Not


    I live in BGC and would like to know if there is any need for volunteers in VCF in BGC to help with packing relief goods. Where and how can i get more information about this?


    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Punky! Thank you for your inquiry. Operation Blessing, one of our relief operations partners, will be repacking the donations for us. Thank you!

  • Ruby Lucilla

    Hi, do you accept donations even on sundays? Thanks!

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi, Ruby! Yes, you can send your donations until Sunday, November 17. Thank you!

  • Food Manufacturing Group, Co.

    Hi po..pano po malalaman namin na na received nyo na po ang pinadala naming pera?..we send a donation amounting Php 5,000.00 sa account na nasa taas..email ko po Gilbert@fmg-food.com..salamat po..God bless

    • http://victory.org.ph/ Victory

      Hi! Thank you for your generosity. You will be receiving an acknowledgement email from us seven working days from now. Thank you!

      • Food Manufacturing Group, Co.

        Your welcome po..God bless po sa lahat ng missions nyo..Jesua be with you always..

  • Food Manufacturing Group, Co.

    Hi po..how cam we know na na received nyo na po ang cash donations?..salamat po..God bless..

  • ric v. a

    Just learned that there is a Christian group that manages a helping hand in the gathering of helps to our brothers there in Eastern Zamar, Tacloban, etc. Am a starting independent church planter pastor here in California RoadMap Fellowship International and I would like to know until when is the deadline, please?

  • Emily navarro
  • KRomasanta

    Hi brothers and sisters, do you still accepted any goods donation at vcf ortigas? I have plans to bring the goods there.

  • Joel

    I bought new undies for male and female both for kids and adults nearly 670 pieces plus assorted medicines, do you still accepting donations for Yolanda’s victims? If yes, what is the nearest location where I can bring all of these? I live in Taguig. Thank you.

  • guest

    Hello, tumatanggap pa po ba kayo ng cash donation for the relief effort?

  • guest

    Magandang araw po, nagdonate po kami sa Yolanda Relief through BPI Deposit. Nagemail po ako sa partners@victory.org.ph for the details paano po namin malalaman kung nareceive niyo na? Salamat po, God bless!